Are you getting confused while selecting the Inventory WordPress plugins for your WooCommerce website?  If you are starting out your eCommerce online store, inventory management is not a chill wind. But, choosing the best tool is like playing hardball.

It’s no secret that as your online business grows, demand for your products increases and your sole supplier will not be able to meet it. Therefore, every Woo-commerce website must have Inventory WordPress plugins.

If you are hunting high and low on the internet for this plugin, you have got to see that there are dozens of them out there, which can be a bit overwhelming. But we know you want a “Wow’ plugin, not the “Umm” one.

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Therefore, here we are sharing the 5+ Best Inventory WordPress Plugins which are our top recommendations, as well as they are currently ruling the market.

1. Advance Point of Sale Plugin

Looking for a full-on inventory management solution for your eCommerce WordPress website? Advance Point of Sale Plugin is a dedicated WordPress inventory and order management platform that lets you quickly streamline your business.

It is ready to control your stock in multiple business locations, sales management and automates the process of your purchase order and requisition from one single platform.

To better understand your sales channel, native integration of QuickBooks will allow you to track your sales and no-sales. This will monitor the analytics of accounting, taxation, shipping, where sales begin, what’s selling, who’s doing and much more.

Inventory WordPress plugins

Features of Advance Point of Sale Plugin

  • Customer & supplier management
  • Inventory with barcode scanner
  • Multi-channel sales management
  • Manage orders & fulfillments with ease
  • Keep stock levels up-to-date across all sales channels


Pricing starts at $39.

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2. Katana for WooCommerce – WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

Katana is a manufacturing ERP for WooCommerce that gives you a live look at your business. By unifying all your manufacturing tools in one view, Katana makes production scheduling efficient, accurate, and hassle-free.

Features include live inventory and manufacturing management, batch tracking for end-to-end traceability, a Shop Floor App for total floor-level control, open API, and a growing channel partner network. Thanks to its visual and intuitive dashboard, Katana is by far one of the easiest-to-use tools of its kind.

As it smoothly integrates with WooCommerce, it allows you to keep track of your entire business operations from one centralized point of truth. You can integrate one or several WooCommerce stores, as well as accounting software like QuickBooks or other business essentials.

Katana for WooCommerce - Smart Manufacturing and Inventory Plugin

Features of Katana:

  • Track materials and product stock to avoid stock-outs
  • Production, scheduling, and resource management in one place
  • Floor-level control from scheduling to task prioritization
  • Unified B2B and e-commerce sales order management
  • Tracing for batches, materials, expiry dates, and more
  • Automatic reallocation of materials based on set priorities
  • Granular purchase order tracking for maximum visibility
  • Real-time reliable costing
  • Sync inventory data with hundreds of e-commerce, shipping, accounting, and reporting platforms


  • Free 14-day trial
  • Starts at $99/month

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3. Woocommerce Product Stock Manager

Woocommerce Product Stock Manager is one of the best plugins. Using this amazing plugin, you can always keep control over your stock levels. Furthermore, it will add a new interface in your admin bar where you can get the list of all products and their variations.

Moreover, it happens to be all of the things at once, like Log reports, allowing you to audit inventory elegantly, which is why thousands of WordPress-based online businesses are already using it to make their Woocommerce online streams flourish.

Inventory WordPress plugins

Features of Woocommerce Product Stock Manager

  • The plugin has support for both simple and variable products.
  • It has the ability to manage stock of all products from a single screen.
  • With the help of this plugin, you can control the per page product pagination.
  • Offers various color options for stock level highlights.


Grab this all-in-one plugin for $29.

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4. Veeqo – WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

Veeqo is a WooCommerce Inventory Management tool that helps retailers manage their entire back end. You can manage multiple WooCommerce stores as well as multiple other sales channels, shipping carriers, accounting integrations and more. Veeqo will feed from all of these channels into a single, central platform where you can view sales and inventory figures.

With Veeqo you can control how much stock shows on your site, edit product information for multiple stores in one place and allows you to list items from your WooCommerce store to other channels. When you make a sale in one of your channels, Veeqo will update all of your other stores for you.

You can also manage orders and pick, pack and ship the orders from within the system too. A Mobile app is also available for managing your stores on the go, as well as Veeqo’s very own barcode scanners that can be used to manage, book-in and pick stock.


Features of Veeqo – WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

  • Create product kits and bundles while still keeping inventory accurate.
  • Customize paperwork for different brands and sales channels.
  • Create multiple warehouses and keep inventory synced across them all.
  • Pinpoint exactly where products are located in your warehouse.
  • View a complete history of interactions.
  • Bulk edit all of your inventory in a few clicks.
  • Manage your inventory from anywhere in the world with the smartphone app.


