ConvertKit Email Marketing Software is one the most used and yes, people consider it to be one of the most efficient way to get into email marketing segment.

It lets you create, send and track all the email templates.

Is there’s anything that you’d expect from an email marketing software?

If your answer is no then I would request you to change it to a big YES.

People are searching for alternatives of ConvertKit. Yes, research shows, every month more than 1500 audiences are searching ConvertKit Alternatives.

Do you know why?

It is because they consider and even I also consider paying $29 to create email templates is not worth.

In the web market, there are numerous of substitutes are available which provides a huge range of basic & advanced features at an affordable price. And in this weblog, I have curated some of the effective alternatives of ConvertKit whose pricing starts from $5 and which comes with the same features of ConvertKit like –

  • Tons of email templates.
  • Personalization & content customization feature.
  • Both creating, sending and even tracking options.
  • Multiple SMTP integration functionalities.

And many more.

So, it is wiser to pay $5 to take all these basic more advanced features instead of paying $29.

Let me show you these alternatives via the comparison table. The table contains features comparison, inbuilt SMTP functionality, pricing comparison, and number of subscribers.

Quick View On ConvertKit Alternatives

Services Drip Emails List Cleaning In-Built SMTP Monthly Pricing No. Of Subscribers
MailGet $5/M 5,000
Pabbly Email Marketing $29/M  5,000
Mailjet $14.96/M 1,000
Moosend $55/M 5000
Emma $89/M 10,000
Let’s begin exploring these alternatives of ConvertKit one by one –

1. Pabbly Email Marketing – Affordable Email Marketing Service

Pabbly Email Marketing is one of the best email marketing platforms which comes with 500+ email templates which lets you create millions of emails undoubtedly. You can create emails like for different niches like job recruitment, for the party, salon purpose etc. Once done with creating, you can also send & tracking those emails effectively. Further, this service comes with an in-built SMTP so that you don’t need to add an additional one to send your emails to the clients.

Moreover, Pabbly Email Marketing comes with various integrations such as Zapier which lets you connect multiple apps, Google Analytics, Wufoo, MailGet API and more.

If I talk about its popularity, then yes, it’s popularity is increasing rapidly in the market. More than 15 million internet based companies like Avaya, Cisco, The Guardian etc. are using this software to create emails.

Pabbly Email Marketing


  • It allows you to add custom fields on your email marketing template according to your requirements.
  • Its email scheduling feature permits you to send the email at specific date & time to the target audience.
  • The software contains list cleaning functionality which lets you remove bad and inactive email addresses to stop bounces, spams, and unsubscription rates.
  • Pabbly Email Marketing provides SMTP Routing functionality with which help you to choose the best path to deliver your emails.
  • You can add drip functionality on emails to automatically deliver emails at various platform in a scheduled time interval.


Pabbly Email Marketing comes in different pricing stages according to the usability of customers.

  • Free – This starter Plan will cost you $0 with which you can connect 3 SMTP and explore Pabbly Email Marketing.
  • Rookie Plan – To send emails to 5,000 subscribers this plan will charge you $29/ month.
  • Pro Plan – For 15,000 subscribers you will be charged $49/ month.
  • Advance Plan – This plan will charge you $99/ month to send emails to your 50,000 subscribers.

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2. MailGet – Bulk Email Marketing Services

MailGet is another cheapest HTML email marketing platform which lets you build & send transactional, promotional, educational, and subscription emails within a few clicks. By using this software, you can successfully create your email templates and later deliver it in your client’s inbox to get a minimum bounce & spam rate.

MailGet contains 500+ customizable email templates on multiple niches either it is business templates, festival or any other. Further, you will also get functionality to integrate multiple SMTP service such as Amazon SES, Zapier, MailGet SMTP etc.

MailGet Email Marketing


  • MailGet provides an autoresponder feature which lets you send emails automatically to all subscriber. e.g., welcome email.
  • There is an automatically send follow up email to contacts who have not opened your emails. In this way, you can earn 2x extra open rates.
  • Its list cleaning feature permits you to clean your email list to remove unwanted or spam emails before sending to your customer.
  • You will get an in-built lead capture tool with which you can capture more leads from your site.
  • MailGet allows you to schedule the email so that you can send those emails immediately or later.


MailGet has got multiple of pricing plans for different needs of customers. However, we have explained only a few popular pricing plans in this article. Lets have a look –

  • Starter Plan – For this plan, you have to pay $0 to send emails to 100 subscribers.
  • Rookie Plan – This rookie plan will let you send emails to 5,000 subscribers at $29/ month.
  • Pro Plan – To send emails to 15,000 subscribers, this service will cost you $49 every month.
  • Advance Plan – This advance plan of MailGet software will charge you $99 to send emails to 50, 000 subscribers.

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3. Moosend – Email Marketing Automation

Moosend is the email marketing platform that helps companies of all sizes to operate the burden of creating their email campaigns. With its automation editor, you can create automated workflows and send triggered campaigns according to your subscriber’s interest.

