Email Marketing is proven to be one of the best marketing system today. All you need to do is to create a list of subscribers email ID and send emails to promote your product.

Now, you have been working very hard to collect email IDs of a reasonable number of subscribers so as to send your e-mail campaign to them. But, what if most of the subscribers you are sending the campaign to do not open your email?

What if they delete the mail without even opening it?

What will you do in such situations?

If you are looking answers to these questions, these points will help you mitigate the situations and increase your open rates exponentially-

1. Send emails through multiple service providers(SMTP)

You must be thinking why this is point ZERO? This is because like “0” SMTP routing is the most important of all the points.

SMTP Routing is a way to send your email campaigns dynamically through multiple SMTP or email service providers.

For example: If you are sending 10,000 emails, you can send around 25% of your emails using one popular email service like Amazon SES, Another 25% using MailGet Bolt, Another 25% using MailGun and remaining through SendGrid.

You can then analyze the open rates of emails from different senders and get the best possible email open rates by sending and routing emails through multiple providers.

Moreover, You don’t have to manually send emails to different providers yourself, you can dynamically set the percentage of emails to be sent through each SMTP/email service provider inside MailGet campaign and it will dynamically pass on the emails to different providers based on your pre-set percentage.

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2. Create mobile-optimized email template

Mobile-optimized email template refers to a template which when opening on any mobile device displays correctly without missing out the content of the email.

For the people today, mobile devices are the most convenient and feasible source of checking their emails on daily basis, at any time of the day.If the email send is mobile optimized, your subscribers will not miss out any important detail and will enjoy reading the email.

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3. Create attractive subject lines

The subject line of the email is like the captain of a ship- which will perhaps decide the future of the ship, whether it will survive or it will sink. It’s a very integral part of your email campaign.

The subject line of your email campaign has the power to attract the viewers and to make them open your email.

For more details on effective email subject line Click Here
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 4. Develop a good rapport with your subscribers

Develop a good relationship with your subscribers. This is one of the very crucial points for email marketing. If you do not have a good reputation in the market, people will not open your mail and might even mark your SPAM or unsubscribe from your list.

Your need to develop your brand value and trust among the people, so as to make them open your emails at once. Provide your users with the best possible service and support and earn their trust.

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5. A/B test your emails

A/B email testing is a very good way of running a test to find out better and effective email campaign, that is more likely to be opened by your customers.

In A/B testing, you have to create two different versions of the same campaign and send them to a small group containing the same set of people. This will help you to find out which campaign and techniques result in a better response from the user and you can send a more effective campaign to the remaining user.You can also use similar strategies in future to promote your product and services.

There is another way of performing A/B testing as well, in which you can send same campaign to two different sets of people and check which group’s response is better. This will give you an idea about what content should be sent to which audience.

Email Marketing Campaign6. Personalize your email

Personalization of emails is when marketers use subscriber’s data like name, within the email content to make it feel tailor-made for the individual subscriber. It has also proven very useful to increase opens rates of the emails sent as it engages the reader more and they can easily relate to it.

Everybody love to hear or see their names. When you send an email and greet the people with their name, it grabs their attention and makes them open the email.It has proven very useful to increase opens rates of the emails sent as it engages the reader more and they can easily relate to it.

In one of our case studies, we found over 100% increase in email open rates by personalizing the email subject line.

Our best performing subject line was –

Hi {firstname}, Need your advice

It went to people like –

Hi Nick, Need your advice

Email Marketing Campaign7. Email should be sent from a person, not from company

While sending an email, you should take the initiative send the email with sender name as your name instead of your team or your company.

This technique will make the email look more personal and less mechanical.

If you send the subscriber an email signed off with your company name the reader will not be able to decide whom to reach out to if they incur any question. On the other hand, if you sign off the email with your name itself, your reader will be more comfortable coming back to you with their queries.

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8. Avoid using words that trigger spam filters

SPAM nowadays is one of the most common problem in the email marketing system. Spam are the unsolicited emails send to the recipient without their consent.

Spam filters check your emails before delivering to the recipient.

There are lots of spam filter words that can trigger emails to be sent to Spam. The words include excessive use of “Money” in the subject line.

You can refer this post to check out the number of spam words that can trigger the spam filters.

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9. Keep your list fresh and updated

Keep on updating your Subscriber’s email list. When you send emails many subscribers, unsubscribe from your list or there are chances that the email ID that you have no longer exists.

In such situations try and clean your list on regular basis and keep it fresh.

If you keep on sending emails to the people who have unsubscribed or to the email ID that no longer exists, it will result in increasing your complaint rates and bounce rates which will indeed lead to a bad reputation.

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10. Segment your list

Segmenting your email list means that divide the email IDs that you have collected into different groups depending on the targeted audience, priority and some other factors. This will help you to send emails only to a relevant group of people every time you launch a new campaign.

One of the most important reasons as to why you should segment your list is that it help you send right email to the right audience. The more the audience will be able to relate to your email, the more will they open your email.

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11. Avoid writing vague emails

The content of the email is also one key variable on which the future of your email campaign depends. Write emails in such a way that not only you but even the receiver could gain something from your email and they feel worth spending time on it.

If you send vague content in your email, you will end up spoiling your reputation and hence, leading to the reduction in the clients.

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12. Send follow-ups emails

In email marketing following-up your subscribers is very important. These days mailboxes of almost everyone are flooded with several emails, so there are high chances that people might miss your emails.

To avoid this situation send follow-up emails to your subscribers so that if the interested readers miss out your email at the first time, they will encounter it in the second go.

Not only this, but when you send emails to new users, they might neglect your email and do not open it, but if you remain consistent in sending the email again it can change their minds.

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13. Trigger your campaign at the right time

Time plays a very crucial role for sending your email campaign. You should always send emails to your subscribers when they are most likely to read the email.

For example- Many people check their emails during the day time in their office hours. If you send the emails in this period, it will increase the possibility that your email is seen by the recipient. On the contrary, if you send your emails at the night time, the subscriber might miss it out as by the morning they will have a bunch of new emails and they generally scroll the important ones out of those.

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