“Do you want to add a Color Picker to your site?”

If yes, then we have got the best jQuery color picker plugins defined for you in this blog.

Adding color pickers is a very attractive way of engaging visitors to site. People can stay on your site for a bit longer than usual if you empower them to select the color of their own choice.

jQuery color picker plugins can be a great help when it comes to adding a color picker to your website.

jQuery Color Picker Plugins

These plugins provide you with seamless features of adding color picking tool like aligning the color picker to right, left, top, bottom, etc.

Moreover, you can easily make your users choose the perfect color for themselves amongst RGB, hex RGB, HSV & HSL just by inserting few code lines in the back-end.

In case of any query & problem related to color picker, you can easily find a solution in the documentation which comes with demo and sample details about it.

So, in this weblog, we are going to bring few exemplary jQuery Color Picker Plugins into the limelight and also highlight their features, pricing, and other details. Some of these plugins are free while others are paid.

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So without goofing around, let’s get going with jQuery plugins for adding color picker.

1. jColor – jQuery Color Picker Plugin

jColor is an astounding plugin which enables you to provide a vast range of color themes to choose from.

It is compatible with almost all the contemporary browsers & is very lightweight which comes under the size of 12 kb in all.

This plugin is mobile friendly and fully customizable. In addition to this, you also get a well-written documentation which makes it easy to understand and implement.

jColor jQuery Color Picker Plugins


  • It empowers you to select the color from the range of RGB i.e. Red Green Blue or also from HSL i.e. hue, saturation, lightness.
  • It enables you to customize the expanding/collapsing of the color picker as well. While you can easily create and delete these pickers as per your convenience. 
  • With the help of just a few CSS lines, you can amend the entire appearance of the color picker.
  • You can define the events for color change and their output formats.
  • If no color is selected, then the color picker automatically selects the CSS color of the element it is attached to.


You can purchase this plugin and get all of its features and future updates at two varied prices:

  • The regular license of this plugin will cost you $7.
  • Whereas, the extended license is available at $35.

Note: Along with this plugin you also get prior support for 6 months which is extendable.

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2. Color Picker – jQuery Color Picker Plugin

This plugin empowers you to add a color picker tool to your website. You can effortlessly add more configurations, all you gotta do is to copy and paste few line of codes. Easy enough!

Moreover, it is a fully customizable mobile friendly plugin & comes along with a documentation which manifests the various details about the plugin along with examples.

Color Picker jQuery Color Picker Plugin


  • It enables your users to insert the HEX color codes directly to your site
  • This plugin allows you to align the color picker at whichever place you want to like the top left, bottom right, etc.
  • You can also display the color picker in a fullscreen mode plus the visitors can choose the color & insert its code there then.
  • It empowers you to paint the parent or the background of certain text without any trouble.


This plugin with entire features can be acquired at two different prices depending on the license you choose :

  • For availing the standard license, you have to pay $ 8.
  • To get the extended license, you have to pay $30.

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3. Coloring Pick – jQuery Color Picker Plugin

Coloring Pick is a very responsive jQuery plugin which is highly customizable. This plugin supports old and new versions of all modern browsers.

You probably won’t need any other library as all the necessary Javascript and CSS files are included in the package itself.

Furthermore, you can also generate valid CSS as per your requirements.

Coloring Pick jQuery Color Picker Plugin


  • You can choose the events on which it fires the value of color pickers like on_select or change.
  • This plugin provides various attributes such as inline, show_input, swatches and a lot more.
  • It offers two different dark and light themes to choose from.
  • It also comes with unlimited gradient points. Plus, it adds a predefined color to the picker if there is no color selected.
  • This plugin enables you to turn any element on the site to a color picking tool.


To acquire this plugin along with all its features, you get two different pricing plans:

  • The regular license of this plugin is available at $4.
  • While to acquire the extended license, you have to pay $49.

Note: Along with this plugin you also get prior support for 6 months which can be extended for another year by paying a certain amount.

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4.  Forms Plus: JS –  jQuery Color Picker Plugin

Form Plus: JS can be called a mixture of two plugins. Where Form Plus is basically a form framework, while JS version of this plugin includes all the necessary CSS.

With the help of this plugin, you can not only add a color picker to your site, but you can also add many other elements like date/time pickers, sliders, captcha fields, spinners, etc.

The forms available with this plugin are powered by Bootstrap i.e. most popular JS, HTML, CSS framework for creating forms.

It is easy to use at the backend with the help PHP & it is responsive to all screens.

Forms Plus: JS jQuery Color Picker Plugin


  • You can effortlessly create modal popup forms.
  • It enables you to pass on validation rules for your forms and mask the input to give a hint of the required input.
  • With the help of buttons, selects, etc you can add, remove, hide and show the blocks. You can also toggle, add or remove CSS classes accordingly as well.
  • You can customize and store received data in the MySQL database.
  • This plugin empowers you to send modified messages to form sender or any email through SMTP or sendmail.


You can buy this plugin at two different costs according to the license you choose:

  • Regular License – $14.
  • Extended License – $80

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5.  Huebee – jQuery Color Picker Plugin

Huebee is a jQuery plugin for adding a color picker to the website. This is a user-friendly plugin & it is also 100% responsive.

It provides a limited range of colors and all these colors are displayed at once in a color box from where the visitors can easily view and select the desired color.

Huebee jQuery Color Picker Plugin


  • If you initialize the plugin on an anchor element, then Huebee will open whenever the anchor is clicked or focused for inputs & buttons.
  • You can initialize this plugin via various elements like Javascript, HTML, etc.
  • This plugin enables your visitors to choose the color of their own choice.
  • It provides a limited range of colors which are visible in the color box.
  • You can effortlessly set the size of the color grid with the help of CSS.
  • It helps you to add properties, events & methods with the help of few code lines.


You can avail this plugin with all its features and updates from ‘github.com’ at free of cost.

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6. Iro.js – jQuery Color Picker Plugin

Iro.js is a freemium plugin which provides you with the facility to add a color picker to your website. It is highly customizable and is responsive to all screens. This plugin is congruous to all modern browsers & is successfully tested on IE 9+.

Moreover, this plugin has zero dependencies & comes along with a detailed documentation inclusive of installing and using details.

Iro.js jQuery Color Picker Plugin


  • This is a lightweight plugin which is gzipped at around 13kb.
  • It has a customizable SVG based user interface.
  • You can easily convert colors amongst RGB, HSV, HSL and hex RGB.  
  • It also updates the CSS styles dynamically when the color selected changes.


You can acquire this plugin with all its features without spending a single penny. Simply download & install it from ‘github.com’.

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We have discussed few most popular jQuery Color Picker Plugins in today’s blog. Further, we also highlighted their exemplary features and pricing details to make it easier for you to scrutinize these plugins.

Color picker plugins can be installed and implemented on your website by inserting some code lines at the backend. And there you go!! You are all set.

We hope that you must have found an ideal jQuery Color Picker Plugin which best suits your website.

Get in touch with us for any more queries and suggestions! We’ll get back to you as early as possible. Don’t forget to share your views.