Have you heard of Instagram WordPress plugins? People are using it a lot to style their websites and to attract more business.

Let’s do a quick know-how.

Instagram is common these days but do you know you can integrate it into your website too with Instagram WordPress plugins. 

So, whatever you have on your Instagram account you can display it on your website too. In fact, you can control the post that you want to display. Like you can assign specific Instagram posts to specific blog posts or articles. Basically, the Instagram picture show isn’t confined to the homepage.

The Instagram WordPress plugins let you use various layouts such as grid, carousel, polaroid and more for viewing the images. 

There’s a lot more that these plugins can do and you have to dig into the article to know more!

Now, let’s have a look at our 7+ best Instagram plugins 2018 ( paid and free ).

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1. The Instagram Feed Pro

This feed pro will make your site more interesting by keeping it updated with the Instagram account. It is easy to use as no coded language is required. In this, you can even use various sizes for photos and headers with different styles.

Your Instagram images are a few seconds away from your web page. Once you install this plugin, it will import the photos of Instagram to the webpage.

The Instagram Feed pro

Features –

  • It will allow you to see photos even of private Instagram accounts.
  • It will display more than two or four feeds at a time on the very same page.
  • It has a built-in feature which displays your insta photos on your website. It has HTML5 video support, post stashing, auto backup, visual moderation system etc..
  • It also moderates your feed.
  • It is totally customizable according to one’s need.

Pricing –

It is a paid Instagram plugin and costs different for different users on the basis of sites as given below :

  • Personal Licence: At $39 for 1 site support.
  • Business Licence: At $79 for 5 site support.
  • Developer Licence: At $119 for unlimited sites.

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2. Enjoy Plugin For Instagram –

“Enjoy Plugin For Instagram” has multiple features to style your website. You can use different layouts and options like grids, album view, polaroid, carousel, square photos etc. for your website’s display.

It can also control the display of pictures which are out of your topic with the built-in function of moderation panel.

It is a very powerful tool to create your online world of followers, photos, videos and many more.

Enjoy Plugin For Instagram

Features –

  • It provides several grid options and also has a custom animation for speedup and type.
  • Lightbox option available which shows no. of likes, author name etc..
  • It has polaroid form to publish your images in a different way which makes your site look more attractive and different.
  • With this plugin, you can use various shortcodes in your post or pages. Also, in your widget’s sidebars, you can see a new option to convert your images into badge form.
  • It supports HTML5 for video visualization, improvement in CSS and JS loading.

Price –

The price for this plugin is only $16.05 per unit. But according to its unique and different features, it is a profitable deal. So, Hurry up!

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3. Instagram Feed

This plugin provides many features like carousel photos and videos, different layouts, templates. It also provides high resolutions of every picture and displays it well on your website. And supports non-square images as well.

It works in 21 different languages and suitable for many professions like photography, modeling, trainer etc.

Instagram Feed

Features –

Features of this plugin are mentioned below:

  • With this plugin, you can use any hashtag, location, different URLs for different pictures.
  • You can choose multiple numbers of photos and can display on your site as your newest feed.
  • It is very responsive and adjusts according to the available screen.
  • You can control the sizes of photos on your own, select different layouts and grids, different styles and 2 post templates as well.
  • You can make changes even when it is already published.

Price –

The price for this particular plugin is only $ 24 with a regular license for a time of 6 months and for a year it is only $ 31.05 almost $ 10 less than usual price.

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4. Instagram Feed WD

In Instagram Feed WD, there are many features. Some of them are Filmstrip display, 4 perfect layouts ( blog style, image browser, thumbnail, masonry )etc. In this plugin, the gallery will be updated one by one as you updated the new photos or feed.

It is perfect for you to display all your contents and stories and all feeds on social media with help of this plugin.

It is a very easy to use and manageable as easy to access.

Instagram Feed WD

Features –

  • Adjustable and responsive according to the user’s screen.
  • SEO friendly.
  • Infinite feeds to make your users scroll down till the end.
  • You can add more and more photos and news on a single page or post.
  • Your followers can also download and share your feed.

Price –

The different prizes for this particular plugin are given below:

  • Personal Licence: At $25 for 1 site support.
  • Business Licence: At $40 for 3 site support.
  • Developer Licence: At $60 for unlimited sites.

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5. AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro

Add prodigiously, feeds in your Instagram account to increase followers and easiness of your site with help of this plugin. You can add varieties of photos with different layouts, widgets, lightbox and many more.

It has features of adding gifs and unique sizing capability of pictures and other editing options. This plugin is as amazing as your feed will be after using it.

It provides excellent customer support as anyone can face the issues due to technical glitches and also provide free updates.

AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro

Features –

  • New version V2.1
  • It will fetch all the recent and new updates.
  • 16 layouts to choose the perfect one for your feed.
  • Image sorting options are available with 6 different type of lightboxes.
  • Image filtering option and many widgets to add on either side.

Price –

The price for this particular plugin is only $ 18 with a regular license for a time of 6 months and for a year it is only $ 23.25 almost $ 7 less than usual price.

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6. Auto-Post WordPress To Instagram

“Auto-Post WordPress To Instagram” is an open source software created by Roland, Informatica Duran. It is different from other Instagram WordPress plugin as it doesn’t use Instagram API code it uses only external API code.

In this, if we use Instagram API it will not allow us to send images over Instagram due to which we have to use external API code.

Instagram Auto Poster

Features –

  • It allows you to choose which type of post you want to auto send in your Instagram account.
  • The plugin is open source and free to download.
  • Extremely easy to use

Price –

This plugin is free of cost and easily available online.

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7. WP Instagram Widget

The motive behind the creation of this plugin is the customization of widgets in the user’s hand with suitable filters.

This plugin has 5 filters which work as follows :

  • The first plugin filter allows the user to adjust the cache time for redeeming images from your Instagram account.
  • The second plugin filter allows you to filter the widgets of a video.
  • The other three plugin filters help the user to add custom classes to the list item or image.

WP Instagram Widget

Features –

  • It uses sensible and simple markup.
  • You can style the widget according to your theme and taste.
  • Where possible filters are provided to adjust cache timings.
  • Require little setup for example – avoid oAuth.
  • Version 1.3 also has two new hooks for append custom output after and before widget.
  • In version 1.4 also it can customize the image loop completely by creating a parts .php file in your theme.

Price –

This plugin is free of cost and easily available online.

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8. Instagram Slider Widget

It is a flexible slider widget which displays latest images ( maximum 12 ) from a public hashtag or Instagram user.  This slider Instagram widget is easy to use and can easily unveil pictures in a slider or in thumbnail form.

The best feature of this plugin is in this plugin no API code is needed.

Instagram Slider Widget

Features –

  • Features of an Instagram slider
  • In this plugin no API key needed.
  • We can link images with different URLs.
  • In this plugin, you can easily sort your images randomly, by its popularity, or by date.
  • In this plugin, all the images from Instagram are brought in as WordPress adjunct.

Price –

This plugin is free of cost and easily available online.

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This was all from our side on the 7+ best Instagram WordPress Plugins. I hope you must have found a perfect fit for your website.