If you want to boost your real estate classifieds website then real estate PHP script is the best solution for you. These PHP scripts manage your real estate websites and portals in a perfect manner.

Real Estate PHP Script

As we know to be successful in real estate, you must consistently put your clients best interests first. Your site must be user-friendly so that if anyone wants to place their property advertisement they are able to do so.

Real estate PHP script helps you to sell or rent your property online. Also, the admin of the website allows giving access to agents so that they are also allowed to place the advertisement of various properties with ease.

Here in this article, we have compiled a list of 5+ best real estate PHP scripts. This helps you to place the property for sale or rent, edit property details and more.

Some of the key features and advantage of using real estate PHP scripts are-

  • You can earn money with Google AdSense.
  • Collect money via Paypal or Stripe by providing the listing submissions for visitors on the portal.
  • It has a customization feature so if you want to make some changes according to your requirement, you can do it with ease.
  • Multicurrency and multilingual support so that your sales can be done with different currencies or on different areas of the world too.
  • Social login available so that the lazy guys who don’t want to fill the lengthy registration form can sign up via their Google or Facebook accounts.

There are so many other features also available in these real estate PHP scripts which we will further discuss in the below article.

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All the below listed real estate PHP scripts are differentiated in terms of features and pricing let’s have a look at each one of them.

1. ThemeqxEstate – Property Listing Portal

If you want to create a property listing portal with advanced features then this PHP script is the best solution for you. With the help of this ThemeqxEstate PHP script, you can manage your real estate websites and portals in a few clicks.

This real estate PHP script offers you to upload your files and other data to cloud with the help of Amazon S3 inbuilt in the script.

After applying this script you will get several themes in the dashboard. You can choose these themes according to your choice for changing the front end of your property listing site.

ThemeqxEstate Real Estate PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • Embed property ad and to attract more customers you can add youtube or Vimeo videos. Also, here you are able to see the video preview for better submission.
  • It has a feature of Social Login where one can directly login with their Facebook or Google account.
  • You can collect money by charging your users to post the premium property listing ads via it’s inbuilt PayPal and Stripe payment gateways.
  • Google map integration helps you and your clients to see the property location on Google map so that anybody can reach the exact location with ease.


There are two licenses available at different pricing these are –

  • Regular License – Buy this plan at $49 and get 6 months support from Themeqx.
  • Extended License – This plan cost you $295 where you will get all the advanced features along with quality checked by Envato and future updates.

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2. Real Estate Agency Portal

This one is the best real estate PHP script of all time. You can put advertisement of properties which you want to sell, buy or those also which are for both purposes i.e. for sales or rent both.

One can add custom fields like text areas, inputs, dropdowns, distances and more directly from the admin interface.

With the help of drag & drop multi-image upload feature, you can reorder images, pages, fields etc in just a few clicks. Also, it has an amazing sliding image section where one can upload their property images and showcase the property area with ease.

Real Estate Agency Portal Real Estate PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • The noteworthy feature is you can earn money by providing a listing submission for visitors on your website. This script allows you to collect payment with PayPal, Cash/Bank transfer payment gateways and more.
  • The website owner is able to track their visitors with the help of Google Analytics and able to see the visitors stay time and more with ease.
  • For the searching purpose, it has an innovative results filtering feature. Here properties can be filtered by room type, pricing range, locations and a lot more.
  • You can filter the properties on the basis of the structure of building such as balcony view, internet facilities etc. Moreover, it has a filtering on the basis of air conditioning or parking facility and more.


Get this PHP script for real estate at a reasonable price of $21 with 6 months support system. Its extended license cost you $304.

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3. Eminent – Real Estate Portal PHP Script

The Eminent is one of the finest scripts in the list of real estate PHP script. This helps you to lists and manage the sales or rental properties online. You can advertise your hotel or residency, in a more promising way using this script.

Users are allowed to do online booking and reserve their rooms so that the problem of instant booking and avail of rooms resolves.  Further, admin allowed to keep a record of reports such as clients name, Id, number of person’s arriving etc in a well-organized manner.

It supports online booking system where one can search for the availability of rooms by date of check in and check out. Visitors can book their room on the respective dates.

