You are using email marketing software for your online campaign, smart enough!

But if you are using Drip ECRM as your email marketing tool and paying $49/month for its basic plan, then that smart move of yours is definitely questionable.

I understand Drip has been providing some of the most essential features like:

  • Better personalization with content customization & contact list segmentation.
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Numerous integrations
  • Marketing automation
  • Support system

But there is no point in paying $49 a month for using the basic plan of this service when there are a lot more better alternatives available at cheaper cost. Money matters after all!

Hence, we have compiled some of the best Drip alternatives which will cost less than half in the starter plan itself (as low as $5/month) without compromising the functionality of the email marketing software.

“A Quick Comparison Between Best Alternatives Of Drip”
Services Starter Plan Drip Emails Autoresponders Ratings
Pabbly Email Marketing $29/month 5.0/5.0
MailGet $29/month 4.9/5.0
iContact $14/month 4.5/5.0
ActiveCampaign  $15/month 4.0/5.0
Constant Contact $20/month 4.5/5.0

In fact, few email marketing software that we have mentioned below let you customize its pricing package as per your requirement. Also, you can choose a package where you have to pay per email. In this way, you have to pay only for what you use.

Also, these services include tons of other unique features that Drip lacks. For instance, assured inbox delivery, list cleaning, autoresponders, sign up forms /newsletters are a few to name.

Let us explore the 10 best drip alternatives in detail now that this article includes.

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1. Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing is yet another one of the most used email marketing software that allows you to create & send emails for your marketing campaign. Not just this, it is integrated with SMTP server so that you do not need to manage your own SMTP server for email transmission.

With this service, you can easily personalize your emails to establish a better connection with your clients and this can boost the open rate of your emails up to 6x.

Pabbly Email Marketing


  • It provides you with an option of list segmentation where you can group the contacts on various parameters. In this way, you can refine the strategy to target a particular audience.
  • Also, the SMTP routing helps you to decide which email campaign will be traversing through individual SMTP server for fast email transmission.
  • The autoresponders from Pabbly Email Marketing allows you to automate your replies such as welcome emails, confirmation emails etc. to the users.
  • Moreover, it lets you send drip emails to the customers which is an automated series of emails with time/action based scheduling.

Pricing Plan

Free trial plan costs you no money but allows you to explore Pabbly Email Marketing.

Its Rookie plan can be purchased at $29 a month to send emails to 5,000 subscribers.

You can send emails to 15,000 subscribers via purchasing the Pro plan at just $49/month.

The Advance plan will cost you only $99 and lets you send emails to 50,000 subscribers. This plan has 10 other pricing schemes that differ in accordance with the number of subscribers.

Note: You can get 20% off on yearly billing scheme.

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2. MailGet

This is one of the most trusted applications which allows you to create and send emails in bulk for your email marketing campaign. You can easily connect with multiple SMTP servers like Amazon SES, SendGrid, SparkPost, etc. for email transmission.

MailGet also provides you with drip emails and autoresponders which facilitates you to send automated messages to your contacts.

MailGet Drip Alternative


  • The drag and drop functionality of the email builder provided by MailGet helps you to design numerous responsive emails in minutes.
  • List cleaning functionality helps you to have a clean contact list from the email addresses which are most likely to get a bounce.
  • With its email tracking feature, you can have a campaign tracking in a better way in terms of open, clicks, unsubscribers etc.
  • It also provides a feature of email inbox preview in real time so that you can have a prior idea about the email look before finally sending emails.

Pricing Plan

The Starter Plan is available at $5/month which allows you to send emails to 5000 subscribers.

Its Rookie Plan is available at $29/month and lets you send emails to 25,000 subscribers for your unlimited monthly campaigns.

Then comes the Pro Plan with which you can send emails to 50,000 subscribers at just $49/month with unlimited features.

Furthermore, the Advance plan has 10 sub-pricing plans that differ according to the number of subscribers you want to send emails. Its highest plan costs you $672 to send 10,00,000 emails.

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3. Moosend

Moosend is an email marketing and automation tool that allows automated workflows, sync up data without wasting more time on sending emails one by one separately.
Whereas Moosend is easy to use and configure.

