Use jQuery cookies plugins & create notification popups in accordance with EU Cookie law!

Well, cookies plugins are those add-ons which work according to the protocols of ‘The Cookie law’.

But what is it really?

The Cookie Law by EU (European) countries in 2011 is a part of privacy rule which requires the websites to get authorization from other users to fetch any kind of information on a device.

After the establishment of it, a large number of cookie plugins were developed in order to fulfill its requirements.

One basic feature of these plugins is that you can display the notifications on the screen about the consumption of cookies & any other information related to it.

But fetching these details is a tough part. Only those plugins which are built upon the ‘EU Cookie Law’ can do this work. That’s why I’ve mentioned some of the primest jQuery cookies plugins which will help you to do it.

Through them, you will be able to create notification messages for cookies with many customizable options such as buttons, text colors, transition effects & a lot more.

All you have to do is to go through this article & test any of the cookie jQuery plugins according to your needs.

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Let’s dive in together!

1. SmartCookie: Best in jQuery Cookies Plugins

SmartCookie is a plugin which helps in informing the users about the utilization of cookies on your webpage. Through notification, you can display the messages on various positions on your website such as bottom, top, bottom right & bottom left.

It will display as a bar if you opt for the bottom or top position whereas if you use it on bottom right or bottom left then you will see the notification as a box.

Well, this plugin also allows you to alter the colors of the text according to your wish. That’s too much in a single cookie law plugin!

SmartCookie jQuery Cookies Plugin


  • It has a basic plan which charges only $7.
  • This plugin has another plan which costs $50 to provide more features.


  • It is fully customizable such that even a non-techy guy can also use it without any problems.
  • The most important feature of this plugin is that it displays the messages on all type of screen sizes without any disturbance in its layout.
  • It includes only 230 lines of javascript code which makes it very lightweight to work.

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2. StoCookie: jQuery Cookies Plugin

StoCookie is another lightweight jQuery cookies plugin with the help of which one can create notifications texts quickly. The reason is that it includes some smart options which follow the guidelines of EU Cookie law.

In order to make this plugin work, all you have to do is to include the CSS as well as JavaScript code. Then, just activate this plugin & it will do the remaining work.

Well, you can create multiple custom notifications for different web pages which is a good feature of this plugin.

StoCookie jQuery Cookies Plugin


  • This cookies plugin has a regular plan which costs only $8.
  • $36 is the charge of its extended plan for more features access.


  • You can hide the banner on scrolling which is an optional yet important feature.
  • If you have mentioned a link in the notification message then you can unique color to make it more highlighting on the screen.
  • Also, you can set some of the transitions effects on your messages such as slide & fade to make it look more attractive.

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3. Easy EU Cookie Law: jQuery Plugin

Well, finding a specific jQuery script for the aid of your website which complies with the latest EU cookie law is time-consuming as well as complicated. But Easy EU Cookie Law is way too different from others. This plugin is created by using jQuery notify plugin which runs the compliance in a very less time.

Easy EU Cookie Law jQuery Cookies Plugin


  • This jQuery cookies plugin has a regular license charging $7 at most.
  • It has an extended license which charges $35.


  • It uses only single jQuery line which makes it easy to understand unlike other cookies jQuery plugins.
  • Through its settings options, you can easily customize the whole content of the notifications without any hindrance.
  • Also, you will be able to choose whether the user can imply the consent or not.

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4. CookieCuttr: Best in Free Cookies jQuery Plugins

CookieCuttr is the best free jQuery plugin for dealing with the EU cookie law. After jQuery & jQuery.cookie, all you have to do is to add ‘jquery.cookiecuttr.js’ file & cookiecuttr.css file on the top (head) of your HTML document.

CookieCuttr jQuery Cookies Plugin


  • This is a free cookies jQuery plugin.


  • It is easy to use in such a way that anyone can use it with the help of its documentation & nothing else.
  • With multiple customization options, you can display the cookies bar with either one or two buttons at the same time. For example: Accept Cookies & Reject Cookies.
  • Even it has a WordPress version which you can implement on your WordPress website.

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5. Zebra_Cookie: jQuery Cookies Plugins

Zebra_Cookie is another jQuery cookies plugin for reading, writing & then deleting the cookies. Other than jQuery 1.0+, it has no dependencies to rely on.

Well, this plugin is available as npm package & bower package which can be installed by using npm install zebra_cookie as well as bower install zebra_cookie respectively.

Zebra_Cookie jQuery Cookies Plugin


  • It is free of cost for the entire lifetime.


  • Through this plugin, it is way too easy to delete, read & then write the cookies.
  • It has an intuitive & simple syntax which is easily understandable.
  • When minified, it has a memory of just 500 bytes which is too much good for handling the cookies.

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Now you have read some of the best jQuery cookies plugins. They can help you to create the cookie popup messages in a couple of minutes. They all follow the guidelines of EU Cookies law.

Through them, the visitors will be able to get the info about the utilization of cookies of your website on their system. Apart from it, you can display the notification message at any position mentioned in their customizable settings related to cookies.

Well, some of these cookie plugins are free while others are paid. Even they are so small in size that they don’t occupy much space on your website. Ultimately, your website will load faster than before.

All you have to do is to try these cookies plugins & select the best one according to your needs.

Need any help or want to give suggestions? Just comment below & we will reach out to you soon!