Mailgun SMTP is receiving 5 star reviews from people around the world. They are showering all the love, and support on Mailgun for their excellent service, features and usability.

Let’s talk of facts and figures.

On Capterra, MailGun has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

On G2 Crowd, it has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.

Now, these ratings are definitely appealing!

If Mailgun is receiving all the appreciations then why alternatives?

On an average, 720 people per month are looking for Mailgun alternatives.

In technical terms, Mailgun alternatives has got a search volume of 720/mo. And this number is increasing exponentially.

This persuaded us to carry out an in depth research on why are people look for Mailgun Alternatives when it is so damn popular.

So, we decided to use Mailgun for our SMTP needs to reach to a conclusion.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the results.

We found that Mailgun is celebrated enough in the SMTP world.

However, all the happy reviews of Mailgun are partially biased to some extent.

Then, it claims to have the best features, excellent delivery rates, almost zero bounces, and extremely easy to use interface.

But, should we believe it?

Partially yes and partially NO!

We found Mailgun was enough to send bulk emails. But this email sending was ambiguous as sometimes the emails sent landed to spam box rather than inbox.

So, you cannot trust Mailgun with the inbox delivery as its more like may or may not be.

However, we tried to reach the root cause of this faulty spam box delivery.

Results were quite disappointing as Mailgun sometimes provide you the IPs which are blacklisted. And the dedicated IP in Mailgun is way to pricey to invest in!

Services Pricing For 100k Emails White Listed Service Multiple Domains Ratings 
Pabbly Email Marketing $29/M 4.9/5.0
Mailjet $74.95  ✕  3.8/5.0
SendinBlue $25/M ✕  4.0/5.0
Pepipost $25/M 4.5/5.0
Moosend $40/M ✕  4.5/5.0

Then, we also found that its reporting section weak as compared to other SMTP services. (Pabbly Email Marketing SMTP, SendinBlue, etc.)

The reports/stats were not clear at a glance and took more than usual time to load.

Also, the user interface of Mailgun is somewhat made by developers for developers. For someone non-techy, it can be confusing and frustrating.

But, we made a firm decision to look for alternatives of Mailgun when their support team disappointed us.

We’ll be specific here. The support team has a long queue in their ticket system and their response time was too much for even a patient person. Even if you get to reach out to them, the solutions provided by the support team were mostly ineffective.

And that’s when we understood that Mailgun is a great SMTP service can be a hoax.

Yes, how can we forget to tell you that Mailgun is not everyone’s favorite.

TrustPilot has rated it 3.7 on a scale of 5 with a poor remark.

Crozdesk has given it a rating of 3.2 out of 5.

So, now we have a sturdy reason to switch from Mailgun to other SMTP relay services.

We have compiled a list of 10 best SMTP services which you can consider as an alternative to Mailgun.

So, here we are with our blog on 10 Top Mailgun Alternatives | Most Affordable Competitors 2022.

You can trust us as have tried and tested each of these services. Also, you can trust these services for their assured inbox delivery, reduced bounces, in depth and clear report and affordable pricing!

So, let’s begin with the list of 10 Best Mailgun Alternatives, Competitors and most affordable SMTP service providers.

1. Pabbly Email Marketing – Bulk & Fast Email Marketing Service

Pabbly Email Marketing is one of the fastest email marketing tools which helps you to create and send eye-catching promotional & transactional emails.

The important part of this tool is its inbuilt SMTP so, there is no complicated setup required for this service.

Pabbly Email Marketinh- Mailgun Alternatives

Features to count on:

  • Its inbox preview option helps you to preview emails before sending them to your user’s inbox.
  • With Pabbly Email Marketing you can send bulk emails with the personalized tag however this will increase the open rates and conversions of your prospects.
  • You can design numerous responsive emails in minutes by using the drag and drop functionality of the provided email builder.
  • List Cleaning feature lets you get rid of duplicate and inactive email addresses. Empowers you to improves email deliverability rates & secures your email marketing.

Pricing Details:

Its free trial Plan comes with a price tag of $0/month where you can connect 3 SMTPs.

The second Rookie Plan is available at the rate of $29/month & lets you send emails to 5,000 subscribers.

You can purchase the Pro Plan for just $49/month and sending emails to 15,000 subscribers.

With its Advance Plan, you can send emails to 50,000 subscribers which cost $99/month.