Moosend SMTP


  • You can collect more leads by adding more links to the emails and this can be done easily by using Moosend email marketing software.
  • Trace your user’s response by location, recipient activity, mobile device tracking, and email analytics tracking.
  • The preview you changes in the emails before sending it to your user’s inbox without while you are working on the editor.
  • You can connect Moosend with the API, SMTP, and also integrate it with other applications .

Pricing Plan

You can send unlimited emails up to 1,000 subscribers per month and your users can enjoy features of it.

$40 per month plan offers you to send unlimited emails up to 8,000 subscribers.

Includes 6 months and yearly plans in this your users can save up to 15 & 20 percents respectively.

Some other plan like “pay-as-you-go” this is for the occasional sender. Here users have to pay for each email.

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4. Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi lets you create, send, share and track email campaigns and newsletters with high efficiency.

One of the best parts about using this service is that you can even customize a pricing plan according to their need.

Also, this email marketing platform uses high-end network routing methods & robust authentication tools like DKIM, SPF records, multiple IPs and feedback loops.

Mad Mini Drip Alternative


  • Mad mimi offers numerous integrations to make your email marketing campaign even more effective & fast. For example, it has got add-ons for CRM, analytics, website builder, e-commerce etc.
  • You can monitor the entire customer interaction with your emails via its engagement reports. The analytics report will further let you updated about unsubscribers, bounced emails, clicked links and a lot more.
  • Further, it provides list management facility for your campaign as it recognizes addresses and removes duplicates, bounced emails or unsubscribes automatically.
  • Also, the use of SSL ensures keeping your information safe and secure during email transmission.

Pricing Plan

The Basic plan will cost you only $10 a month and lets you send emails to 500 contacts.

Its Pro plan is available at $42/month with which you can send emails to 10,000 contacts of your mailing list.

Furthermore, the Silver plan is available at $199 that allows you to send emails to 50,000 contacts.

Gold plan can be purchased at $1049 to send emails to 3,50,000 contacts.

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5. iContact

iContact provides drag and drop editor that helps you design a high-professional email layout in minutes. Also, you can choose a design from a customizable & responsive template library for emails.

Furthermore, you can automate these campaigns to cut down the redundancy of sending emails like welcome series or time-based nudges to the users to revisit your site.

Moreover, it provides multi-user accessibility, API integration, and tons of other essential features.

iContact Drip Alternative


  • A/B testing will ensure the successful email marketing as you can perform the various test on different elements like subscribers, email subject lines, incentives, layouts, color schemes etc. & use results to strategize further.
  • It provides a lot of measures to enhance your email campaigning in terms of performance reporting, subscriber management etc.
  • Also, the audience segmentation feature will help you to target specific groups of subscribers based on their behaviors to your emails.
  • Besides, its salesforce integration helps you to get in sync with your leads and contacts in the best possible manner.

Pricing Plan

iContact comes with 2 pricing plans, namely, Essential & Professional that charges differently according to the number of subscribers you want to send emails.
The least charge you need to pay for sending emails to 500 subscribes is $14/month from the essential plan and $99/month for the professional plan.

The difference comes in the features provided like the essential plan will facilitate you with drag and drop editor, performance reporting, sign-up form creation option etc.

Whereas, the professional plan includes all features of the essential plan and a lot of additional ones. For example, behavioral targeting, engagement tracking and a lot more.

Note: This costing is billed monthly which will vary on yearly billing and other premier services that you choose.

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6. MailCot

MailCot provides you with the drag and drop editor that allows you to create interactive & visual rich email templates. Also, this email marketing service allows you to create automated email campaigns with predefined scheduling.

MailCot Drip Alternative


  • MailCot’s list segmentation lets you create the segment in the contact list according to the response of contacts for your sent emails.
  • You can target your customers after analyzing the open and click report according to the geolocation of the subscribers as well.
  • Moreover, you can add custom fields to fetch the desired data of different kind of users & store them easily. This further helps you to target the users in a precise manner.
  • Further, it also allows you to have a live testing of the emails to be sent in order to have a preview before final sending.

Pricing Plan

The service offers 7 different pricing schemes (excluding the free plan) that are valid for 5 monthly campaigns & unlimited email sending option.

The SBPlan-1 is available at $6 per month for 1000 subscribers and many other features.

