“URL shortener PHP script is used to compress your URL and to make it short within no time.”

If you are looking for the best URL shortener PHP scripts then you are at the right place.

Here in this article, we have compiled a list of 5 best URL shortener PHP script. These scripts allow you to compress your URL by just placing the link and pressing the submit button.

URL Shortener PHP Script

You can even share the shorted link on your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and more.

All the listed scripts have a powerful administration panel. Further, it gives you the ability to manage URLs, users and custom pages in few clicks.

The scripts are well documented and easy to install. It comes with a complete user guide which makes your work easy.

What else you want if you have the ability to redirect your users to the particular page with the help of same short URL link.

Yes, you are allowed to redirect visitors to a different page using their location, device type. Also, you can even redirect by simply putting the name of their operating systems.

The best part is one can set a password to protect their links from unauthorized access. Also, it has a reCaptcha present before submitting the link which prevents you from the spams links.

There are a lot of features present in these scripts which we will discuss in detail in the below article.
Let us discuss each URL shortener PHP script in detail.

1. Premium URL Shortener PHP Script

This is one of the most promising URL shortener PHP script with more than 3000+ sales and satisfied customers. It shortens your URL in just a few minutes, all you have to do is just paste the long URL and after submission, you will get the shorter URL link.

The best part is the script makes your site link user-friendly.  The script has a responsive nature that’s why it fit fine for every mobile, or tablet device.

Premium URL Shortener PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • When you get the short URL link, you can easily save the given QR code. Further, it gives permission to share the link on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.
  • It has a geo-targeting feature, in which if you have different pages of your website for different countries, then it redirects users to that particular page using the same short URL. All you have to do is simply choose the country and enter the URL.
  • There is a feature of anonymous users history where users can keep track of their last 10 URLs without being registered. This option can be enabled or disabled easily from the powerful admin panel.
  • In terms of security purpose, the script automatically disables inappropriate URLs. In addition to this, it has reCaptcha and solves media Captcha present to prevent spams.


Buy the regular license of this script at $33 with all the future updates and full support up to 6 months. You can even extend your support and get an advanced feature in the extended license which cost you $215.

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2. URL Shortener With Ads And Admin Panel

As the name defines this URL shortener PHP script helps you to shorten your URLs and it has a built-in search tool for links. The script supports multiple URL shortening which can be done by following options to set these are a name, size, link and the owner.

The script allows you to set a wait time before showing the website page and in this given meantime one can showcase two pages of ads with ease. Applying ads helps you to earn money from the people who want to showcase their products Ads on the site.

URL Shortener with Ads URL Shortener PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • It has a powerful admin panel where you can find the beautiful dashboard. In the dashboard section, you can view the statics overview such as a total number of visitors, the total number of links and more.
  • The script is very supportive as it allows you to add new admins with different privileges. Further, it permits you to add and manage multiple links and admins.
  • With the help of custom message feature you can display messages like Thank You, welcome etc,. on your site. Also, it permits to choose between open the link in the Pop-up window or regular window.
  • There is a search feature for URLs so that the visitors are able to find the URLs in the fraction of time.


  • URL Shortener is available at a reasonable price of $18 with a 6-month support. The extended license cost you $75
  • You can even extend the support up to a year by paying $4.88 with regular updates.

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3. Mighty URL Shortener Script

This URL shortener PHP script is the finest script with features like advanced analytics, edit created links, and a lot more. It compresses the original URL and gives it a precise form in no time.

It has a noteworthy feature of smart targeting where you can create a single link that routes every user on the basis of countries, device type, and more. You just have to place the link and country/device name, rest all the remaining task has done by this unique script.

You can display social media counts on this compressed link from most popular networks like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more.

Mighty URL Shortener PHP Scripts

Other Useful Features

  • It allows you to create an unlimited number of membership plans. Further, admin can control these plans on the basis of a maximum number of shortened URLs per day or per month.
  • Mighty URL shortener PHP script has inbuilt payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Payza, Skrill and more. Here you can accept payments for membership plans in just a few clicks.
  • The PHP script allows you to add an unlimited number of domains so your users can choose from various domains while shorting a link.
  • With the help of custom redirect page feature, you can custom your redirect page by adding your logo and colors.


This script is available in two pricing plans –

  • Regular License – This plan will cost you $35 in which you will get 6 months of support, and quality checked by Envato.
  • Extended License – You can get this plan at $175 with all the features of the regular license along with advanced features.

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4. URL Shortener PHP Script With Statistics

This one is the cheapest URL shortener PHP script. It comes with a lot of features such as short links with Google shortener API, counts your links. Even you are allowed to share your links with your friends and family via social networking sites.

As the name defines the scripts provides you complete statistics like the total number of shortened URLs. Also, it shows the number of URLs that are shortened on the particular day etc.

URL Shortener PHP Script with Statistics URL Shotener PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • One can short their links with an option for custom aliases like url.com and more. Also, it gives the QR code on the frontend for each shortened link.
  • It provides you frame bar where you can place Google AdSense, it can be seen by visitors from a shortened link.
  • With the help of the inbuilt JSON API feature, you can easily short links with the custom name.
  • The script is cross-browser compatible, and responsive in nature so that it fit for all the mobile & tablet devices.


URL Shortener PHP Script provides its regular license at $10 with 6-months support. Its extended license will cost you $55 with quality checked by Envato and all the advanced features.

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5. Shortix – URL Shortener PHP Script

You can start your own URL shortening service with the help of this Shortix URL shortener PHP script. This script allows users to register and compress their URLs. Also, it has an option to precise the URL anonymously without registration.

Shortix has a secure admin panel where you can manage all registered users and their URLs. Also, the admin has the power to disable or enable the option of shortening URLs anonymously.

Shortix URL Shortener PHP Script

Other Useful Features

  • To make your URL shortening website secure it has the option that users must verify their email to activate the account.
  • Using this script registered users can generate graphical statistics such as total URL shorten and more for their own URLs.
  • Shortening API feature allows to automatically create short URLs. The admin has the power to disable the feature according to their choice.


You can buy this script and get all of its features along with future updates at two varied prices-

  • The regular license cost you $17 with quality checked by Envato and 6 months support.
  • You can buy the extended license with all the advanced features, at a reasonable price of $85.

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As we have reached at the end of our blog, we hope that you have found the URL shortener PHP script which is best suitable for your business website. Each script mentioned above have their own features and pricing. You can choose any of the above scripts, and make your URL short in few minutes.

If you have any queries, you can ask in the comment section.

Stay tuned for more useful PHP script.

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