“Integrate your website with jQuery Wizard Plugins to provide ease in navigation & better user interface!”

Have you ever heard about jQuery wizard plugins?

The jQuery wizard plugins help you to add various navigation functionality to your website. Thereby, you can provide a better user experience to the visitors of your website.

jQuery Wizard Plugins

Often we have visited websites which facilitates registration processes, shopping cart checkout processes or online booking websites.

These sites provide you with certain forms in different dialogue boxes which you need to fill step by step. Also, these dialogue boxes contain various transition effects, customized design & a lot of attractive elements.

Well, jQuery wizard plugins let you add the same functionality to your website as well.

You must be wondering how?

So, here’s an explanation, jQuery wizard plugins grants you various features for navigation controls like-

  • You can customize the Wizard buttons & add multiple wizards on the same page
  • These jQuery plugins allow you to control the display for steps.
  • Besides, these plugins are very lightweight which ensures that website isn’t burdened & efficiently loads on time.
  • Along with this, you also get demos & documentations bundled with these plugins.

and many more features are yet to explore…

For this reason, we have compiled a list of ‘5+ jQuery Wizard Plugins’ in which we have discussed the various details about these jquery plugins.

Now, let’s explore the list & find out the best plugin for your website.

1. Wizardify jQuery Plugin – No 1 amongst jQuery Wizard Plugins 

This is a renowned jQuery plugin which enables you to create a wizard for providing easy navigation to the visitors & users of the webpage. It provides you with tons of customization facilities which will help in enhancing the layout of the wizard.

Plus, via SASS you can easily generate a theme for yourself as per your requirements. It also grants you various themes & options for styling like light, dark, blue & top, left, right, etc. as well.

 Wizardify jQuery Plugin


You can purchase this plugin and get access to all of its features along with future updates at two different prices as per the license plan you choose-

  • For availing a regular license you have to pay $8.
  • While you can get the extended license which at $40.


  • This plugin provides you with 8 themes which are based on 3 different layout & color schemes.
  • It enables you to customize the themes & create an outlook of your own choice via custom CSS.
  • Along with this plugin, a Sass (SCSS) file is included. It provides you the ability to efficiently create your own theme by using mixins & variable elements.

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2. JQuery Zoom Wizard – jQuery Plugin

It is an efficient jQuery plugin which facilitates the zooming of images. This plugin is studded with the exemplary features for easy modifications & provides you with several themes and zoom modes.

It works efficiently with all the themes & comes with an app for easy setup.

Besides, it is a very lightweight plugin that won’t affect the speed of your website & also cross-browser compatible.

JQuery Zoom Wizard jQuery Plugin


To get this plugin along with all the efficient features & future updates as well, you have to pay-

  • You can purchase the regular license for $7.
  • Whereas the extended license will cost you $35.


  • This jQuery plugin grants you 3 zoom nodes & 13 user interface themes.
  • It supports either one image or a thumbnail with a large image.
  • You have an option to easily customize the details of this plugin. All you gotta do is watch the demo.

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3. jQuery Steps Plugin – jQuery Wizard Plugin

jQuery Steps Plugin is a powerful tool for providing navigation support. It supports accessibility & HTML5.

Apart from this, it is highly customizable & lightweight which makes the website load faster.

jQuery Steps Plugin jQuery Wizard Plugin


  • This is a freemium jQuery plugin which you can simply download from ‘github.com’ plus you don’t have to pay any price.


  • You can add HTML content to the code or use API for adding steps dynamically.
  • It has a very lightweight footprint which is minimized & gzipped to the size of 2.9kb.
  • This plugin is cross-browser compatible & supports the browsers IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and more.

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4. Smart Wizard – jQuery Wizard Plugin

This jQuery plugin provides you with features which are not limited to Bootstrap 4 support, themes, customizable toolbars, customizable options, public methods, event support and a lot more

It is a powerful tool for providing navigation facility on your website. Plus, it is 100% responsive & easy to use.  

Smart Wizard jQuery Wizard Plugin


  • To purchase this plugin & gain access to all of its efficient features, visit ‘github.com’ & download it for free of cost.


  • This Plugin provides you with various themes & toolbars which you can easily customize as you want.
  • It facilitates multiple customizable options for public methods, event support and a lot more.
  • You also get several external buttons like next, previous, reset, finish, cancel, etc for good user experience.

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5. Quick Wizard – jQuery Wizard Plugin

Quick Wizard is a freemium jQuery wizard plugin which grants you the features like add navigation controls, customize the styling, adding transition & jQuery UI effects, etc.

Moreover, these plugins are easy to use & fits beautifully in all screens.

Quick Wizard jQuery Wizard Plugin


  • Simply go to ‘github.com’ and download this plugin & get all of its features as well without paying a single penny.


  • You can add transition effects to the dialogue boxes of details.
  • It enables you to customize the navigation options an add prev & next buttons to it.
  • Along with this, it also allows you to jQuery user interface effects core.

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6. Oguzhanoya jQuery Steps – jQuery Wizard Plugin

This is a super cool jQuery plugin which allows you to provide easy navigation facility on your website elements like forms, etc.

Further, it is very easy to use & cross-browser compatible. Plus, it doesn’t burden your website with extra weight.

Oguzhanoya jQuery Steps jQuery Wizard Plugin


  • Oguzhanoya jQuery-Steps is free of cost plugin. To get this plugin all you gotta do is go to ‘github.com’ & swiftly download it without paying a single penny out of your pocket.


  • One of the best features of this jQuery plugin is that you can easily configure this plugin.
  • It is very lightweight in size which makes it load faster.
  • Also, it is tested on multiple browsers like IE11+, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari.

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Ergo, in this weblog, we have listed several prime jQuery wizard plugins. Plus, discussed their major attributes, pricing plans & other details as well.

Finally, after perusing this list of jQuery wizard plugins, we hope you must be able to analyze the crucial details and select the perfect jQuery plugin for your website which will ease the task of navigation & enhance the user experience as well.

On this note, we take your leave!

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