Editor WordPress Plugins are highly recommended for assigning & managing the user roles in a WordPress website.

The roles are designated as per the privileges assigned to a user. Further, you can specify whether a user is allowed to edit, delete or update a particular section of the page/post of a website or not.

Do you want to acquire the highly recommended trend in WordPress World?

Editor WordPress Plugins help you edit an existing role, create a new role, fill a selected role with capabilities which you need, assign new created roles or capabilities directly to the user, set users rights, permissions and much more…

Moreover, it helps you block any chosen functionality like- selected meta boxes, posts, pages, dashboard, custom post types with actions and filters.

In fact, WordPress Editor Plugins allows you to set user-level permissions, login redirect, bulk edit and make custom settings.

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Go beyond the default WordPress Capabilities!

Let us discuss 5+ Best Editor WordPress Plugins –

1. User Role Editor WordPress Plugin

If you are not satisfied with the standard WordPress user roles, you can use the User Role Editor Plugin. It will help you modulate the user capability distribution. Also, you can change the user rights and permissions very easily.

User Role Editor

Pricing Plan-

The User Role Editor WordPress Plugin offer Pro versions at $29 onwards.

Key features of User Role Editor WordPress Plugin-

  • Access to the plugins, shortcodes, widgets, sidebars, menus and many more… as per the role.
  • Instead of using built-in post types, force to edit custom capabilities.
  • Set site/multisite roles.
  • Replicate user.

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2. WordPress User Role Editor Pro Plugins– Editor WordPress Plugins

The WordPress User Role Editor Pro Plugins provide a lot of functionalities as per setting the user’s role. However, it has two different versions of a single site and multisite installation. Both the Personal Pro and Business Pro Plugins provides convenience in all perspectives.


Pricing Plan-

The WordPress User Role Editor Pro Plugins range starts from $29.99 for the single site and 34.99 for multisite in the basic personal pro plan.

Some features of WordPress User Role Editor Pro plugins-

  • Set access/edit permissions for widgets, admin menu, navigation menu, post/pages, attach media, import, export and more.
  • Provides a role list for different roles such as add, edit, delete and restore.
  • Provides content restriction shortcodes.
  • Functionality to assign or migrate users.

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3. Admin Menu Editor Pro– Editor WordPress Plugin

The Admin Menu Editor Pro is an Editor WordPress Plugin. By using it you can assign a wide variety of roles to users. Moreover, there are different menu options as per the roles of users Such as- hide menus/plugins, create an item, import/export settings, editing the admin bar etc.


Pricing Plan-

The Admin Menu Editor Pro WordPress Plugin has different plans for Business-$85 only, for Freelancer $45 only and for Personal $25 plan.

Features of Admin Menu Editor Pro WordPress Plugin-

  • Drag and drop menu items.
  • Over 600 menu icons.
  • Change menu colours.
  • Supports apply branding.

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4. User Role Editor – Best in Editor WordPress Plugins

Change the user roles in just a few clicks! Use User Role Editor WordPress Plugin. You can change the role, privileges and capabilities (except Administration) easily.

role editor

Pricing Plan-

The User Role Editor WordPress plugin in completely FREE to use.

Peculiarities of Role Editor WordPress Plugin-

  • Use a copy of other existing user roles and customize a new users capabilities from scratch.
  • Easy to assign and delete roles.
  • Default rules can easily be overridden and changed in accordance.
  • Multiple roles can be assigned to a single user.

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5. Members Editor WordPress Plugin

The Members is an Editor WordPress Plugin that helps you extend control your website. Furthermore, you can make WordPress robust and secure for your website with it. It provides a user interface (UI) to go beyond the limits of an editor and stand with the codes of WordPress.


Pricing Plan-

The Members Editor WordPress Plugin is FREE of all costs.

Features of Members Editor WordPress Plugin-

  • Capabilities to explicitly deny.
  • Shortcodes to control access to contents.
  • The sidebars contain widgets for login form and users.
  • Support making private sites.

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6. Editor Menu and Widget Access– Editor WordPress Plugins

Editor Menu and Widget Access WordPress Plugin is one of the WordPress Editor Plugins. As the name directs it allows to access the menus and widget areas, so as to set edit privileges with a role Editor.

Editor Menu and Widget Access

Pricing Plan-

The Editor Menu and Widget Access WordPress Plugin is another FREE plugin instead.

Features of Editor Menu and Widget Access WordPress Plugin are-

  • An open source and lightweight plugin.
  • Access to customize submenu and other theme options.
  • Options remain hidden by the user roles.
  • Quick and simple solution to manage roles.

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Finally, we have emptied our knowledge bank of the ‘Best Editor WordPress Plugins’. You are free to do your own research but trust us, you will land up to the same names. These WordPress Editor Plugins can help you accomplish the aim that you came for and these were the best listing of their domain.

Moreover, these are inevitable to become the winner of the race and choose one that’s the best!

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