More Details on Pabbly Email Marketing

2. SendinBlue SMTP – User Friendly SMTP Relay Service

SendinBlue is popular, favorite and one of the most user friendly SMTP services.

It has built a great reputation over time for delivering the emails right to inbox with a short time span.

So, you know it exactly why its second in our list.

You can use it for sending your transactional emails and SMS in bulk.

SendinBlue is expert in inbox delivery of your emails and assures a high delivery rate.

Sending emails using SendinBlue is extremely easy and you do not have to follow any hectic steps. Just add the list and click on send!

Using SendinBlue, you can choose the IP type you’d need for your sending needs. Like you can either go for a shared IP or a dedicated one, it’s all up to you!

Sendinblue SMTP

Features to count on:

  • SendinBlue lets you create dedicated IP pools for better and faster email delivery. These IP pools can be further managed for specific data networks.
  • It uses various safety protocols like SPF, DMARC which prevents your emails from reaching the spam box.
  • SendinBlue offers various methods for integration like traditional SMTP settings, SendinBlue PHP Library, Postfix configuration and API documentation. This makes integration task hassle free.
  • You get a detailed reports on all your sent emails and these reports are based on parameters like sent, opened, blocked, spam and more. Further, this report can also be exported in an Excel file too.

Pricing Details:

SendinBlue SMTP offers a Lite Plan for $22.09/M as their first pricing plan. With this, you can send up to 40,000 emails in a month.

Then there’s an Silver Plan for $56.96/M in which you can send up to 1,20,000 emails a month.

Finally, there’s a Gold Plan for $149.96/M under the Premium Plan. With this, you can send up to 350,000 emails per month.

To know the cost estimation for sending emails more than 3,50,000, you can get in touch with the sales team.

More Details on SendinBlue SMTP

3. Pepipost – Bulk Email Service Provider

Pepipost is one more and the most affordable mailgun alternative for sending your business-critical transactional and promotional emails.

It helps you with eliminating the pain of maintaining the in-house email servers. Due to the 3 mins integration process, Pepipost is adopted by 20,000+ brands across the globe.

Pepipost’s 2 step migration APIs are very helpful for people switching from Mailgun to Pepipost. By using this service, you can send transactional emails that land into inbox within 3 seconds. Pepipost also provides 24/7 live chat support to all its customers

Pepipost - Mailgun Alternatives

Features to count on:

  • 2 step migration APIs for users switching from Mailgun to Pepipost
  • Track all email metrics like sent, delivered, clicks, unsubscribe, spam complaints and other information for all your transactional. triggered and marketing emails.
  • 24/7 online chat support for all helps you fix every single email delivery issue if any.
  • Pepipost mandatorily follows authentication of your email sending domain name through SPF, DMARC, and DKIM record for better email inboxing.

Pricing Details:

With Pepipost you can send up to 30,000 emails free in the first month and 3000 emails per month thereafter.

Pepipost pricing plans start with $25 for 150,000 emails

With Pepipost you can save up to 50% of your emailing cost when switching from Mailgun.

You can also choose their annual plans to get 30% additional savings.

More Details on SendGrid SMTP

4. Moosend SMTP – Bulk Email Service Provider

Moosend is a sophisticated platform that provides simple and self-explanatory tools that are helpful for you.

Furthermore, the SMTP service of Moosend is a fully manageable tool that helps to send a bulk number of email campaigns to their users without any type of interruption.

Most importantly it provides well-built API that permits you to connect with the application or website.



Features to count on:

  • You can easily send transactional emails fastly and increase your delivery rate by utilizing our world-class infrastructure.
  • Keep advance report of your transactional emails that will help you to give real-time statistics of each send emails.
  • Even if you are not a developer or coding person, you can create eye-catchy emails by using drag & drop editor and they appear perfectly on all the devices.
  • Try to monitor SMTP servers on an hourly basis by introducing TLS encryption across all of your messages that provides advanced security while sending important messages.

Pricing Details:

It has got a plan that allows you to send unlimited emails up to 1,000 subscribers per month for free.

You can save 15% in our 6-month plan that provides unlimited emails up to 2,000 subscribers at just $8/month only.

In our annually plan you can save up to 20% and send unlimited emails up to 3,000 subscribers for $16 per month.

