Want is the need to deploy jQuery Lazy Load plugins on a website?

These are extremely useful jQuery plugins using which you can have a website which loads fast, helps you optimize images, offer easy to apply animation effects and more.

We have listed and explained some of the best jQuery Lazy Load plugins on this blog. All these plugins are loaded with multiple advanced features like delayed loading, different callbacks, browser compatible, well documented, easy to install, lightweight and Mobile-friendly.

So, if you want to enhance performance on your website, give it an eye-catchy look, improve SEO, etc then you have to explore the plugin listed below.

But before going into details have a look at the blogs on popular jQuery plugins:-

1. ZoomZu – jQuery Gallery & Slideshow Plugin

ZoomZu is a jQuery plugin which comes with an inbuilt slideshow that helps you lazy load new items in the gallery. It has got multiple CSS driven animation effects, two image scale modes and more.

It is fully compatible with mobile devices and also provides the fallback for older browsers that don’t offer CSS support.

ZoomZU jQuery Lazy Load Plugin


  • The regular license of this jQuery plugin will cost you $10 for all the advanced features and services it provides for lazy load functionality.
  • You will be charged $50 for the extended license of this plugin. It will include various enhanced features and facilities.


  • With this jQuery plugin, you can lazy load new items available in the gallery. You can control this by defining the number of items you want to get loaded every time the user reached the end of the page.
  • The users will get the option to zoom images with a double-click. Plus touch-swipe facility will permit mobile users to zoom images with a single tap on the screen.
  • This plugin will permit you to add 7 slideshow animation effects on your website with ease.
  • It also provides various CSS driven animation effects like fade, crossfade, slide, zoom, rotate, cube, sphere, etc.

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2. jQuery Smartify – Lazy Load Plugin

Smartify is a simple jQuery plugin which boosts load time, lazy loads images, calls Ajax and allows you to play with CSS classes on demand. This plugin automatically loads images when they are visible in the viewport and makes your website fast.

It also provides DPI support for dynamic images and media content present on a website. In addition, it has been manually tested on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and other latest browsers.

jQuery Smartify jQuery Lazy Load Plugin


  • Smartify jQuery plugin totally free of cost with the help of which you can add lazy load and other attractive image effects on your website. This plugin is equipped with multiple advanced features.


  • Using this plugin you can simply boost the load time of your web application.
  • This is best suitable for e-commerce websites as you can load infinite items, products, and services.
  • It offers a well-documented page where all the plugin functions are well defined along with code and examples.
  • Lazy load images when visible in the viewport and allow you to toggle, add or remove element classes as well.

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3. Recliner – jQuery Lazy Load Plugin

Recliner is a lazy load jQuery plugin through which you can load dynamic content like images, iFrames, Ajax on your website as the user scrolls down the page. It helps heavy e-commerce and shopping sites load faster as the content which is visible gets loaded and displayed first.

This is a responsive and mobile friendly plugin which offers cross-browser compatibility as well.

Recliner jQuery Lazy Load Plugin


  • Recliner is a user-friendly jQuery plugin which is available absolutely free of cost on github.com. It includes lazy loading and other dynamic content loading facilities which are provided for free.


  • This is one of the most lightweight jQuery plugins which is of 1KB in size.
  • It helps you load images, iframes and other types dynamic content available on a website fast.
  • Provides a demo which holds each and every detail of features that are offered by this plugin well define along with examples of effective implementation.
  • Helps you set stateful CSS classes on elements and gives you the ability to override event callbacks.

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4. jQuery imgLazy – Lazy Load Plugin

With this jQuery plugin, you can have a website having a large number of images which loads instantly without any hassle. You can apply various animation effects along with lazy load like fade, background images, image appearing when scrolled and more.

It only loads images for the part which is being viewed by the user and the rest data is loaded as the user scrolls which improves the load time.

jQuery imgLazy jQuery Lazy Load Plugin


  • Another free to download jQuery plugin which you can easily get from github.com. It offers multiple advance and futuristic features and services for image loading and other processes.


  • With the help of boolean parameter feature, only the images in the user-visible window will be loaded on the site first. This reduces the loading time and makes the site more responsive.
  • Even for all non-image elements, it provides lazy loading of the background image as well.
  • You can provide various effects like the normal display, fade, fadeIn and more through this jQuery plugin.
  • It provides a proper documented demo with examples along with code details.

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5. Lazy – jQuery & Zepto Plugin

Lazy is a feature-rich jQuery plugin which is extremely lightweight, supports various web browsers old and new both versions. It helps you delay content loading and provide users with content which is being viewed.

This plugin is entirely compatible with IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and supports their mobile versions as well.

Lazy jQuery Lazy Load Plugin


  • This jQuery plugin will cost you $0 as it is available for free on  github.com website from where it can be downloaded with a single click.


  • This plugin comes with various callbacks and events settings like beforeLoad, afterLoad, onError, onFinishedAll to refine loading of your website.
  • It is a mobile-friendly jQuery plugin which appears good on different devices and supports retina as well.
  • Using this plugin you can delay the loading of content, image, and background on your website to enhance the performance.
  • Helps you reduce development time and loading times for your users and customers.

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6. Lazy Load Background Images – jQuery Plugin

Lazy load background images plugin is free of cost plugin with which you get various features to decrease the load time of images available on a website.

Even being free this plugin supports multiple browsers, mobile friendly and lazy load background services are also provided.

Lazy Load Background Images jQuery Lazy Load Plugin


  • This is also a free jQuery plugin which allows you to apply various lazy load effects on your website with ease.


  • Using this plugin background images will be loaded when the container is scrolled more than 33% in the viewport, not before that.
  • This is easy to use, lightweight, responsive jQuery plugin which supports various latest browsers.
  • A demo is also provided for proper implementation and application of this plugin.
  • Various data attributes like image class, width, height, etc can be defined.

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Now we have arrived at the closure of this blog on best jQuery Lazy Load Plugins and I definitely hope that you must have found the right plugin for your website images.

Using which your site will appear attractive, take less loading time and projects various animated effects.

If you have got any type of doubts and queries, you can mention them in your comments below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.