Have you ever looked for a single platform where you can find all necessary resources for your business? Like, a nice contact form on your website for user’s convenience. An effective help desk tool for support. Moreover, an Email Marketing tool to reach out users for your latest happenings. To collect payments directly from your Forms.

Wonder why they all are so important for a business exposure?

A Contact Form can allow users to submit their queries which they may have for your services. By displaying an appealing and optimized contact form on just about every single page of your website makes it easy for users to have an interaction.

Having an effective help desk allows you to provide effective customer support service. Like you can solve your customer’s query instantly and get back to them with a proper solution. Moreover, you can delegate the task with your team, each managing a particular segment.

You store leads from your Contact Form, Right?? Now what you are going to do with those data?

Obviously, there must have been an objective behind that for storing the leads. Isn’t it??

With the use of Email Marketing, you can reach out the audience and tell them about your various offers, latest events or just about anything that will give more exposure to your business services.

Till now with FormGet, you have the options of creating Custom Forms, use of integrated help desk. Now within few days this application is too going to work as an Email Marketing Tool.

You will just need to embed all the leads, compose a good sounding email and shoot it to your audience. They will be timely notified about the updates, discounts or whatever you wanna offer them.

Having an effective mailing system will keep users busy on your network and there is a good that they will recommend your services to others as well.

So, with FormGet, you can’t say like it’s only a Form Building app, in fact it’s beyond over a form building tool.

If you have not created a form yet and wanna try this app, start creating your form now.