Before going through the discussion about email marketing service provider that does not require double opt-in, let us quickly get an insight into the basics terminologies of email marketing.

Firstly, you should be aware of what is double opt-in and what is list importing then only you will be able to select the Top email marketing service for your business.

What Is A Double Opt-In?

If any customer subscribes to your list by confirming the email address twice or by clicking a link that has sent to its email, then it is said as double opt-in. Many ESPs uses double opt in email marketing list, but they can’t send the emails to their list without the customer’s permission.

What Is List Importing?

List importing is a method of adding the contacts to email marketing campaign’s list to send the emails.


Here I am going to share information about how you can import list in different services that do not require double opt-in email list. Based on this, you can pick one email marketing service provider that fulfill all your business needs.

Have A Quick Glance On The Comparision

Services Free Trial Drip Emails Campaign Email List Segmentation Email List Cleaning Ratings
Pabbly Email Marketing 4.9/5.0
MailGet 4.7/5.0
SendinBlue 4.3/5.0
Elastic Email 4.0/5.0
Sendy 3.5/5.0

1. Pabbly Email Marketing

One of the most trusted name in the list of email marketing services without double opt-in is Pabbly Email Marketing. You can seamlessly populate different types of emails promotional, educational, marketing etc. In addition to the built-in SMTP option, this service comes with a lot more important features list cleaning, drip automation, custom tags, etc.

List Importing In Pabbly Email Marketing –

There are two ways of adding the contacts to your list-

  • Import Contacts Manually

You can easily import the contacts manually one by one.

  • Import Contacts By Uploading CSV File

Import the contacts by uploading a CSV file to the existing list of your campaign or upload it in a new list having a name & email addresses of the users.

Pricing Details

  • Starters – This starter plan lets you connect 3 SMTPs and allows you to explore all the basic features of Pabbly Email Marketing without paying any cost.
  • Rookie – You can buy the Rookie plan to send emails to 5000 subscribers at a cost of $29 per month. Also, you will be benefited with the advanced features of 3 SMTP connections, email builder, automatic follow-ups, unlimited monthly campaigns and more.
  • Pro – The third plan is even more advanced and lets you send emails to 15,000 subscribers in just $49/month. You will also get features like live chat support, SMTP routing, unlimited SMTP connections, etc. along with the other basic features.
  • Advanced – The fourth plan has a complete range of different pricing schemes from $99/month for sending 50,000 emails to $1599/month for sending emails to 2,00,000 subscribers along with many enhanced features.

Note:- Get 20% off on choosing its yearly billing.

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2. MailGet

MailGet is one of the most reliable and affordable email marketing services that lets you create and send beautiful emails in the easiest way. It allows you to send the emails in bulk with features of autoresponder, email tracking and also guarantees 99% email deliverability with minimum bounces and spam at very lowest rates.


List Importing In MailGet –

There are two ways of list importing in MailGet-

  • Import Contacts Manually

You can add the contacts by adding it manually one-by-one or by cutting and pasting the contacts.

  • Import Contacts By Uploading CSV File

          You can also import the contacts by uploading a CSV file to your campaign’s existing list or in a newly created list.

Before using MailGet I always struggled for deliverability & only 20% of the total emails get delivered to the customer INBOX.

Gradually, the delivery & open rate increases by 43.64% as MailGet allows multiple SMTP server connections. So, just in case, if any of the SMTP stops working, then you don’t have to worry about the deliverability. As other SMTPs will still be working.

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Pricing Details

Find the most reasonable pricing schemes in this email marketing service that you can seamlessly integrate for your business.

  • Starters – With this plan, you can send unlimited emails to 100 subscribers at the cost of $0 per month only. Besides, you can connect 3 SMTP servers.
  • Rookie – Spend just $29/month to buy this plan for sending emails to 5,000 subscribers. Moreover, you will also get additional features of automatic follow-ups, unlimited monthly campaigns, 3 SMTP connections, email builder etc.
  • Pro – The Pro plan will benefit you with advanced features like unlimited SMTP connections, live chat support, SMTP routing etc. besides email sending option to 15,000 subscribers in just $49 a month.
  • Advanced – This plan starts comes with different pricing tags starting from $99/month to send 50,000 emails to $1599 a month to send emails to 1,000,000 subscribers bundled with all the advanced features.

Note:- Go for the yearly billing and instantly save upto 20%.

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3.  SendinBlue

SendinBlue enables you to create and manage transactional emails, marketing campaigns, and SMSs in few minutes. It also offers many features like tracking and analyzing your results, email autoresponder, provides high deliverability and has a simple interface that allows you to send emails quickly.


List Importing In SendinBlue – 

  • Import Contacts Manually

SendinBlue enables you to add the contacts manually one at a time or you can also upload the contacts by cutting or pasting.

  • Import Contacts By Uploading File

          You can import the contacts by uploading a CSV file into your existing list, or you can also create a new one and then upload a file in it.

