If you want your website to have a feature that lets your users get the desired data immediately that they want?

So, folks all you need is jQuery highlight plugins.

jQuery highlight plugins help your users to highlight the certain text on your website. Users can search and find the desired content easily with the help of these plugins.

Here we’ve collected some of the best jQuery highlighter plugins which offer advanced functionalities in just a low cost.

Dig down to explore free plugins too!

These plugins are so easy to use and user-friendly that anyone can painlessly embed them on their websites.

Moreover, with the help of these plugins, you can also highlight the particular section by turning the background dark or opaque.

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So, why are we waiting for?

Dive in and find your ideal jQuery highlight plugin.

1. JQuery Highlights

JQuery Highlights is a plugin that allows you to highlight the text that you want. This plugin is so easy to install and implement. For highlighting the desired word or sentence, all you have to do is just enter the word or sentence in a text field and it will highlight all those words in your content.

The plugin supports case-sensitive and case-insensitive search also. Hence, all the words whatever their case are will be highlighted.

JQuery Highlights jQuery Highlight Plugins


This plugin is available on the codecanyon.net. To buy this plugin, you’ll have to pay $5 only that includes 6 months support. For extended support up to 12 months, you need to pay extra $1.13.

Additional Features

  • There are no restrictions on the usage of the plugin. Hence, you can use it anywhere on your webpage.
  • The plugin is compatible with all the major web browsers such as Opera, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and from IE6 to IE9.
  • It is simple to use without any complicated setup, even beginners can also use this without any difficulties.

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2. Lights Out – Objects Highlighter

Another highlight plugin based on pure jQuery that can be used to highlight any element of your website. It offers an interactive functionality of highlighting the text and elements. The plugin lets you highlight the section that you’ve clicked and turned the background dark with just a click.

With this plugin, you can allow visitors to focus on the desired content, you can enjoy the videos by putting a dark background in remaining part.

Lights Out jQuery Highlight Plugins


You can download this plugin by paying just a one-time amount of $5 only.

Additional Features

  • The plugin does not depend on any framework as it purely based on jQuery.
  • It is cross-browser compatible including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and IE8 to IE10.
  • The plugin provides ready to use template.
  • You’ll get step by step documentation. Thus, you won’t find any difficulties while implementing it.
  • It also provides you the source code. In case of you want to customize something in the interface.
  • You can also turn the background in different colors.

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3. jQuery FocusOn – Highlight an area of your website

jQuery FocusOn is a plugin that lets you add an important feature on your website to highlight the certain section of your web page that you want your visitors should notice.

It highlights the desired element by making everything else opaque and disabled for clicking. It closes the highlighted section when you click out of the highlighted area. The plugin offers lots of customization options. So, you can configure the opacity, custom fade effects, and its duration etc.

jQuery FocusOn jQuery Highlight Plugins


The cost of the plugin is $5, available on the codecanyon.net.

Additional Features

  • Through this plugin, you can display some sort of important messages on the top of the page.
  • You can set custom opacity for the disabled area.
  • Ability to show shadow effects inside and out the highlighted section.
  • You can set the methods manually for closing the FocusOn.
  • The plugin is tested on the browsers versions such as IE6, IE8, Chrome 12, Opera 11.10, Safari 5, and Firefox 5.

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4. Highlight Within Textarea

Highlight Within Textarea is a jQuery plugin that is used to highlight the pieces of text within a text area. It comes with a simple code in which you’ll have to specify the text that you want to highlight. Then, while entering the text in real time, it will highlight the text which is mentioned in the code.

Highlight Within Textarea jQuery Highlight Plugins

Free Download

This jQuery highlight plugin is free of cost, download it from GitHub.com.

Additional Features

  • You can set the visibility, positioning, and background of the element.
  • It gives you the flexibility to define the fonts, width, height, padding, border, and color etc.
  • Highlighting will be automatically updated when the user edits the text area.
  • You can also remove the plugin from the text area by just putting a single line code.

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5. jQuery highlightRegex Plugin

jQuery highlightRegex plugin lets you highlight the custom regular expressions. You can define the static highlights as well as dynamic. In static, you can set the text that is to be highlighted when clicked. And in the dynamic, the words you enter in the text field will be highlighted in the piece of content.

highlightRegex jQuery Highlight Plugins

Free Download

Get this plugin for free from the GitHub.com

Additional Features

  • Case insensitive plugin.
  • Supports multiple-browsers.
  • You can use the “i” flag in the code to ignore the uppercase and lowercase.
  • It is a handy and user-friendly plugin. It can be installed easily.

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Finally, this was my list of top jQuery highlight plugins. For your convenience, we’ve handpicked both free as well as paid plugins. So, if you are looking for it then, you can prefer one of these which satisfies your requirement regarding features.

If we miss out some great jQuery highlight plugins. Then, feel free to mention in the comment section. You can also share your experience with these mentioned jQuery text highlighter plugins if you’ve ever tried them.