Choosing the best vulnerability scanner WordPress plugins & trying to make your site secure is not so easy. The reason is that the hackers are finding even 1% chance of attacking your site.

Although, there are thousands of plugins which provide the features of security for your site. So if we really try those plugins then there might come the following conclusions:

  • The plugins are fake.
  • They are not capable of preventing attacks from computer-generated malware.
  • Tracking suspicious IP address(s) is not their cup of tea.
  • Or they can’t hide some pages such as login, register, settings pages of your WordPress account to prevent attacks from hackers.

As a result, there are less than 20% vulnerability detector tools on the web which can guard you WordPress account for day & night.

So for those believers who are really in need of ‘The One Protector‘, here are some of the best free as well as paid vulnerability scanner WordPress plugins which will save you from the hacker’s wrath.

Before going through the article, I’d like to mention more blogs with you which you’ll find interesting & genuine for your WordPress as well as your personal sites:

1. Security Ninja Pro: Best in Vulnerability Scanner WordPress Plugins

Security Ninja Pro is WordPress plugin for scanning threats & vulnerabilities. All of this is done to prevent getting attacked by hackers & threats.


Pricing Of Security Ninja Pro:

  • Single-Site: $29, 1 site installation, updates & premium US-based support for 1 year & many more.
  • Multi-Site: $79, single-site features with installation for 99 sites, malware, core scanner etc.
  • Agency Lifetime: $199, features of the single & multi-site with lifetime support & updates, events logger & many more.


  • Security holes/threats & vulnerabilities checking.
  • Database optimization to boost up the site & clean unnecessary disk space.
  • Track user actions, posts, login active time, IP & so on.
  • Automatic update of the plugin on time.

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2. Bravo WordPress Security Plugin:

Bravo WordPress Security plugin is an add-on through which one can hide many elements of WordPress. Some of them are wp-login, wp-admin, plugin path from the page source & many more.


Pricing Of Bravo WordPress Security Plugin:

  • Regular: $36, one user, no charges on end user.
  • Extended: $220, 1 user, end users are charged.

Features: Vulnerability Scanner WordPress Plugin

  • Create a new login link & hiding the previous link.
  • Delete trash, unused files, revisions, comments etc.
  • Prevent users from registering & login.
  • Visitor tracking system, new plugins & themes scanning.

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3. WProtect: Security & Vulnerability Scanner WordPress Plugin

WProtect is a perfect security & vulnerability scanner WordPress plugin which helps to perform many things such as:

  • WordPress version checking to find its dissimilarity with the database.
  • Preventing individual testing of themes & plugins installed.

vulnerability scanner wordpress plugins wprotect

Pricing Of WProtect: WordPress Plugin

  • Regular: $24, 1 client, no charge on end-clients.
  • Extended: $140, one client, end-clients can be charged.

Features: Vulnerability Detector WordPress Plugin

  • Hiding wp-admin directory.
  • Preventing search engines from attacking database.
  • Filtering using HTML, CSS & JS.
  • Stopping brute force login attempts.

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4. Website Application Firewall: WordPress Vulnerability Scanner Plugin

Website Application Firewall (WAF) by Sucuri is cloud-based security service provider. Its basic moto is to prevent attacks & hacks on the website.

This plugin is mostly used by large organizations, developers, educational institutions & many more industries.


Pricing Of WAF: WordPress Vulnerability Scanner Plugin

  • Basic: $9.99/mo, blogger website type, WAF, performance optimization & many more.
  • Pro: $19.98/mo, e-commerce website, basic plan features with SSL certificate support, Advanced DDoS Mitigation & many more.
  • Business: $69.93/mo, business website, features of Basic & Pro plan with PCI & SSL Compliance via Firewall, Load Balancing/High Availability & many more.

Features Of WAF: WordPress Vulnerability Scanner Plugin

  • Blocking hackers instantly.
  • Brand reputation protection.
  • Server load reduction.
  • Zero-day exploits prevention.

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5. Smart Security Tools: Firewall Addon & Vulnerability Scanner

Smart Security Tools is a firewall addon & a vulnerability scanner WordPress plugin. It adds 5 more scanners for URL and user agent used for requests to scan out known and big vulnerabilities.


Pricing Of Smart Security Tools: WordPress Plugin

  • Regular: $15, one client/user, no charge to end users.
  • Extended: $75, one user/client, end users are charged.

Features Of Smart Security Tools:

  • Ban suspicious IP addresses.
  • SQL injection detection.
  • Bad user agent detection.
  • Bad request script attempt trapping.

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6. VaultPress: Cheapest in Vulnerability Scanner WordPress Plugins

VaultPress is WordPress plugin through which one can easily detect viruses, hackers, host failures, malware & many more.

This plugin can be easily used by professionals, individuals as well as agencies without any hindrance.


Pricing Of VaultPress: WordPress Plugin

Personal Plan:

  • Jetpack Personal: $3.50 per month or $39/year, a backup archive for 30-days, easy site migration, spam protection & many more.

Business Plan:

  • Jetpack Premium: $9/month or $99 annually, data backup, ad-free video hosting, security scanning & many more.
  • Jetpack Professional: $29 monthly or $299 on yearly basis, automated security scanning, SEO tools as well as Google Analytics integration & many more.

Features Of VaultPress:

  • Automatically storing of backup in the offsite digital vault.
  • Helps in fixing viruses, malware & threats.
  • Protecting your readers as well as SEO by blocking spammers.
  • Restoring the site in case of any fault.

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7. Plugin Vulnerabilities: Best In Free Vulnerability Scanner WordPress Plugins

Plugin Vulnerabilities is the best free vulnerability scanner WordPress plugin which checks the plugins. After doing it, it highlights those plugins which are against to the security from hackers.


Pricing Of Plugin Vulnerabilities: WordPress Plugin

  • This plugin doesn’t charge any amount.

Features Of Plugin Vulnerabilities:

  • Continuous update of the plugin on daily basis.
  • Using third-party libraries with well-known vulnerabilities.
  • File uploading and deletion in an unpredictable manner.
  • Randomly updating & deleting WordPress settings which are no longer required.

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8. Plugin Security Scanner: Security & Vulnerability Detector WordPress Plugin

Plugin Security Scanner is a WordPress plugin which helps in determining the security vulnerabilities by checking the vulnerability database of WPScan.


Pricing Of Plugin Security Scanner: Vulnerability Scanner

  • It is completely free to use.

Features Of Plugin Security Scanner: Vulnerability Scanner

  • Keeps the WordPress account secure.
  • Scans plugins automatically on daily basis.
  • If a vulnerability is found, the user is notified via email.
  • Easy to install & access it.

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So above are some of the most noteworthy free as well as paid vulnerability scanner WordPress plugins. All of them are especially relevant & are capable of protecting your site.

Some of them are able to detect spammers, fake IP addresses & hackers while other hides some functionalities of the WordPress account to make it invisible to the hackers. So choose the best plugin & I hope to let the odds be ever in your favor.

If you have any kind of questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below. After all, we do think about our readers!