Business patterns have changed. People no more rely on lavish advertisements but they rely on reviews. It’s time to get going with the trend. You must have heard of reviews WordPress plugins but let us introduce with the best of plugins right from WordPress directory.

We have got stats for our talks! 9 in 10 customers prefer online reviews before settling for a product. In fact, around 89% of people believe in online reviews than Word of mouth.

Now you believe us. Right?

Let us take you deeper into these reviews WordPress plugins.

A reviews WordPress plugin will elevate your website to a review forum. So, your website becomes an aid to the buyer who can look up to you before a final checkout.

WordPress has got a breath of reviews plugins, 2689 to be exact. Finding the best becomes a rub but we managed anyway. So here’s a comprehensive list of 7+ best reviews WordPress plugins where we have considered ratings, features, and of course reviews!

Now dig and find the best.

1. WP Product Review – WordPress Plugin for Reviews

This is a must-have tool for every business. WP Product Review plugin doesn’t only transform your comment section into smart reviews but also generate leads. Its packed with everything that you need for your review section. Be it pros and cons list, comparison tables, affiliate links and more.

Furthermore, there are a plethora of features and here are a few that we’ve listed for you. But know the price first!

WP Product Review WordPress Plugins

Pricing – There are three price plans on the basis of the site license. Personal Plan – 1 Domain: $70 , Business Plan – 3 Domain: $176, Agency Plan – 30 Domain: $294.

Features :

  • There are a lot of shortcodes with which you can position the reviews anywhere on your site without any technical codes. Plus, you can add an unlimited number of reviews at any page that you want.
  • You can completely customize the review table as per your taste. It can be customized right from the colors to the sections that you can add.
  • You can add Amazon affiliate link by directly importing amazon links from along with pricing, images and more.
  • You can collect leads with this plugin. So you can kill two birds with one stone, reviews and leads!

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2. WP Review Pro – Reviews WordPress Plugin

WP Review is going to please you with its higher ratings of 4.6/5 and active downloads of 90,000+. This plugin is easy to use and even a non-techy guy can go well with it. WP Review can be the best platform for increasing interaction as its lightweight and doesn’t consume the time in loading.

Here your reviewers can use stars, ratings, percentage, circles and more as a basis for review. The list of feature has just begun as it comes with unlimited colors, a lot of Google snippets and more.

WP product reviews pro

Let’s have a look at the pricing.

Pricing – WP Review is an affordable one and is going to cost you $77 for its complete set of features.

Features :

  • Completely responsive, SEO ready and speed optimized plugin.
  • Translation ready with WPML integration.
  • Compatible with multisite and multi-user of WordPress platform.
  • Developer friendly with clean and commented codes.

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3. Reviewer Plugin – WordPress Reviews Plugin

Reviewer plugin eases off the work of review posting on your website and makes it quicker than ever. You can simply add reviews, comparison tables and a lot more in your blogs, pages in few clicks. There is no limit imposed on the number of reviews or the positioning. So, you are the master of reviews and blogs completely.

It’s user reviews feature and back-end features make it stand on the ahead of the stack.

PS- This is one of the best Reviews WordPress Plugins we have come across.

 Reviewer WordPress Plugin

Pricing – This WordPress Reviews Plugin has got a simple price plan of $26.

Features :

  • You can create review boxes and comparison tables with this plugin. Whatever you are going to create it looks worth stealing all the attention. Creating doesn’t require any coding at all and it is just a matter of shortcodes!
  • Everything in this plugin can be customized. So, you can set criteria for the plugin, it can be pros and cons, stars, rating etc.
  • This review plugin comes with advanced user review system with different rating modes, collect names and emails of reviews and more.
  • Get Google reCAPTCHA to prevent spamming and a lot of Google Snippets.

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4. Taqyeem – Reviews Plugin For WordPress

Taqyeem is yet another reviews plugin packed with heaps of features. This plugin works well for creating reviews, ratings for the blogs, pages, and website. Everything here can be fully customized and with an affordable pricing, it becomes favorite for the budget.