Pricing Plan

SendinBlue offers 5 very cost-effective pricing schemes which you can choose as per your business requirement.

  • Free – You can instantly start sending 300 emails per month to unlimited contacts without spending a penny with this free plan. Avail features like email & SMS personalization, mobile-friendly email designer, A/B testing etc.
  • Lite – This plan is apt for new marketers that enables you to send 40,000 emails a month at just $25/month. Get access to all the features of the free plan in addition to the option of zero daily sending limit.
  • Essential – The essential plan will cost you $39/month and lets you send 60,000 emails a month. Besides all the Lite features, you will also get options for advanced statistics & no SendinBlue logo.
  • Premium – This plan is ideal for marketing pros who need to send 1,20,000 emails in a month. You can buy it at just $66/month get other advanced features like send time optimization, landing page builder etc.
  • Premium 2 – If your sending limit is even higher, say 3,50,000 emails a month, this plan is just for you. Get it in $173/month along with the option of unlimited automation workflows, free dedicated IPs and more.

Note:-  Get in touch with the sales team to know the pricing of its Enterprise plan which has the option of dedicated account manager & service pack.

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4. Elastic Email

Elastic Email is another email marketing service that allows you to send transactional emails with the features of spam testing provides detailed analytics reports and many more.

elastic email

List Importing In Elastic Email –

There are two ways of adding the contacts to your list-

  • Import Contacts Manually

          Import contacts manually allow you to add the contacts one at a time.

  • Import Contacts By Uploading CSV File

          You can also import the contacts by uploading a CSV file to the list of your campaign, or you can create a new list and upload a CSV file to it.

Pricing Details

Elastic email marketing comes with the following pricing schemes for unlimited emails:-

  • Unlimited – This plan has got a complete range of pricing plans starting from $9/month for contacts up to 2500. The highest plan will cost you $1049 a month for up to 1,000,000 contacts along with features like segmentation, analytics, scheduling, autoresponders, unlimited API access etc.
  • Unlimited Pro – For even more advanced email marketing services, you can buy this plan having features like web hooks, user management, unlimited custom fields, custom rDNS, reseller features etc. along with all the features of Unlimited plan. The plan starts with $29/month for 2500 contacts with highest range of $1069/month for 1,000,000 contacts.

Note:- Contact the sales team to know its “pay as you go” plan for your unlimited contacts.

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5. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor Opt-In email marketing software lets you create and send beautiful email campaigns with features of drag and drop email builder, tracking of emails, email automation, etc.

campaign monitor

List Importing In Campaign Monitor – 

You can import the list in Campaign Monitor in various file formats –

  • Excel document (eg .xls /.csv/.xlsx)
  • Comma Separated value text files (.csv)
  • Tab delimited text files (.txt)
  • Compressed file formats (eg, .zip.rar/.7z)
  • VCard files

Pricing Plan

The pricing scheme of Campaign Monitor has different cost for the different number of subscribers. In this article, we have illustrated the plans for 10,000 subscribers:

  • Basic – Spend $89/month for broadcasting 50,000 emails to your contacts. Moreover, you can access all the core email marketing features & basic marketing automation with this plan.
  • Unlimited – This plan will cost you $149 per month for sending unlimited emails with options like unlimited spam testing, time-zoned sending, advanced marketing automation, unlimited inbox preview etc.
  • Premier – The premier plan comes with a price tag of $249/month for sending unlimited emails. In the list of advanced features, you will find basic & advanced marketing automation, link tracking, template management, send time optimization and all the core marketing features.

Subsequently, you will find other pricing variations for the different numbers of subscribers. For 25,000 subscribers, the above-mentioned plans will cost you as follows:-

Basic – $199
Unlimited – $399
Premier – $499

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6. Sendy

Sendy lets you send the trackable emails via Amazon- Simple Email Service (SES). It is a self-hosted email newsletter program with the features of autoresponder, allow tracking and provides results/reports, managing list, and subscribers, automatic bounce, complaint and unsubscribe handling.

Look here for an alternative to Sendy.

You can use Sendy without double opt-in, but it supports both single or double opt-in therefore it lets you manage your list and according to your requirement you can use it as either double or single opt-in.


List Importing In Sendy – 

It supports both single or double opt-in email service and lets you manage your list and according to your requirement.

  • Import Contacts Manually

You can import contacts manually by cutting or pasting the email addresses.

  • Import Contacts By Uploading a File

You can also import contacts in Sendy by uploading a CSV file in the list.

Pricing Plan

You can purchase Sendy at a very economical price of $59 with the one-time payment option.

Furthermore, this email newsletter application lets you send bulk emails via Amazon SES at only $1 for 10,000 emails. Likewise, here are a few more price estimation for your marketing business where you pay for only for sent emails without any monthly fees.

  • Cost for 50,000 emails  – $5
  • Cost for 1,00,000 emails – $10
  • And so on

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These are the 6 without double opt-in email marketing service that allows list importing. Where customers can easily subscribe to your email list to receive newsletters without getting involved in the long process of subscription.

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