Do you own any online business that gives valuable and fruitful services ?

If  yes, then it’s the time to highlight your services clearly to your customers.

I have a clear reason that defines one of the big problem.

The problem is -“How to give awareness about your product’s and services to your customers”, How to make a loud call to your customer and say-“Come here, we are the one that sells your required services”.

Nowadays, people prefer to buy things online because online purchasing is very convenient and anyone can do purchasing, sitting anywhere in the world.

So, you have to shout loud about your services and make your customer to feel your online presence.

There are many ways to sell services through websites but that’s not sufficient. Remember, you are not the one alone in the competition. There are many. So, you need to widen your hands to exceed your competitors.

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How? Here is the answer.

Get huge traffic for your services from multiple channels across the web. Adopt a easy method to help your visitors to reach to your services.


Here is one of the smart way to fulfill the objective.

Highlight your services through your forms and invite your targeted customers to avail your services.

One question comes-“How can a form will sell services and bring revenue for your business.”

So, here is the simple answer to this.

You have most two important forms for your sites that helps to sell your services and grow your business.

  1. Contact forms that drive leads and leads drives revenue.
  2. Product Order forms that allow online purchasing and accepts payment online.

Just read the short description that reveals the objective of both forms.

Contact forms will generate leads. Though, one need to follow a big sales process to turn leads into customers, but the initial step is taken by the contact forms.

While, with the help of the order form, you can make your customers to order products online and simultaneously, you can get the payment from them at the same time.

So, you can make the best use of above two mentioned forms to make your services reachable to your customers.


Leverage Your Form Scope and Sell Services 

Your forms should not be limited to your websites alone, but should go beyond in multiple channels- to connect more users and make more sales.

Besides, if you show your forms in more beautiful designs, then definitely you can make your form visitor to think once-“This form is pretty enough, let’s fill it out once!”

By using FormGet you can widen the identity of your forms. Whether it’s a contact form or order form, you can make your forms that stand out on the web. Further, you can invite targeted customer and make sales of your product and services.


Now let’s have a look how can you make the best of your forms to sell your services by using FormGet application.

Share Your Niche-Focussed and Beautiful Services Accessible Forms in Multiple Networks

You might be well aware with the fact that nowadays, social network became the main route to leverage your business from every aspect.

They define the path to show your services in front of billions of users.

So, if you share your forms on social networking sites, you can connect to more customers who really want your service.

To achieve the above objective you have to follow three steps. Have a look to them.

A. Craft Stand Out Forms that Clearly Shows your Services

Make a niche-focused forms according to your services. The forms should entirely point out your services.

With the help of FormGet application, you can easily achieve the above objective.

Just follow three steps:

1# Create services menu: Show multiple services including its prices.

2# Create payment channel: Easily integrate payment channel and allow your user to buy your services.

3# Apply conditional logic: Give intelligence to your form with conditional logic. Explore how to apply conditional logic in forms. Make it dynamic and relevant.

4# Custom appealing designs in your form:

Your forms are very important elements of your business. Don’t allow yourself to neglect, it’s look features.

By using FormGet application, you can create elegant design in your forms. Just, you need to click few clicks. You can design your niche focused order forms in no time.

Have a look to the below image that shows some of the beautifully designed service accessing forms.

Gym Membership Form


Salon Service Form

how to maximize sales of your services through your forms

Pizza Order Form


Cake Order Form


Product Order Form


Yoga-Video Order Form


Bouquet Order form


Vehicle Booking form


Don’t you think it is a beautiful way of presenting your business services and inviting customers.

In the above order forms, you can see

  • Service’s banners in the form’s header.
  • Footer showing company’s contact information.
  • Header to footer styled forms.

Similarly, you can make different forms for your every online services.

By using FormGet application, you can customize your service selling forms in different style and templates.

B. Share Your Niche-Focused Order Forms across various channels

Once you are done with your forms, let them travel across the net.

To share forms in different channels, you require only one thing- “The form’s URL.”

On FormGet,  your forms has its’s unique URL

You can share this URL across anywhere on the web. And, you did not need any website to do the task.


C. Collect Instant Online Payment, Get Auto-Trigger Notification, Track Payments

Once you have shared your forms on web, your customers are in.

And if you create an easy checkout process, you can’t miss any customer to go away from your shop without any purchase. Sometimes, long and confusing checkout process, can even terminate the last user action of shopping. And, if this happens, it will be your business loss.

Remember, don’t annoy your user with the clutter checkout process.

With the help of  FormGet application, you can easily create a payment collection module in your forms.

It will do the following tasks for you:

  • Make your customer, experience easy checkout process.
  • Accepts payments from your customer.
  • Gives you notification when you receive any payment .
  • Gives notification to your clients when they sent payment.
  • Store your customer’s payment information on your dashboard.
  • Track payment status of your customers in less time.

Till here I have told how how you can explore your business services through your order forms or payment collection forms.

Next, I want to give you two helpful points that gives you an insight idea that how you can sell your services with the help of contact forms.

Share your Contact forms In Multiple Channels

Here too, just want to elaborate one important thing, when you share your contact forms in multiple channels, you will get more leads.

You just need to put your contact’s form URL in various social sites.

Further, if you want to land your user or leads on your site or even on your sales page, you can easily do it within in a single step. Just forward your user to your website as soon as they submit the form.

Redirect your leads to your Sales page or Website in one step via your Contact Forms 

You have put beautiful forms on your site its really good.

But, if you have shared your forms in social networks, and want that your lead should visit your site or sales page too, you can easily do it.

You just need to know how to redirect forms after form submission to your website. You can easily do it in one click.

The process is simple. Just put your sites URL in the Form URL redirect option.


Why redirection is so helpful?
You can bring a potential customer on your site from your contacts forms that you have shared across various channels.

Talk to Your Leads, Solve their Doubts, Analyze their Requirement

As your forms get spread online, then definitely it will going to generate more leads, but the sales work doesn’t end here!

You need to talk to your leads more and more to open up with your products in front of them.

You need to acknowledge their requirement and their doubts if they have related to your products.

Then only, you will be able to increase more sells of your services.

With the help of FormGet’s integrated helpdesk, you can communicate with all your clients from a single dashboard. This integrated helpdesk system enables you to,

  • Respond your clients very quickly
  • Manage organized communication with all your customers
  • Track your customer’s requirement
  • Maintaining long-term contacts with your customers.


Increase awareness among your customers about your services. Your half work will be done.

shout loud about your services

In the next step, you have to follow the next step of sales cycle. That is “Talk, Talk, Talk” to your potential customers. In this new era of online business, where every new effort to increase your service’s sales has became general or over-used, here you need to make use of other new and simple strategy to explore your business services.

And if, you are getting an opportunity to leverage your business services just through forms, then it will be the other new beginning to rise your services and make profits for your business.