jQuery parallax plugins help you add the parallax effect on your site which is becoming a new tread in the web development. It somehow achieves the goal of binding a visitor with your site by these refreshing effects and make them scroll again and again.

If you are new to even hearing the name of the parallax effect, my personal recommendation is please look into an example. Because it is not just a term which can be easily understood through definitions.

However, we’ll try to give an easy definition to the subject. “It much like a scrolling effect of the mouse. Through this effect, you can move 2 or more different content (images, text etc.) in back and foreground. You can even adjust different speed for the contents for much better animation and effects.”

So, start making use of this trendy parallax effect through simple ready-made plugins.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 4+ best jQuery parallax plugins both free & paid. Most of these plugins are very easy to use and lightweight at the same time. Explore yourself thoroughly to know more.

Look through these popular jQuery blog listings:

1. Imagine – Prime in jQuery Parallax Plugins

Imagine is a premium product by pixevil with a 5 stars rating. It has unlimited possibilities for parallax scroll and parallax animation. The Imagine animations are easily applicable to any site element. Also, they come with a perfect parallax background. This plugin is built with the efficient combine use of jQuery, GSAP & Animus.

In addition, it is well documented and beginner friendly plugin. Also, it is compatible with almost every front-end framework. Imagine has been tested with Bootstrap & Foundation and found perfect to use.

Imagine jQuery Parallax Plugin

Pricing Plan:

Imagine has a regular licensed plan of $12 and an extended one of $35 with 6 months support.


  • 5 pre-designed templates- Daydream, Imagine, Misty Woods, Portfolio, and storytelling.
  • It uses advanced parallax animations for site elements. Plus you can customize and write your own animations.
  • There is a touch-enabled interface to make it convenient for the mobile devices.
  • Imagine can animate almost everything. It can help you apply impressive parallax animations effects to your site elements.

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2. Parallax Slider – jQuery Parallax Plugins

Parallax Slider is a highly responsive jQuery plugin with 4 different versions. These versions include Classic, Perpetuum Mobile, Mouse Interaction & Ultra. Each slider version has 2 skins namely bullets & thumbs. Moreover, there are options available to set each slider as Full width or of Fixed Dimensions.

This plugin has a live preview available for each and every slider version along with its functionality. Plus, each listing has extreme common as well as some very unique features.

This plugin support unlimited layering of elements over one another. Also, this feature is applicable to all the text and images.

Parallax Slider jQuery Parallax Plugin

Pricing Plan:

Parallax Slider has regular license plan of $11 with 6-month support which is further extendable in just $3.38 for 12-months.


  • You can embed any YouTube video, Vimeo or HTML5 to the parallax.
  • In Perpetuum mode, you can define a number of backgrounds with as ongoing or forever move. This behavior is available for every background.
  • Mouse interaction mode, the elements react when a mouse is rolled over.
  • Continuous mode, you can choose which layer will move continuously in between the two destined positions.
  • Rotary motion mode, you can set a layer which will rotate by setting the parameters.
  • The asynchronous move, to define various background elements having different frequency of speed.

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3. freshD – jQuery Parallax Plugin

freshD is 3D jQuery parallax plugin which animates your site objects in 3D. You can never get the idea of parallax effect through words, so move your mouse and click the demo. Check out the example by yourself and experience the parallax effect.

Furthermore, it can easily adjust and adapt in accordance with your website. It has a very easy installation & flash style motion.

freshD jQuery Parallax Plugin

Pricing Plan:

The freshD jQuery parallax plugin has two cost estimate plans with future updates enabled.

  • Regular licensed plan – $9
  • Extended licensed plan – $45


  • Ability to add unlimited objects to the 3D animation.
  • WYSIWYG configuration system for a smooth 3D motion of site elements.
  • It’s a jQuery Conflict free plugin.
  • Also, you can link every element or object of the plugin to an URL via <a href=“#”>.

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4. jparallax – Prime in Free jQuery Parallax Plugin

With the effective use of this plugin, you can create an interactive parallax effect. It turns the parallax elements into layers that move in response to mouse actions. The animations and transitions on the elements completely depend on their set parameters in the back-end.

jparallax jQuery Parallax Plugin

Pricing Plan:

The jparallax jQuery plugin is a completely free product of GitHub and you can easily download it from the official site.


  • It reveals the with of the parallax element in response to the mouse movement throughout the width.
  • You can make layers of the parallax elements using pure CSS.
  • Options available to adjust the size, transition and speed.

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5. Simple Parallax Scrolling – jQuery Parallax Plugin

Simple parallax scrolling effect is a very basic jQuery parallax plugin. It gives a very basic functionality to an element of simple the parallax effect.

Simple Parallax Scrolling jQuery Parallax Plugin

Pricing Plan:

Simple parallax scrolling is another product of GitHub with the basic parallax functionality.


  • Highly responsive to all screen sizes.
  • You can add any images for the basic functionality.
  • Proper demo and documentation for user-friendly setup.
  • It is a cross-browser compatible plugin with support to major browsers.

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Consequently, these were the most noteworthy plugins of the domain jQuery parallax plugins. If you are aware of another much worthy product, please do share the same with us in the comment section, we’d really love to hear your feedback.

Thanks for reading!