“Integrate jQuery Ripple Effect Plugins on your website and make your site visually stunning & creative”.

Yes, ripple effects became one of the most popular effects today due to its simplistic & eye-catching designs.

jQuery Ripple Effect Plugins

So, in order to provide your website an eye-catching design, we have a compiled list of 4+ best jQuery Ripple Effect Plugin which helps you to create a ripple effect on your website.

The plugins which we have selected in this blog are lightweight and easy to use. They also works well in all major browsers and enhances the user engagement on your website.

Most of these ripple effects are the end-result of CSS3 animation effect mostly borrowed from jQuery and JavaScript.

Check out these plugins one by one below. But before getting on with the details on the plugins have a look at the blogs listed below:

These plugins help you to add the great functionality of highlighting the text or content of blog posts.

Use these plugins for fixing a particular web content on the top of the webpage.

Use these plugins for creating shadows on the text or images on your website.

1. jQuery Ripples Plugin:

As we know background images are often boring. This plugin helps to make your static CSS background images more interactive by adding various WebGL ripple effects.

Ripples jQuery plugin has good documentation. Also, it provides you complete users guide along with detailed explanation. This will further make your implementation work easy

jQuery Ripples Plugin jQuery Ripple Effect Plugins

Other Useful Features:

  • It has a functionality that the effect resizes automatically when the width or height of the window changes.
  • You are allowed to toggle the effect’s visibility that is you can hide or show effects according to your choice.
  • The plugin also has several methods to programmatically add drops, or remove the effects among other things.
  • It is highly customizable by which you can make easy changes in the code according to your choice.


Ripples jQuery plugin is available free of cost. You can download it from GitHub website.

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2. legitRipple.js – Best in jQuery Ripple Effect Plugins

legitRipple is a jQuery plugin used for legit material-design ripple effects. This plugin comes with various CSS transition effects which gives your website a better look.

Moreover, the plugin has lots of configurable options, such as custom HTML, custom transition durations and a lot more.

legitRipple.js jQuery Ripple Effect Plugins

Other Useful Features:

  • You can customize your ripples with the help of custom elements and make changes in the code according to your choice.
  • The plugin features two scale mode for dragging these are proportional scale mode and a fixed scale mode.
  • One can change the transition duration for longer or shorter ripple animations according to their choice.
  • legitRipple.js plugin allowed you to set a maximum amount diameter for the ripple effect.


The legitRipple.js plugin is a free plugin you can get it from GitHub website.

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3. Water Ripple jQuery Ripple Effect Plugin:

This is a javascript jQuery plugin which helps you to simulate water ripples on the surface of an image. It is easy to implement you just have to copy and paste the code. Also, it is customizable in nature so that if you want to make some changes in the code you can do it in few clicks.

Water-ripple jQuery Ripple Effect Plugins

Other Useful Features:

  • You can add an image or a div tag with the image background to the body easily with the help of this plugin.
  • Easy to use and implement comes with complete user guide and good documentation.
  • It consists of various custom CSS options for adding beautiful animation ripple effects.


It’s a free jQuery plugin which can be used to add ripple effects to the website elements with ease.

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4. MAWButton jQuery Ripple Effect Plugin:

MAWButton is one of the most popular plugin which is inspired by Google material design. The plugin lets you use the ultra-cool active effect on every element you want with modern CSS3 and super smooth animations.

MAWButton jQuery Ripple Effect Plugin

Other Useful Features:

  • The plugin provides various colors on different buttons so that you can make your site more attractive.
  • You can manage the whole ripple effects on your site by providing proper speed, length, proper movement and all.
  • The plugin includes different effect options such as wave, flash, animation etc.


jQuery MAWButton is an entirely free plugin which will cost you $0 for all the features and facilities it provides. You can easily access it from github.com website.

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5. Ripple jQuery Effect Plugin:

Ripple jQuery is a simple plugin which is built by using jQuery. The plugin lets you create adaptive, smooth, draggable and highly customizable ripple click effect. It uses CSS3 transition in order to make your website versatile.

Ripple jQuery Effect Plugin

Other Useful Features:

  • The plugin supports NPM package which is a package manager for the Js that helps you in the installation of this plugin.
  • By inserting this plugin you can directly add a home button which directly redirects you to the homepage of your site.
  • It provides a save button so that you can save every effect after applying it on your site.
  • Whenever you want to hide or show your plugin’s setting you easily do by clicking on hide/show button.


It is completely Free. Download it from GitHubs’s official site and use for a lifetime.

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Now as you read all the 5 best free jQuery ripple effect plugins, we hope you have found your suitable jQuery plugin.

If you have any queries & suggestions, you can comment them in the below comment section and we’ll reach out to you soon.

Stay tuned for more plugins.