Google Maps WordPress plugins added more functionalities in your website and enhance your business services.

Google Map is an easy to use application that offers an API to the individuals so that any third party websites can easily include the maps in their business websites. This will start showing the location for every businesses and organization in numerous countries around the world.

And, here comes 7+ amazing Google Maps WordPress plugins which increase a reputation of one’s organization by providing an instant service and location to the users.

So, no more hiding locations..

Just install a best Google Map WordPress Plugin from this handpicked list and start providing web mapping services, street views, root planning and much more to your users.

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1. 5Sec Google Map PRO –

Whenever we talk about Google Map Plugin, this 5sec Google Map comes in the first choice of users. This plugin is one of the top selling Google Map plugin.

This plugin is completely coding free, doesn’t need any setup or API keys. The plugins have in-built directions and can create great descriptions.


Pricing –

5sec Google Map PRO offers its multitude of features and functionalities at just $19 and extended up to $90.

Feature –

  • The plugin is fast so that it can load more data in less than a second. Use map building GUI.
  • The plugin allows you a “lock_map” option in case you need to lock your map.
  • This plugin is fully responsive so can use it on any screen.

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2. Advanced Google Map –

A feature-rich WordPress plugin is simple to use and utilize Google maps functionalities without coding.

This Google map plugin for WordPress has advanced features and functionalities.

Advanced Google Maps

Pricing –

The plugin starts its standard price at $59 and extended up to $120. Get unlimited of features at these prices.

Features –

  • Display live Traffic in your area and Transit on Google Map.
  • Through Custom HTML you can display images, videos, custom links and more.
  • You can filter your location according to radius distance by selecting the option of a radius.

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3. – is one most popular Google Map plugin selling by CodeCanyon. It enhances Google Map for WordPress with a custom map.

It gives an unlimited feature like limitless locations, geographic locations, and informative galleries.

Provides a great and instantaneous customer service at 24/7.


Pricing –

It regular license starts from $13. You can take numerous of advantages on this price list.

Features –

  • You can use any image because the plugin has fully Customized Google map.
  • The plugin is fully integrated with Google Map.
  • Showing information & gallery for each Location.
  • It has a jQuery effect to provide an ultra-slick and smooth effect.

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4. Google Maps Widget

Google Maps Widget is the fastest Google Map plugin you will find for WordPress. Not only it gives you the ability to create your map in a few clicks of the mouse buttons, but it also loads more quickly than the competitors.

That’s because the developers allowed you to use a screenshot (a single image that is just a few kilobytes heavy) instead of the entire map (that can go up to even 2MB) while the interactive Google Map is shown only when a user requests it.

Google Maps Widget

Pricing –

Still, the plugin gives you a ton of options to play with at Free of cost.

Features –

  • Add unlimited numbers of maps with a custom marker and description.
  • Full clustering & filtering support so that you can easily pin on google maps.
  • Style of maps and location markers to importing pins from a file, grouping hundreds of pins on the same maps, filtering, and much more.

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5. WP Google Map

If you’re looking for the user-friendly Google Map then this may be the right choice.
By adding this plugin to your website you can quickly and easily serve supports to the user. It allows you to create a custom Google map for showing the locations, contact pages, categories, routes and more.


Pricing –

The Plugin offers both Premium and Free version but to get more benefits you must use of its paid version at just $39.99.

Feature –

  • The plugin allows you to create many map markers by simply typing the address.
  • Fully Responsive WordPress plugins.
  • Accommodates the pages in any language with UTF-8
  • Add Polygons to your Map to enhance reporting.

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6. Web-Dorado – Google Map Plugin

Web-Dorado offers an easy and simple way to add unlimited maps, map layers, geolocation features and more on your website.

Web-Dorado has multi features like- map builder, letting you customize your maps and preview the changes immediately with the live preview option. It uses a simple and clean code which makes the plugin compatible with any WordPress theme.


Pricing –

You can take its unlimited and advanced features at just $99. You’ll get unlimited Domains Support.

Features –

  • The plugin is completely reliable so you can bring maps to your website easily.
  • The plugin is really very simple in use, it makes search addresses easy and directions quickly.
  • Its built-in icon maker, you can create custom icons and attach them to the maps
  • The plugin allows you to style and personalize the maps in different ways.

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7. Themeisle

Themeisle is one of the most appropriate and effective Google Map plugins for WordPress website.

The plugin is simple and user-friendly which allows users to create a custom map according to their way by using powerful UI map builder. Moreover, it has an attractive library and layouts which centers the user attention.


Pricing –

The plugins offer its services it 3 different stages-

For Personal- offers it services at $46.
For Business- offers its services at $105.
For Agency- offers its services at $176.

Features –

  • Customizable map builder so that you can give a beautiful design to your website.
  • It has an unlimited number of a library.
  • Through AdSense integration, you can monetize Google map on your website.

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8. WP Google Map Plugin

This Google Map plugin is simple and effective for every business. You can create shortcodes to display responsive google maps on pages, widgets and more.

You can show custom markers on each google maps to your user and display messages with links.

WP Google Map Plugin

Pricing –

Try its unlimited features only FREE.

Features –

  • The plugin allows you to display Traffic Layer, Transit layer an much more.
  • Allows you to Display Message on shape click or Redirect to an external link.
  • With help of Placeholders, you can Customize info window contents.
  • Responsive completely.

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Here we’ve selected 7+ Best Google Map WordPress Plugin for your website. Hope this simple and elegant WordPress plugin might be helpful for you!

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