You can collect money online for the booking with the help of various payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe etc,. Also, one can collect payment with the help of credit cards.

Eminent Real Estate PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • You are able to integrate Google maps with the help of which one can find the exact location of your property and reach there with ease.
  • It allows for showcasing the unlimited pictures of your hotels or properties. Also, able to define the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, sleeping capacity, garages and more.
  • Consists of a content management system (CMA) software. Here categorization of various sections such as blogs, services, information, etc. is done in no time. CMA helps to add, modify, and remove content from a website in no time.
  • One can view all the details about the property by a simple click on the image of the property, it supports awesome hover effects image gallery.


  • The Eminent PHP script is available at a reasonable price of $40 with a 6-month support.
  • You can even extend the support up to a year by paying $13.13 with quality checked by Envato. The extended license is available at $180.

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4. EcoDevs Real Estate PHP Script

EcoDevs real estate PHP script helps you to sell your property and publish the advertisement online. One can manage and organize their properties for sale in a good manner.

The best part of this PHP script is you can customize the code according to your requirement. With the help of AJAX, you can do the advanced search by filtering the sections such as property types, number of bedrooms, pricing plans, city, and more.

EcoDevs Real Estate PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • It has a useful image gallery section where you can place the building name, city, area, pricing, and more in just a few clicks.
  • EcoDevs PHP script supports Google map integration which helps in finding the exact location of your property. It has an option to put the nearby location so that one can easily reach their destination.
  • This real estate PHP script is easy to install and comes with good documentation along with complete user guide which makes your work easy.


Available in two pricing plans –

  • Regular License – This plan will cost you $20 in which you will get free support, future updates, plus it has quality checked by Envato.
  • Extended License – You can get this plan at $45 with all the features of the regular license along with advanced features.

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5. Real Estate Custom Script

This custom PHP script helps you to customize the script and make easy changes in the code according to your choice. You can add property agents, customer etc in your admin panel and give them some predefined access easily with the help of this script.

Admin is allowed to create a user group and assign people to that user groups. Now those users will do the specific work such as put their property on rent, or on sales purpose. This complete package PHP script allows you to manage your real estate business website from the admin panel.

Real Estate Custom Script Real Estate PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • Consist of advanced search features such as one can select the property type like rent or sales. Also, your user can place the city name and address where they want to buy property.
  • It has an awesome design along with 4 header and 3 footers. Consists of an amazing image gallery section where one can showcase their property photos, pricing, and more. You can also put the area, nearest location etc in the search filtering options.
  • This PHP script permits you to change the layout and placement of every page from admin panel. Further, you can create your own layouts in just a few clicks.
  • 3 layouts of the search are available in this real estate PHP script, you can choose any one of them according to your need. Also, it consists of a call to action code,  you can place the code on your website so that the functionality of call to action button will avail on your advertisement site.


Real Estate Custom script provides its regular license at $29 with 6-months support. Its extended license will cost you $1925 with quality checked by Envato and all the advanced features.

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6. Viavi Real Estate PHP Script

If you want to manage all your agents online with their listed properties then this Viavi script is the perfect solution for you. Here you can view the detail of a property with multiple slider images.

Viavi real estate is a highly customizable script here you can edit the code text, according to your requirement.

One can easily register or login to the site with the help of user-friendly login page where user can enter useful information such as name, location and more. Also, it has a multimedia file upload section.

Viavi Real Estate PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • There is an option to place newsletter by which users can submit their respective email ids. And, get notified about the latest properties in your marketplace via email.
  • Admin permits agents to put their property advertisement on the site and manage it accordingly. Also, admin is allowed to enable/disable agent sign up from the admin panel.
  • You can add social icons links such as Facebook, Twitter etc., using admin panel. This helps your users to follow your website on social networking sites too.


This real estate PHP script cost you $28 with 6 months support system. You can extended license at $140 with all the advanced features and quality checked by Envato.

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As you read all 5+ best real estate PHP script we hope you have found the script according to your need. All the above-mentioned scripts are best of our knowledge which we compiled after a long research.

If you have any queries, you can ask in the comment section.

Stay tuned for more useful PHP scripts.