Imagine if I told you that you can hack your way to send 500,000 free emails every month.

Or even better:

You can get the best possible email open rates at the same time…

You’d probably be pumped to read about it.

Lucky for you, that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you in this post:

Ever since we started MailGet – Email Marketing Platform:

I often see users connecting multiple SMTP’s in their account for sending emails.

Sometimes, some users connect 2 SMTP.

Sometimes, it’s 3.

I recently came across an account where the person has added 4 SMTP’s in a single account and he was asking our support team for the steps to integrate one more new SMTP in his account.

SMTP Services

I was curious to know the advantages this user was getting from his perspective by connecting that many SMTP’s.

So, I had a chat with this person named George and asked him why he had more than 4 SMTP’s connected in his account.

Now, George is someone who sends about 500,000 emails to his audience every month. On average, he sends 100,000 emails on a weekly basis to promote his online E-commerce store.

He says, he has three big advantages in connecting multiple SMTPs:

1. He gets best possible email inbox rate

He says, he tests between multiple SMTP’s to see which one is performing the best and leverages the power of multiple SMTP’s to reach his clients inbox.

His strategy:
He sends his first campaign through one SMTP.

After couple of days, he re-sends the same campaign to the people who have not opened his first campaign but this time he chooses another SMTP for sending.

This strategy gets him the best possible open rates and inboxing.

2. No downtime when one SMTP fails

If he ever has a problem with anyone SMTP, his marketing is not affected at all and that he can continue to send emails like nothing ever happened.

This doesn’t mean that we are encouraging or want spammers but sometimes I have seen SMTP companies blocking the accounts for stupid reasons.

3. Saves money with multiple SMTP’s

Lastly, He told me that he saves couple hundred dollars every month by sending emails through multiple SMTPs.

Now, Points 1 and 2 were very pretty much obvious to me.

But, I was curious:

How was he able to save money by connecting multiple SMTPs?

He describes it in detail …

He says every SMTP gives you a free sending limit every month and he exploits it to his best.

For example:

  1. Amazon SES offers a free sending limit of 62,000 emails/month
  2. MailGun offers 10,000 emails/month
  3. SparkPost offers 100,000 emails/month
  4. ElasticEmail offers 150,000 emails/month

Further, if you combine 4 SMTP’s at one place, you can get a limit of roughly 350,000 emails every month without paying a single dime.

I was intrigued and I thought to make it easier for everyone to know the details.

We created a Google Docs sheet which includes detail of different SMTPs along with their pricing details and free sending limit.

You can check it here: (You can also share it with someone who may benefit from the data)

I told George that’s great, but don’t you think it gets difficult to manage that many SMTP’s.

He says,  initially it can be a little difficult as you need to set up every SMTP separately but soon enough it adds up into a potential saving of over $200 each month.

“I prefer hiring a freelancer on or who does all the SMTP setup for me”. If you have a employee he can do that in couple of hours for you.

Once it’s done, I can reap a potential saving of couple hundred dollars each month.

He is a happy MailGet customer who is enjoying all the benefits of using MailGet to manage his email marketing effortlessly and using MailGet to achieve best possible open rates along with best possible saving.

Just to conclude the point, if you are doing email marketing and want to save on your costs, this weekend spend a little extra time and get accounts of multiple SMTP providers.

It will just take few hours and you can save on your email marketing costs hugely.

Here is what MailGet is capable of doing for you:

  1. You can connect multiple SMTP service providers for delivering your emails all at one place. Multiple SMTP Services
  2. You can track the status of all the SMTP’s at one place. MailGet shows daily active status of each SMTP connected in your account.
  3. You can manage your email contacts/subscribers including any unsubscribed contact, bounces or spam all from one place.
  4. At the time of sending emails you can choose which SMTP you want to deliver your emails with.Multiple SMTP Services
  5. MailGet captures any bounces emails or spam marked email address back into MailGet so that you don’t end up sending email to any bad email ever again while sending emails through any other SMTP.

That concludes our series on how you can save on email marketing and at the same time achieve the best inbox rate and reach far wider audience.

Just in-case you need any help on setting up the SMTP’s. Feel free to email us at [email protected]

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