Looking for an easy registration & login plugin? For it, you can search for the best login WordPress plugins through which you don’t have to fill any registration forms or login separately.

All you have to do is to install them to get amazing & exceptional features. Although, it is a tough task to choose the best WordPress login plugin as there hundreds of plugins floating around on the internet.

So for your easiness, below I’m mentioning some of the best free as well as paid WordPress login plugins which are ranking on the top of their own category.

1. LoginPress by WP Brigade: Login Customizer

With the help of LoginPress, one can change the layout the WordPress login page by using various customizable fields. It is built using customizer API which is very effective for previewing live changes to the layouts of WordPress.


Features :

Social Login

By eliminating spam & bot registrations, this add-on provides facility to the users to login via Facebook, Twitter & Google.

Google ReCaptcha

To protect your website from reports & abuse, a person can use this add-on to let genuine & real users login/register through ease.

Custom CSS & JS

Add or modify the CSS & JS codes according to your needs which can result in an amazing login interface.


It has 4 pricing plans.

Free – $0 for one website.

Basic – $29, pre-designed login templates, Google reCaptcha & fonts, one year of support & updates.

Plus – $99, Everything in basic & auto-login, social login, 3 websites, priority support & many more.

Pro – login limit attempts, redirects, widgets, unlimited sites, hide/rename login & many more.


Ultimate License – $499, unlimited sites, premium support & lifetime updates.

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2. Custom Login & Access WordPresss Plugin: Login WordPress Plugin

This plugin helps in signing in, registering on sites & much more via customizable login page & forms which are secure & allows easy styling.


Features :

Password Settings

This feature allows its user to set their password during registration itself while many other plugins ask for passwords after re-login.

Multiple Social Network Linking

You can login or register on sites from various social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook & many more.


When users login or log out, they are automatically redirected to their destination pages on which they want to work.


Regular – $20, the buyer or the client both can use in which end-user is not charged.

Extended – $100, you or the client both can use but end users will also be charged.

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3. WooCommerce Social Login: WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce social login plugin allows the users to login & checkout with social networking sites such as Google, Twitter, Foursquare & many more.


Features :

Customize Redirecting URL

You can create customized redirecting URL to get redirected after the user’s login in with any social media account.

Social Networks Ordering

A person who is admin can change the order of social networking buttons by using drag & drop feature.

Statistics of Signups

The admin can keep track of the number of sign-ups for every social network. This will help in the improvement of the purchases of your products.


Regular – $23, used by the buyer or one client, end users are not charged.

Extended – $195, used by the buyer or one client, end users are charged for a single end product.

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4. Nextend: Best in Login WordPress Plugins

Nextend is a dexterous WordPress login plugin through which the users of your page or website can easily login to it. They can register with their social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+ without any difficulty.


Features :

Login Form

This feature allows visitors to easily login through their social media accounts via social login buttons in their WordPress login form.

Social Profiles Linking

The users can link/unlink the social media accounts on the WordPress profile page which they log in to use the site.

Eveready Translation

For any purpose or problem, this plugin gives you the feature of user effective translations.


Free – $0, forever free with an auto-update feature.

Single Domain – $25, 1 domain license, one-time payment, WooCommerce integration & many more.

Business – $100, 10 domain license, Pro features & providers, forever support & many more.

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5. WP Admin White Label Login: Login WordPress plugin

WP Admin White Label Login is a WordPress plugin that is used to customize the default login page with more customizer options. You can create amazing login pages without coding knowledge.

It is fully documented with easy configuration and video guidance. With that, this plugin provides more than 25 pre-designed templates to simplify your work.

WP Admin White Label Login - Best Login WordPress Plugins

Features :

Social Networking Support

With an existing identity from networks such as – Twitter, Facebook & Google. Apart from this, it provides more than 20 social icons.

Compatibility With Devices

It is highly responsive with respect to different types of devices and looks good in phones and tablets.

Supports images and media

WP Admin White Label Login supports images and video (like YouTube, etc) background.


It has a regular license of $18 in which you will get future updates and 6-month support. To extend the support for 12 months, you have to pay an additional amount of $4.88.

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6. WP Custom Admin Login: Login Plugin

It is a premium login page customization plugin that you used to modify the default login page through proper customization. The plugin comes with an interface that allows you to configure the admin login page as per your requirements and preferences.

WP Custom Admin Login - Best Login WordPress Plugins

Features :

Highly Customizable – 

It provides full customization options with unlimited colors, custom titles/texts, and log.

Multiple Social Networks –

With this plugin, users can log in to various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, & many more.

Supports media

It supports images and video backgrounds with ease.


Regular – $19, the buyer or the client both can use in which end-user is not charged.

Note: With $5.25 extra money, you can get the extended support for 12 months.

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7. Admin Custom Login: WordPress Login Page

Admin Custom Login plugin gives access to customize the admin login page & change multiple kinds of stuff like the background image, color, slideshow & many more.

login wordpress plugins weblizar


Customizable Login Form :

You can modify many fields in the form such as login form position, login form’s color, color opacity, font color, size, button color & many more.

Background Slideshow :

A person can customize the login background to any kind of slideshow without any difficulty.

Social Link Connectivity :

One can add many social icons to the social profile through login form such as – Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Flickr, Youtube, Tumblr, Digg & many more.


This plugin is free to use & you will be able to update plugin design with unlimited colors like never before.

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8. Theme My Login: WordPress Login Plugin

Theme My Login plugin themes the WordPress login, registration and forgot password pages according to the current theme. It creates a page to use in place of wplogin.php, using a page template from the theme.



Gravatar Options

Through this feature, you can see the gravatars of the users who are logged in which is used for more productivity of the interface.

Email Verification

The users who log in for the first time have to verify their email address during registration.

Customized Widgets

This plugin includes customizable widgets such that you will be able to log in anywhere from your bog.


This is one of the best in free Login WordPress Plugins through which registration, login & password recovery on the sites can be done efficiently.

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To be a cheapest or free plugin doesn’t mean that you will get the desired features. So above are one of the best free & paid login WordPress plugins which are most affordable as well as free too. We hope that you have found your one true login WordPress plugin.

If you have any query, please comment it below & we’ll try to reach you soon with the perfect solution!

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