It also provides more plan “pay-as-you-go” that is for the occasional sender and they have to pay for each email.

More Details on SendGrid SMTP

5. Mailjet SMTP Relay

With Mailjet, you can design, personalize and send your email templates in a go.

It is a good option to go for if you want to send your transactional emails to a whole lot of people out there.

Usually, SMTP integration is a task but with Mailjet it isn’t. In fact, we found it’s integration process to be one of the most easiest one. All you gotta do is username, password and server information. Voila! It’s good to go.

Moreover, it is a service which is loved all around the globe. It’s being used in 50+ countries so far and around 2 billion emails are sent using it every month.

Mailjet SMTP Relay

Features to count on:

  • Mailjet ensure to provide expert assistance for inbox delivery and claims to provide 99% inbox delivery then. However, this expert assistance is only for the premium plan holders.
  • You get an in depth analysis of your email campaign. So, for this, it offers a real time dashboard. Now, in this dashboard, you can check the open rates, click rates. Then, it has also got color coded maps for advanced analytical stats.
  • Most noteworthy, Mailjet is always updated with the latest spam regulation and ISP requirements which ensures the maximized delivery rates and declined bounces.
  • It uses dedicated IPs which are managed from 7 different countries and 3 continents for perfect email delivery.

Pricing Details:

The Free Plan of Mailjet lets you send 6,000 emails/month with a limit of 200 emails/day.

Then there’s a Basic Plan in which you can send 150,000 emails/month at the cost of $74.95.

Premium plan of this service will cost you $166.95 and will allow you to send 450,000 emails every month.

You can get in touch with the sales team to get the cost estimation for sending 10,00,000 per month.

More Details on Mailjet SMTP

6. SendPulse

SendPulse is apt for sending transactional emails in bulk. It lets you do this sending with traditional SMTP relay or advanced API integration.

You can integrate this SMTP service seamlessly in to your CMS, CRM or any other system to start sending your emails in a go!

It makes sure that all your sent emails reach the inbox without getting in the trap of spam. This is done by following SPF for sending and by authenticating the sender domain with DKIM signatures.

As far as usability is concerned, it is fairly easy to use and comes with a detailed documentation for integration.

SendPulse SMTP - Mailgun SMTP Alternative FormGet

Features to count on:

  • It send your email within nanosecond by the server which support secure SSL connection. This way you get best of both worlds viz. Speed and security for your emails.
  • Then, there are detailed reports for complete sending and errors as well. You can download these reports to your computer for further analysis.
  • Also, it provides you complete stats on each of your sent email. You can track down the sent rate, opened rates, click rates and a lot more.
  • Then, it automatically maintains a list of unsubscribes and makes sure not to send the emails to those who have unsubscribed to your service.

Pricing Details

It has got a Basic Plan that allows you to send up to 12,000 emails/month for free.

For sending up to 1,00,000 emails/month, you can go for Pro Plan which is available at just $78.97/M.

The Enterprise Plan lets you send up to 5,00,000 emails to the users at 283.53 /month only.

More Details on SendPulse SMTP

7. SendGrid SMTP

SendGrid is yet another option to consider for sending transactional and promotional emails.

It frees you up from the hassles of maintaining email servers. You just have to adjust a few email configurations to the server of SendGrid and that’s it!

Using SendGrid, you can send your transactional emails which hits the inbox most of the times.

SendGrid has gained trust of more than 75k+ people around the world with major names like Spotify, Uber and more. In fact, around 45 Billion emails are sent every month using this SMTP service.

SendGrid SMTP

Features to count on:

  • It uses smart API named as “X-SMTPAPI” with its SMTP service. This API further allows you to add JSON instructions to the emails which enables advanced tracking.
  • SendGrid offers integration with Web API. With this, you can manage user unsubscribers, you can manage IPs, email templates and a lot more.
  • Using SendGrid, you can not just send email in bulk but you can also create, design and manage the emails.
  • With a comprehensive documentation on API integration, it becomes really easy to set up and use.

Pricing Details:

SendGrid offers a Free Plan for sending up to 40,000 emails in month. Below, we’ve listed the pricing plans offered by SendGrid.

For sending up to 40,000 emails a month, you can get its Essential Plan for $9.95/M.

Then, for sending up to 100,000 emails, it has got a Pro Plan for $79.95/M.