Moosend Email Marketing Softawre


  • It provides a free newsletter template so that you can create responsive & mobile ready newsletter campaigns.
  • Its advanced segmentation feature allows you to make sub-group of email list so that you can effectively connect with your customer and provide them information which they are looking at the correct time.
  • With its real-time analytic you can analyze every detail of your email campaigns.
  • You can also integrate any of the application with its powerful API.
  • It also offers SMTP service which keeps you hassle-free to use any other SMTP server to send your emails.


  • To send emails up to 5000 customers it will cost you $55 and additionally provides numerous features.
  • It will charge $260 to send emails up to 75000 subscribers.
  • For 200,000 subscribers you need to pay $760 a month.
  • However, if your limit is to emails up to 500,000 subscribers then it will cost $1810.
  • Apart from this, to send emails up to 1,000,000 users then pay $3650 in a month.
[Note – You can also take the advantage of its Free Plan which grants you to send unlimited emails up to 5k contacts for 3 months].

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4. Mailjet – Email Marketing Software

Mailjet is the platform where you can manage every task of your email marketing such as creating emails, sending & tracking details. By using mailjet you can send or create both transactional & marketing emails to your subscriber.

Its intuitive drag & drop editor lets you create responsive emails for your users. Also, you can use its readymade responsive templates that looks great on any screen.

Mailjet Email Marketing Software


  • It comes with a feature of personalization through which you can personalize your email from its design to contents.
  • With its A/B testing functionality, you can compare your emails that which will generate the best engagement for your business.
  • The software lets you manage all your contact group in one place. In fact, you can also upload your own contact list via CSV, TXT or XLS file.
  • It contains SMTP Relay functionality with which you can effectively deliver you emails to your subscriber.
  • Mailjet has an analytics dashboard with which you can track & keep every detail of your emails like a number of opened emails, clicked rates, how or what people think about your subject lines etc.


If I come to its Pricing Plans then this software provides different pricing plans as per the need of current marketers. Have a look-

  • To send 6,000 emails every month its Basic Plan will cost you $8.04 & Premium Plan will cost you $14.96.
  • Its another plan will cost to send 60,000 emails $27.95 for Basic Plan & $41.95 for Premium Plan month.
  • For 150,000 emails, Basic Plan charges you $62.46 & Premium Plan will charge $80.79 every month.
  • To send 900,000 emails per month you have to pay $278.29 for Basic Plan & $332.46 for Premium Plan.
[Note – The service also allows you to send 6,000 emails/month at Free of cost].

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5. SendGrid – Email Automation Software

SendGrid is one of the top cloud-based email marketing platform where you can create, send & track your emails effectively. It is a powerful marketing tool for acquiring, engaging, and to retaining the customers. You can use this software to create multiple email marketing campaigns like email newsletter, acquisition emails, retention emails, and promotional emails.

In addition, the tool also provides ISP monitorin functionality, sender policy framework (SPF), DKIM and feedback loops. This platform is really a most popular that’s why various famous companies like Pinterest, Pandora, Spotify, HubSpot, LinkedIn etc. are creating more than 18 billions of emails every month.

SendGrid Email Marketing Service


  • By using this you can build campaigns in your own way by choosing a suitable email design option that fits your requirements.
  • The tool also provides open rate reporting details, link tracking details, and CAN-SPAM compliance.
  • The software lets you create a segment of subscribed, unsubscribed or foster engagement group in your contact list.
  • You can schedule the email delivery time according to your convenient.


  • To send 1,000 to 40,000 emails a month this product will cost you $9.95 only.
  • To 50,000 to 100,000 emails this plan will charge you $19.95.
  • At $259.95 it will let you send 420,000 emails in a month.
[Note – If you need to send more emails, then switch to its pro plan and contact their sales team].

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6. Emma – Top Email Marketing Service

Emma software is a highly flexible and simple email marketing tool which allow you to craft visually stylish email campaigns for your subscribers. It comes with tons of features including real-time email tracking functionality, analysis statistics, HTML template builder & email preview to see design etc. Emma has also a feature of power personalization & track ROI with which you can analyze the complete marketing impact.

Emma Email Marketing Softawre


  • The product comes with an A/B testing functionality with which you can test different aspects of your emails.
  • Emma contains 50 email templates which are really flexible & fully responsive.
  • It supports A/B testing functionality with the help of which you can identify which of your email generates more engagement with your users.
  • The software delivers the perfect follow-up emails to your customers if they will not open your first email.
  • The software permits you to build beautiful & creative landing pages with the help of its drag & drop editor.
  • Emma is integrated with various other platforms as well such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Venga etc.


It has specifically got 3-pricing plans. Take a quick view –

  • Pro Plan – At $89 you can send emails to 10,000 contacts in a month.
  • Plus Plan – This plan will charge you $369 a month to send emails to 25,000 contacts.
  • Enterprise Plan – To send emails to the 75,000 contacts it will cost $729 per month.

Important – If you have more than 75,000 contacts to send emails then I would suggest you contact to its sales team.

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7. Klaviyo – Reliable Email Marketing Service

Klaviyo is another popular cloud-based email marketing service which is purposely designed for e-commerce marketers. It is used to design user-engaging emails in just a few minutes. Klaviyo contains feature like email autoresponders to respond automatically to your client via email, powerful segmentation where you can categorize various section to manage your email details and many more.

