Suppose there is a movie launch but it is not very popular yet. Not many people know about it, and you don’t have any reviews about it. In such case what will be the factor that can compel you to watch the movie?

The answer is the TRAILER of the movie. If you somehow see the trailer of the movie and find it interesting, you will definitely watch the movie.

Similarly, the destiny of the email depends on the Email Subject line to an extent. If you add a good and compelling subject line to your email, the chances of attracting the viewers and making them open the email will increase.

The subject line of the email is the captain of a ship- which will perhaps decide the future of the ship, whether it will survive or it will sink.

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So, let’s have a look on 10 best practices for writing email subject line-

1. Subject line should be relevant to the targeted Audience

If you want to make your email more effective, you need to understand your audience and their needs. Before sending any email campaign, think whether this is the right market for my product. You can’t send a promotional mail for some new restaurant launched in Italy to the people in Canada. Or you should not provide home loans to the students yet to graduate.

If you know your audience and what they need, you will be able to reach out to them in a better way, engage them and earn more and more open and click-through rate.


2. Personalize the email subject line

Nowadays our inboxes are flooded with all sorts of emails. Some out of them might be useful, but even they get neglected due to overloaded email box. In such a scenario how to separate your mail from the others so that it grabs your subscriber’s attention?

You should try to personalize the email subject line by writing the name of the person, your email is dedicated to or adds something that specific to them. Everybody love to hear or see their names.

Instead of using general terms like “You”, “Your”, “Hi there”, you can try writing “Hi Nick, what’s new this summer” or “Dear Rachel, a surprise for you inside”. Subject lines with the name of the customer attract them and result in increasing the open rate and the click-through rate.


3. Try using popular keywords and phrases

Before sending any email campaign, it’s good to do some market research. Look for the keywords and phrases that people frequently search related to the product you are promoting and add them to your subject line.

This will catch the customer’s attention and make them open the email as they will be able to connect to the keywords they were looking for in the subject line of your email.


4. Subject line should be short but meaningful

Keep the subject of your email campaign short and to the point. People avoid going through the lengthy stuff and save their time.

Most of the people these days pay attention to the things they can scan and extract the crux out of it. While writing the subject of the email you have to be careful about the words, you have to pick the important words from the group of words which might increase the length of the subject and frame a short and simple subject line.


5. Mention deadlines to showcase urgency

Showing the urgency to do something galvanize people into action. When you mention about something that is rare and might be available only for a shorter period of time, people feel the need to open the mail and check it out. The anticipation of missing out an opportunity invokes customer’s action.

You can set the deadline for registration for a course that you offer, or you can offer a great deal on a product that has been in demand from a very long time. This technique will attract people and stimulate them to open the mail as they are getting benefits on the products and services they need from a long time.

Some of the urgent words that you can add in your subject line are-

· Hurry
· Act Now
· Limited-time offer
· Instant savings
· Ends today
· Deadline approaching
· Limited number available
· Time sensitive
· Don’t miss this



6. Provide offers to attract viewers

We all know that money is important to everyone. The main interest of a retail marketer is increasing the sales figures of their product. To achieve this, giving offers and discounts is a way to go. When your subscribers come across good offers on the product they are or might be looking for, it tempts them to open the mail and this ultimately results in increasing your sales.

Try to include offers in your email subject line.Some of the examples are-

  • Enjoy this Special Offer at Our New Location
  • Top 10 under $10
  • Yours in 2 days (free shipping!) + 40% off
  • Want 20% off your next order?
  • Online only: 25% off friends and family



7. Show some stats or numbers

Numbers helps in building brand image and trust among the people. Mentioning numbers or Statistics in the email subject line of your email campaign will make subscriber believe that your product is genuine and will make them open your email.

You can tell about your number of customers, or about your sales, or ask you can mention the numerical value of the service that you are providing to your subscribers.

For instance- “Trusted by more that 1200 Companies”



8. Ask intriguing questions

Asking question in your email subject line can stimulate great responses from the customers. If the question in the email subject line of your campaign is relevant to the customer’s interest, it will prompt them to open the email and check out the solution being offered.

Your might have seen emails with subject line-

  • Suffering from hairfall?
  • Is it true?
  • Want a home loan at 4% interest only?



9. Add a list of thing

List of things gives people an idea that you need not spend a lot of time in reading the complete mail, instead, you can get the crux of the content by just scan the email. So, mentioning the title of the list in the email subject line will invoke instant clicks on your email.

For instance-


10. Add a hint of humor to the subject line to make it catchy

A humorous subject line in your email campaign works as a great motivator for the subscribers. It engages more customers and results in good email open rate.

You can use celebrity whereabouts, song and movie lines etc in your email heading. This way people will be able to relate more to the email they received and they will end up opening the email.

Some of the great examples of different organizations –

  • UrbanDaddy: You’ve Changed
  • Influitive: So I’ll pick you up at 7?
  • BloomThat: Better than a pumpkin spice latte!
  • BuzzFeed: Yes, We’re Still Talking About Kim Kardashian’s Butt
  • Groupon: There are no deals in this email
  • Warby Parker: Pairs nicely with spreadsheets

Note: Make sure that your email subject line is not offensive.