Pricing- This reviews plugin can be your next favorite with a affordable pricing of $24.

Features :

  • Translation ready.
  • Unlimited review criteria.
  • 3+ review styles including stars, ratings etc.
  • 500+ Google fonts integration with Google rich snippets.

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5. Let’s Review – Responsive Reviews Plugin for WordPress

Let’s Review plugin is for beautiful, responsive review sections for the website. There are unlimited criteria and numerous ways to represent your reviews. So these can be stars, percentage, ratings, positives negatives, multiple user reviews and a lot more.

Just like the representation of reviews, features are numerous too. This wide array of features include responsive layout so, the reviews look great on every screen, plus, you can earn with your reviews by adding affiliate links to it.

Let’s get deeper into it with its pricing and features.

Let's Review

Pricing – This responsive reviews plugin has got a reasonable price of $25.

Features :

1. You can Affiliate button options to the reviews to make some easy money.

2. It comes with a full-screen sleek gallery to pose the images of the products being reviewed.

3. You get translation ready layout with RTL support.

4. The support team is exceptional so, yes, you can count on this plugin.

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6. Rich Reviews – Free WordPress Reviews Plugin

Finally some free stuff. This is a free reviews WordPress plugin which doesn’t disappoint in its features and working. The plugin works by showcasing the reviews as rich snippets. It’s easy as pie and nifty as a free tool.

Furthermore, its build on shortcodes so, you never have to engage yourself in technical codes. Then the layout is lightweight and minimalist which doesn’t cause hiccups in loading speed.

Rich Reviews

Pricing – This is a free WordPress reviews plugin with a lot of rich snippets and a bunch of features.

Features :

1. It has a compatible design with all the themes and CSS.

2. Translation ready layout.

3. Support available for queries and questions.

4. Through its feature of moderate submission, you can keep an eye on the reviews and select which one to feature on the webpage.

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7. Ultimate Reviews – Free Reviews WordPress Plugin

Ultimate reviews let people submit their reviews about any product, services or about anything to your webpageThis free reviews WordPress plugin is second free plugin on our list of best reviews WordPress plugins

It’s easy to use and comes with two shortcodes to further ease-up the use. These shortcodes work on the display part. Where one shortcode enables the display of review to the web page and second displays the review form to the people where they submit the review.


Pricing – This is free review WordPress plugin. So, you can sit back and enhance your website without worrying about dollars.

Features :

  1. It allows in-depth review of any product by including the fields such as value, quality, appearance etc.
  2. Multiple rating systems including stars, percentages etc.
  3. Flexible styling with custom CSS options.
  4. Comes with an integration of WooCommerce where people can review the WooCommerce products.

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8. Google Reviews Widget – Reviews WordPress Plugin for Free

Google Reviews Widget comes as a savior when you want to integrate Google reviews to your products or webpage. In simple words, for any products or anything that you want to review, you’ll get a sidebar where Google Business Reviews will be available. Now if you are wondering you’ll be in need of Google every time for it, the answer is no. This plugin saves the reviews in WordPress database and uses it whenever needed.

 Google Reviews Widget

Pricing – Google Reviews Widget is a free review plugin and won’t cost a dime.

Features :

  1. Displays up to 5+ Google Business Reviews per location or product or anything else.
  2. Shows real reviews of G+ users to increase reliability.
  3. Saves all the reviews in WordPress database.
  4. SEO optimized and works even if Google is unavailable.

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The Takeaway

Things keep on changing so will the reviews WordPress plugins but trust us, we’ll always keep you get going with the trend! These were the best reviews WordPress plugins that we found till but we won’t stop here. Let me know if there was something that I missed out. We would love to work on tweaks!

How about you take your plugins knowledge to the next level! Reads these blogs too, you are surely gonna love it!

As we earlier said its time to rely on review!

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