In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the best PHP grid script that comes with numerous features like online code editor, grid image settings, responsive grid design, infinite scrolling, multi-lingual support and much more

PHP Grid Script

As we all are aware of the fact that readymade PHP grid scripts are hard to find and creating one custom grid script is a tough job.

Therefore, we have listed and defined some of top-class PHP grid scripts for your ease. Most of these scripts offer custom search functionalities and they are extremely affordable as well.

We have also got some blogs below which define popular PHP scripts that can also be beneficial:-

So, let get over with the details without wasting any more time.

1. PHP DataGrid Wizard

PHP DataGrid wizard is an advanced PHP script using which any individual with no special technical knowledge can easily create DataGrid pages. It also provides more than 20 DataGrid Wizard configuration settings for custom changes.

In addition, this script is super easy to install as you have to follow a simple five-step process which is well defined in the documentation provided.

PHP DataGrid Wizard PHP Grid Script

Price Plans:-

  • Regular license of this script is priced around $20. It includes cross-browser compatibility, frequent updates, support along with multiple features.
  • The extended license will charge you just $100. With it, you will get support for the latest version, all future updates, and enhanced facilities.

Features Offered By This PHP Grid Script:-

  • The DataGrid page manager provides various details in the backend like page name, the file creation, file updated, wizard actions and other details in the grid.
  • With this PHP grid script, you get the option to edit page with the online code editor, using Wizard as well as page delete functionality.
  • Using this responsive PHP script you can create an unlimited number of pages and manage each page from the backend with ease.
  • In this script master and detail, features are also available along with multiple image settings.

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2. PHP DataGrid Light – Grid Script

PHP DataGrid light is a powerful script that can be used by web developers for editing DataGrid pages. It is very helpful in generating data-bound grid control.

Plus, it can be a great help for dynamic content management, PHP database-driven websites and PHP-based hosting providers.

PHP DataGrid Light PHP Grid Script

Price Plans:-

  • For the full access of various services and features in a regular plan you just hay to pay $39.
  • The extended and enhanced features of this PHP grid script, $83 will be charged.

Features Offered By This PHP Grid Script:-

  • The backend panel permits the admin to perform view, add, edit, and other detail modes.
  • Client side auto validation along with multi-row operations, images & files upload are also provided.
  • This PHP script supports RTL languages, multiple browsers, exporting, multiple databases, and different type of fields.
  • In addition, this script comes loaded with well explained installation guide, changelog, and other essential documentation.

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3. Datagrid Ajax Tables Data Management System

This is one of the fastest and powerful data grid systems with which you can manage all your grid data with ease. It permits you to create, read, update and delete information straight from the inline fields.

This PHP grid script doesn’t require any external libraries and provides instant customer support in case of queries.

Datagrid Ajax Tables Data Management System PHP Grid Script

Price Plans:-

  • One of the cheapest PHP ajax grid script which costs $13. This plan offers updates, support, easy to use admin panel and other functionalities.

Features Offered By This PHP Grid Script:-

  • An advanced search facility is provided with this script through which you can conduct a field-specific search.
  • This PHP grid script has an easy to use admin panel with the help of which you can add and delete fields. Also, allows you to perform inline field editing as well.
  • It is one of the most lightweight data grid script as it requires no external libraries.
  • It also uses Ajax with the help of which you can get the updated field data without a page refresh.

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4. Database Grid – PHP Script

Database Grid provides you a simplified PHP script using which you can display data in paged or table view format.

With this script easy search options are also available, sorting can be done, along with cross-browser support. In addition, it also permits adding thumbnails and icons to the grid as well.

Database Grid PHP Script

Price Plans:-

  • The first license is priced at just $6 for all the regular and basic features along with updates.
  • The second license comes with a price tag of $35 with which you get multiple data grid options and facilities.

Features Offered By This PHP Grid Script:-

  • In this PHP grid script advanced search and filter functionality are also available.
  • Multiple software version support is provided for PHP 4.x, PHP 5.x, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x, etc.
  • Edit permissions are not granted in this grid script, as it just generates a table view of the data.
  • Helps you create easily understood data views and also permits you to perform pagination as well as sorting.

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5. Responsive PHP Facebook Album Grid

If you are willing to display photos in an album based on album ID with a grid layout, then you should try responsive PHP facebook album grid script. It helps you apply grid design, infinite scrolling, and other grid functionalities.

Responsive PHP Facebook Album Grid PHP Grid Script

Price Plans:-

  • $14 is the price that you have to pay for the regular plan of this PHP grid script. It offers 6 months support, updates, and quality check as well.
  • For the extended version $70 will be charged which will hold advanced features and services.

Features Offered By This PHP Grid Script:-

  • This PHP script provides responsive grid design through which you can display photos and albums in an eye-catchy manner.
  • It includes lightbox scroll, infinite scrolling and it is fully Ajax driven as well.
  • Allows you to display photos in a particular album on the basis of album ID.
  • Multiple browser support for IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and more.

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Now, its time to wrap it up as we have arrived at the closure of this article. After defining some of the best Readymade PHP Grid Script, I simply hope that you find the best PHP script which is beneficial for your website and helps you create easily understandable grids.

Other than features and functionalities we have also take care of your pocket as the list holds some of the most cost-effective grip scripts that are loaded with advanced facilities.

In case of queries and doubts please contact us through the comments section below.