jQuery calendar plugins will allow you to add an interactive calendar on your web pages. You can list events and make notes on certain key dates if you want. So, to implement this fully functional calendar on your website we have sorted the best jQuery calendar plugins.

These plugins will allow you to do a lot more than dates and days. With these plugins, you will have drag and drop functionality, optional Google Calendar connectivity, and easy customization like adding or removing events on behalf of clients.

jQuery Calendar Plugins

In fact, with these jQuery calendar plugins, you will be rewarded with a balanced documentation, sortable views for days, weeks, or months. The lightweight calendar plugins are easy to implement and to use. Out of all the plugins discussed here, some are more developed than others and have their own set of benefits.

The jQuery calendar plugins can help you in synchronizing the date format of your site in more precise and stylish way.

Here is our listing of jQuery calendar plugins, so be wise and chose the one to create and schedule your events, reminders, meetings and much more.

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1. Hubeleke – Best In jQuery Calendar Plugins

Hubeleke is one of the best plugins in the family of jQuery Calendar Plugins. It is powered with jQuery and supports all the major browsers.

In fact, it comes with ready to use language files for Turkish and German languages. You can even change the months and days name into different languages using the duplicating process of language js file. Also, it comes with a live preview which will help you to better understand this plugin.

Hubeleke jQuery Calendar Plugin

Price –

The cost price of this plugin is $10, only with lifetime free updates.

Features –

  • You can easily list your events wherever you want on your page just by one click.
  • It comes with color picker option in 8 different shades. You can use any of them to make your calendar months more attractive.
  • This plugin helps you to redeem your event dates and lists from the database via AJAX.
  • Also, this plugin includes sample DB and SQL files for you to use.

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2. Jalendar 2 Calendar – jQuery Calendar Plugin

This plugin is rich in feature. The most important feature of Jalendar 2 is that it offers you 4 different types of calendar options. Using these 4 calendars you can list your events, link to days, select date and range on a calendar.

Jalendar 2 supports JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, and LESS. The software version of this plugin is jQuery. And with a 5-star rating and 300+ active installations, this plugin gives a proof about its popularity.

Jalendar 2 Calendar jQuery Calendar Plugin

Price –

  • You can purchase this plugin at $12 with a regular license and 6-month support from Bqra.
  • And if you want to extend the support for 12-months than the cost price will be $15.75.

Features –

  • You can use unlimited colors for calendar’s background, and color the days, week and years.
  • This plugin provides a high resolution which means it will provide your clients a pixel perfect interface.
  • It is SEO optimized and user-friendly.
  • Moreover, Jalendar 2 is compatible with all latest browsers like – Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge.

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3. Jalendar – Premium In jQuery Calendar Plugins

Jalendar is premium jQuery plugin and is used for updating events on the calendar. It is very simple and easy to install.

You can use 2 different Google Fonts to make your calendar look more beautiful and pretty. The two fonts are – Fugaz One and Roboto. In addition, this plugin is compatible with all latest browsers like – Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome. And provide full support to CSS, JavaScript JS, and HTML.

Jalendar jQuery Calendar Plugin

Price –

  • This premium plugin will cost you $7 only with a 6-month support from Bqra.
  • You can even extend the support month up to a year by paying $8.88 only.

Features –

  • You can add or remove the live events easily.
  • It comes with unlimited colors. which you can use to modify the beauty of your calendar and match it with your site’s theme.
  • This plugin is tri-lingual and can be translated into 3 different languages at present – Türkçe, Espånol, and English.
  • In fact, you can easily adjust the size of your calendar whether it be small or medium.

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4. oCalendar – jQuery Calendar Plugin

This plugin is designed by Orcun, by keeping in mind that an average user and a developer both can get benefit from it. oCalendar allows you to add any event anywhere over the calendar.

It is also easy to integrate with both HTML and WordPress websites. In fact, it is easily resizable which means it works well with all the screen sizes.   

oCalendar jQuery Calendar Plugin

Price –

You can buy this plugin at $11 only with free future updates. Also, this plugin is quality checked by Envato.

Features –

  • You can easily add, edit and delete the events from your client’s side.
  • It comes with 10 different themes, you can choose any of them according to your website’s theme.
  • This plugin provides DB support from JSON. It is an open-standard file format that uses human-readable text to transmit data.
  • In fact, you can add events on any date whether of past, present or future and search them easily in this plugin.

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5. Zabuto Calendar – Free In jQuery Calendar Plugins

It is a jQuery plugin, which lets you add the functionality of calendar to your web page. This plugin is easy to customize as you can change the language, month or year effortlessly.

You can change a year and a month into a different one. Also, you can disable the navigations of previous and future months if you want.
Moreover, you can display today (or present date) with a special badge.

Zabuto Calendar jQuery Calendar Plugin

Price –

This plugin from Github is available free of charge to everyone.

Features –

  • This plugin lets you add a month calendar to your web page.
  • You can easily customize the display of the calendar in a handy way and view it in several languages.
  • In fact, you can add functions to the calendar to execute when suddenly an event is triggered.
  • Also, you can add a legend to modify the styling of the date and events which are shown on the calendar.

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6. CLNDR – Best Free In jQuery Calendar Plugins

It is a jQuery calendar plugin that uses HTML templates. And it provides enormous features like – adding and removing events, specifying the start and end date of the calendar, and a lot more.

You can arrange the multiple or multi-day events easily. In fact, the events that get added to a day automatically can be customized from your admin panel.

CLNDR jQuery Calendar Plugin

Price –

This plugin is available free of cost to all.

Features –

  • You can select the start and end date on your calendar so that your calendar’s next and previous buttons will only work within the specified date range.
  • CLNDR accepts events lasting more than one day that is multi days events.
  • This plugin comes with a days array feature which will give your website a structured look.
  • If you have single-day events on different dates, then also this plugin will consider them as single days event.

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Conclusion –

These Free and Paid jQuery calendar plugins will help you in adding a superb calendar on your web pages. You will be able to add, edit or remove events, specifying date and time, and much more.

Choose the one plugin and increase your website’s functionality in a better way.

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