Pricing starts from $180/month.

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5. Rapid Stock Manager – Inventory WordPress plugins

The Rapid stock manager is another well-established name among the inventory management plugins. It updates your stock inventory, manages it as well as audit it automatically. It’s the time-saving customizability of Rapid stock manager that makes it so appealing at the CodeCanyon marketplace.

What this plugin helps you to do is to set low stock indicator, which means you get to know straight away what is in low stock to take immediate action.

It’s Audit records every action on the uploaded stocks, allowing you to track “who” and “when” last edited the stock amount for the given products. This outweighs the downfall due to fraudsters on your WordPress site. In the end, you will love rapid stock manager as it can be personalized seamlessly.

inventory WordPress plugins

Features of Rapid Stock Manager – Inventory WordPress plugins

  • Set/adjust stock amounts for simple products
  • Display all variable products for the main product within one row
  • Easy copy/paste to Excel, Google Spreadsheets, OSX Numbers, to allow further filtering and calculations
  • Every stock inventory amount change done by Rapid Stock Manager is recorded
  • Stock Audit report – date range or multiple SKUs to display product stock modifications


It has a pricing of $46.

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6. Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce

Synchronization is one of the best ways you can update your stock inventory daily since it saves manual chores and a lot of time. This is where Stock Synchronization Inventory WordPress plugin swoops in for the rescue to take care of this for you. Plus, it’s easy to use.

This plugin also goes above and beyond the clouds because it doesn’t just do stock updates. Stock Synchronization also synchronize information from external CSV file, prices, data stored in Dropbox and Google Drive. Happy Syncing!

inventory WordPress plugins

Features of Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce

  • Daily, twice daily or hourly updates
  • Works with files that require credentials
  • Compatible with Variation Products
  • Dropbox support
  • WPML support
  • Choose your delimiter (comma, semicolon or tab)
  • Supports large CSV-files (10.000+ lines)
  • FTP-support


Stock Synchronization has a costing of $14.

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7. WP ERP Inventory – WordPress Inventory Management System

WP ERP Inventory is an easy-to-use inventory management solution for WordPress. Its easily customizable options let you manage everything just as you like. Besides the basic stock management, it is also usable for tax calculation, voucher, and invoice creation.

It comes as an extension with the Accounting module of WP ERP. So, the functionalities can be extended with other accounting features according to your need.

To efficiently manage your stocks and inventory, to eliminate repeated product entry, to keep track of source and sells seamlessly, and to get automatic reports for better analytics, WP ERP Inventory is a popular and smart choice among the WordPress users.

Wperp Inventory Management

Features of WP ERP Inventory Module – WordPress Inventory Management System

  • Simplified interface to ensure user-friendly interface for WordPress users
  • Parent category for more accuracy in data entry
  • Integrated sales/pre-sales tax calculation feature
  • Option to auto-generate invoices & vouchers
  • Automatic reporting for both product purchases and sales
  • Integration with other solutions for simplified data export/import


Price Starting from $79.

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8. WP Inventory Manager – Free Inventory WordPress plugins

WP Inventory Manager is an open source software that perfectly tracks items that you would like to display or sell on your WordPress site. You can control the access permission for who can add or edit items in your inventory.

WP Inventory Manager offers a suite of powerful features for your WordPress site. Enhanced multiple categories, fully customizable labels, templating system, and developer friendly with hooks, filters, and utility functions are all part of this plugin.

inventory WordPress plugins

Features of WP Inventory Manager – Free Inventory WordPress plugins

  • Multiple categorizations
  • Fully customizable labels
  • Easy customization by templating system
  • Access permissions for editing items
  • Uses separate database tables for faster database access


Freely downloadable from WordPress website.

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9. Z Inventory Manager – Free Inventory Plugins For WordPress 

It is an intuitive online inventory management plugin for your WordPress website. Z Inventory Manager lets you keep your sales, purchase orders, shipments, and receipts in an organized manner.

Its easy-to-go inventory management helps to manage and check stock levels in real-time online. Z Inventory Manager also provides low inventory alert, enabling you to replenish your inventory levels by ordering more stock.

inventory WordPress plugins

Features of Z Inventory Manager – Free Inventory Plugins For WordPress

  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase Orders
  • Ship and Track Sales Orders
  • Reports


Z Inventory Manager is a free inventory management plugin for your WordPress website.

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Over To You

That’s all, we hope this blog helped you find the best Inventory WordPress Plugins for your website.

So, explore these 5+ Best Inventory WordPress Plugins and select the one you like the most. All of them are powerful in terms of features.

Good Luck!

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