Further, there’s a pricing plan of $299.95/M for sending up to 500,000 emails in a month.

More Details on SendGrid SMTP

8. Elastic Email

You can choose it as an alternative Mailgun SMTP. Reason being, it is cost effective.

Undoubtedly, it won’t disappoint you when it comes to delivering your emails with reduced bounces. Also, it will provide you with the detailed stats of your email campaign along with individual delivery details of each email.

The, it also has both API integration and usual SMTP relay so, you can choose any of these according to your sending need.

Further, it offers you a free plan in which you get access to send free 150,000 email every month. So, with this free trial, you can test and try prior to opting for a paid plan.


Features to count on:

  • With Elastic Email, you can send email by integrating to HTTP API or SMTP Relay.
  • Elastic Email lets you manage you API keys effectively. In fact, you can apply various changes to keys by editing and also you can generate second API Key.
  • It has ultra fast global infrastructure which ensures lightning fast delivery of up to 100+ million emails.
  • Elastic Email has got excellent support system which stays active 24/7 and provides effective solutions.

Pricing Details:

For sending up to 15,000 emails a month, you will not have pay anything as the basic plan is free.

The Advance Plan then allows you to send 500,000 emails a month for $330/M.

Further, the Premium Plan is available at $600 per month and allows sending of 10,00,000 email/month.

More Details on Elastic Email SMTP

9. AuthSMTP

With over 10+ years of experience in delivering the emails, AuthSMTP is surely a good option to switch to.

It is for all your sending needs be it personal sending of 40-50 emails per day or professional sending of 1k to 10k emails per day or be it for sending more than 100k exhaustive marketing emails per day.

Now, it doesn’t leave any grounds for you to ever have complaint. For sending your emails in nanoseconds, it has several data centers all around the globe. For security, it offer SSL secure SMTP authentication and follows all the domain validation policy.

Using it is extremely simple as it has got an instant set-up and fairly easy to use interface.

However, is still not convinced then you can try this service with a complete money back guarantee!


Features to count on:

  • Using AuthSMTP, you can send your emails by multiple domains and different email addresses.
  • AuthSMTP automatically generates the backup of all the sent emails on your registered email address.
  • With this service, you can set up multiple concurrent account and can send multiple emails at a same time which doesn’t happen with most of the services.
  • Now, AuthSMTP provides you with multiple SMTP ports to use. This is so because many a times ISPs block you for using default SMTP Port25. In such a case, you can change the SMTP port to ensure the inbox delivery.

Pricing Details:

AuthSMTP has got around 65 price plans for different sending needs. However, we have explained a few of its popular and mostly widely used plans.

For sending up to 10,000 emails per month you’ll be charged $14.66/M.

Then there’s a plan of $69 for sending up to $50,000 emails a month.

Further, to send 100,000 emails you’ll have to switch to price plan of $134.66/M.

Finally, for sending up to 500,000 a month you’ll have to pay $668/M.

And soon on there are multiple other plans at the different price range.

More Details on AuthSMTP

10. SparkPost

SparkPost has got a lot of big names in the clients base namely Pinterest, LinkedIn, Intercom and more. In fact, it also claims to send 25% of the world’s non spam emails. Now, this 25% is really a lot!

Further, the service claims that it has provided the customers with around 96% inbox delivery of the emails.

You too can use SparkPost for sending your transactional emails to anyone around the globe.

If we dig down to the features then it has a got a kitty full of it. Like you will find in it various API keys for easy integration, analytics and stats reporting, best in the segment email delivery and a lot more.

SparkPost SMTP - Mailgun Alternatives FormGet

Features to count on:

  • SparkPost has got great uptime which is backed by SLAs. In fact, SparkPost’s burst SLAs assure sending of 10,000 emails per second.
  • It has certification of SOC 2 Type 2 this certification ensure the security of emails against phishing and spamming.
  • With robust REST API, it lets you create email using various templates and then you can send these created emails.
  • Lastly, its real-time web-hooks triggers the action on sent emails. Specifically, it triggers the action of email opened, click rate, bounce rate, spam rate and more.

Pricing Details:

The Basic Plan of SparkPost lets you send 15,000 emails for free.

Them, it has a Standard Plan for sending 150,000 emails for $49/M.

Further, for sending up to 250,000 emails, you’ll be charged $124/M under the Standard Plan.