With the help of this service, you can personalize & optimize email campaigns to convert your visitors into permanent customers and in this way you can generate more leads.

Klaviyo Email Marketing Software


  • While creating an email you can add Google Analytics to links at the same time.
  • It allows you to manage all the email marketing task such as bounced emails, clicked emails, dropped emails etc. in one place.
  • The software also allows you to set timings on every subscription forms on every device either it mobile or a desktop.
  • With Klaviyo you can also do Facebook advertising campaigns.


The software comes with different pricing stages. See below-

  • To send unlimited emails to 300 contacts it will cost you $25/M.
  • At $350 per month, you will be granted to send unlimited emails up to 14,300 contacts.
  • To send emails to 31,000 contacts it will charge you $550 every month.
  • If you want to send emails to your 146,000 contacts, then you need to pay $17,000 a month.

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8. Vertical Response – Cheapest Email Marketing Platform

With Vertical Response, you can design, send and track the emails which look great on every screen. This software will let you create a stunning email for business, marketing, and subscription purpose and later you can send those emails immediately or schedule for later. Further, it comes with a multitude of a pre-defined template with which you can customize your emails any time according to your requirement.

In addition, this service also provides a fastest, free & customized pop-up forms which help to boost engagement with your customers.

Vertical Response Email Marketing Software


  • It provides an automatic follow-up feature with which you can send follow up emails to those who have missed your emails.
  • You can save time by using its autoresponder & automated email series. This feature is helpful to deliver the right email at the perfect time.
  • By using this service you can monitor the overall performance of your email campaigns in one place.
  • It preference center feature helps your recipents to control over which email they want to receive or not.


It offers its pricing plans according to the marketers’ need & requirement. Have a look-

  • Basic Plan – This plan will lets you send unlimited emails at $11/M along with live customer support, automated follow-up emails to contacts and many.
  • Pro Plan – To send emails to your customer this plan will charge you $16. Apart from it also provides 10 test kit credits per month.
  • Pro+ Plan – You need to pay $196 to send unlimited emails to your subscribers.

[Note – You can also get its Free trial which lets you send 4,000 emails per month and up to 300 contacts].

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9. Campaigner – Best Email Marketing Software

Campaigner is an innovative email marketing platform which is trusted by many of the companies since 20 years. By using this service you can create tons of emails campaigns, social media campaigns, and video campaigns that are highly responsive and fully customizable. By getting this service you will also get 900+ responsive email templates & dynamic contents for the creation of email templates.

In fact, you can use its autoresponder functionality to respond automatically to your client via email. In fact, you can set-up targeted email campaigns, perform A/B testing to compare the emails.

Moreover, this service is trusted by 100,000 businesses such as Hallmarks, Thomson Reuters and many other.

Campaigner Email Marketing


  • The software comes with an email analyzer functionality so that you can preview your email to know how it looks like.
  • You can also add videos, images, RSS feeds & surveys as an attachment along with email by using its drag & drop functionality.
  • Campaigner also provides a geo-location functionality with which you can easily track recipients location.
  • You can track email campaigns, social media campaigns, and video campaigns easily from its dashboard.
  • It comes with a custom landing pages along with sign-up forms.


This software provides its features & functionalities in different pricing plans as per the number of contacts do you have. Look at below –

  • To send emails up-to 1000 contacts you will charge $19.95 along with tons of advanced features like geolocation, 24/7 live support etc.
  • For 5000 contacts this service will charge 49.95/M with features like an autoresponder, recurring campaigns, 900+templates and many more.
  • To send emails up to 15000 subscribers then pay $100 and take advantages of more its features like 50 MB CDN media hosting, email reporting etc.
  • At $299.95 you will be allowed to send emails along with features like 3rd party ads, custom footer, suppression list etc. to up to 50,000 contacts in a month.
  • If your limit is to send emails to 100,000 contacts then this plan will charge you $549.95 only.

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10. dotmailer – Top Class Email Marketing Service

dotmailer is one of the effective solutions to create, test & send personalized, optimized emails easily. It has got multiple advanced features like email automation, email tracking, email sending etc. Further, it also have a wonderful dashboard where you can manage the contact lists, view campaign reports date wise, display the blogs and more.

Dotmailer Email Marketing


  • It comes with a drag & drop editor which makes your work more ease in crafting the emails.
  • dotmailer has another advanced feature with which you can also track your site & ROI.
  • From its From address feature, you can change the default address from new address while creating any campaign.
  • It comes with a notification feature so that you will be notified if any subscription occurred on your site.


dotmailer comes in different pricing stages as per the user’s usability & requirements. But for this, you need to contact its sales team.

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Now, these are the most popular & affordable email marketing platform which I have mentioned in this weblog. All the tools let you create multiple emails like email newsletter, acquisition emails, retention emails, promotional emails etc., These software are used by billions of millions internet or mobile based companies. So, I suggest you try one of these software once for your business and create responsive emails at the cheapest price.

I hope you have gone through all the listings present in this article.

In case, you have any queries while reading this article or any software then let us know via the comment section below.

Thanking You!

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