Finally, for 500,000 emails sending limit, you have to go for a plan of $249/M under the standard plan.

There are a few more plans of SparkPost which you can refer and use accordingly.

More Details on Spark Post SMTP

11. AuthMailer

You can send your email template, track it down and can further analyze the complete stats with AuthMailer.

It has its own server and network infrastructure which is robust enough to send your emails right to the inbox anywhere around the world.

Noteworthy is its monthly report which is comprehensive details of all your email campaign in a month.

Then, when it comes to using it, you can use its SMTP service right from your desktop and even from your mobile phone.

AuthMailer Mailgun Alternatives SMTP FormGet

Features to count on:

  • It uses encrypted communication by which you can stay assured of the fact that no third party can enter or overhear your communication through emails.
  • Then, it monitors the complete blacklisting by checking the mail server IP address.
  • It has distributed server cluster for timely and higher delivery rates of your emails.

Pricing Details:

It has got specifically three pricing plans:

The first is Personal Plan which allows you to send 10,000 emails per month and will cost you $0.83/M & $9.90/Y.

Second is Small Business. In this plan, you can send 50000 emails every month at $6.66/M & $79.90/Y.

Finally, the Large Plan lets you send 100,000+ email every month by paying $12.49/M & 149.90/Y.

More Details on AuthMailer

12. SocketLabs

You can use SocketLabs for sending both your marketing and transactional emails.

SocketLabs has got a wide clients base with major names like IBM, Dell SecureWorks, Virgin and a lot more.

It has got all the things that you need in a good SMTP. Like, you’ll find in it high delivery rates, in depth analytics, easy integrations and more.

Socketlabs Mailgun Alternatives SMTP FormGet

Features to count on:

  • SocketLabs has got three different API’s namely, reporting (with which you can query for events associated with your email), injection & notification (webhook) API.
  • Further, you get detailed analytics for the outbound emails in terms of injected emails for delivery, messages accepted by the recipient’s ISP, complaints (feedback loops etc.), opens/clicks etc.
  • The service supports parsing for inbound emails and deconstructs the messages including text, HTML, attachments, custom headers etc.

Pricing Details:

The Free Plan lets you send up to 2000 messages per month at $0 for the lifetime.

Its Basic Plan will cost you only $9.95/mo and lets you send up to 40,000 messages a month.

If you wish to deliver up to 1,00,000 emails, the Pro Plan will cost you $69.95/month.

Its Enterprise Plan comes with a price tag of $650 a month & offers delivery of over 1.5 million emails.

Get More Details Here

13. MailGet SMTP – Most Affordable SMTP Service Provider

MailGet SMTP is our personal favorite and we recommend it highly!

Reason being. It ensures almost 98.8% inbox delivery.

Then, it doesn’t stop you from sending marketing, transactional or subscription based emails.

It allows you to send bulk emails at once and also provides lightening speed delivery of your sent emails.

But what makes it our top choice is extremely low pricing for all the great features.

It way too easy to integrate to your email account or to your email builder. As easy as 123.

Also, the user interface is very smooth and easy to understand.

Altogether, MailGet SMTP becomes the best SMTP relay service you can rely on.

MailGet SMTP

Features to count on:

  • MailGet SMTP uses all the white-listed servers which ensures authentic and reliable connection. This in turn ensures inbox delivery of all your emails.
  • With this SMTP service, you can your email via multiple verified domain and addresses.
  • It validates your emails with DKIM signatures and this helps in preventing your emails from spam.
  • Also, it provides you domain authentication with SPF to prevent spamming and spoofing.

Pricing Details:

The pricing plan of MailGet SMTP starts from $5 a month. In this Starter Plan, you can send up to 5,000 emails in a month.

Then is the Pro Plan in which you get 100,000 emails at a price of $49/M.

Finally there’s an Advance Plan for which you’ll be charged $349/m and you can send up to 500,00 emails in a month.

If you need to send higher number of emails up to 1,000,000 then you can contact the sales team of MailGet SMTP.

More Details on MailGet SMTP

Wrapping Up-

This was all from our side on “Mailgun Alternatives”.

You can go with any of 10 Best Mailgun Alternatives which we’ve listed down for you. Yes, you can trust us as we’ve gone a long way to research and dwell each and every aspect, feature, pros and cons of these services.

If you have any further queries then please let us know in the comment box.