Its SBPlan-2 lets you send emails to 2000 subscribers at just $10 a month with 2 domains for sending personalized emails.

You can go for a higher plan i.e. SBPlan-4 if you need to send emails to 10000 subscribers by paying only $ 55/month.

Furthermore, you can send 30,000 emails by purchasing the SBPlan-7 at a very economical plan at $95/month.

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7. ActiveTrail

ActiveTrail is one of the top email marketing software that allows you to have RSS based email campaigns, birthdays campaigns etc. with much ease.

This robust marketing service facilitates you to have effective contact and bounce management to optimize the performance of your marketing campaign.

Activetrail Drip Alternative


  • Create/use templates for adding newsletter on your website to boost your mailing list and emails.
  • The A/B testing lets you compare the emails of performance as you can send the email to different recipients and examine their response & overall performance of those emails.
  • It provides all the necessary tools that give you compliance with the various international anti-spam laws.
  • Furthermore, the reports and analytics will help you to have a deeper insight into your email campaign performance.

Pricing Plan

The primary plan lets you send unlimited emails to 500 contacts at just $7/month.

Second plan allows you to send emails 1000 contacts which can be availed at $12 only.

If you want you to send emails to 2,500 contacts, you can go for third plan available at $24.

Its fourth plan will cost you only $38 a month and lets you send emails to 5000 contacts.


1. Free trial for 30 days with features like email campaigns, surveys, landing pages etc.
2. It also offers you several email packages where you have to pay per email.

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8. Constant Contact

Constant Contact provides a faster, easier & much powerful tool for your email marketing campaigns as you can easily create and send professional-looking emails to the contacts with best practices for email deliverability.

Also, it provides you with 100+ customizable email templates to use where you can also add action blocks (eg. RSVP, polls/surveys section etc.) to drive customer engagement.

It provides you support in multiple ways such as video tutorials, call & chat assistance, knowledge base articles and a lot more than that.

Constant Contact Drip Alternative


  • It allows you to create segmented contact lists so that you can send the right message to the targeted customers. Also, it provides automatic updation of unsubscribes, bounces, and inactive emails from your mailing list.
  • Thereafter, you can schedule the trigger time of your automated emails like immediately after you add a contact or hours/days later.
  • The marketing platform is integrated with a lot of add-ons such as Shopify, Quickbooks online app, WordPress, Formstack, Salesforce etc.
  • You can upload contact list from Excel, Gmail, Outlook, etc. or grow your contact list with its list building tools to collect email addresses.

Pricing Plan

The Email Plan starts from $20/mo and lets you send unlimited emails with 1 GB file storage and a lot more amazing features.

The second plan is Email Plus Plan that starts from $ 45/mo and provides 2 GB file storage option along with many enhanced features.

Note: The price is based on the number of contacts whereas you get the first month as a free trial.

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9. Benchmark

Benchmark is one of the amazing tools that provides a user-friendly interface for creating attractive and professional email marketing campaigns.

With its marketing automation templates, you can send personalized emails for a variety of series like welcome emails, follow up series etc. that gets triggered on the basis of event occurrence.
This processing helps a lot in handling subscriber-leads-customers chain with ease.

Additionally, it is integrated with multiple services that are essential throughout your mailing campaigns such as Zoho, PayPal, eBay, Magneto and much more.

Benchmark Drip Alternative


  • Its drag and drop functionality allows you to place the desired blocks for your emails and create eye-catching & responsive marketing emails live editing option. Else, you can avail the provided email templates for different business.
  • You can also create & place signup forms on your website, blog or social media which eventually helps you to increase contacts in your mailing list.
  • Besides this, you get the best list management tool which helps you in every aspect such as importing contacts, segmenting them & integrating them with services like Zapier, WordPress, Salesforce etc.
  • The real-time reports help you to monitor various metrics like opens, the bounce rate of your emails, clicks on links, forwarding your emails etc. & track the overall performance of the campaign.

Pricing Plan

The Medium Plan is available at $11.68 and lets you send emails to 600 subscribers.

Its Large Plan allows you to send emails to 55,000 subscribers at the cost of $283.41 only.

Then comes the Extra Large Plan that lets you send emails to 1,25,000 subscribers at just $597.54.

Finally, the Massive Plan offers you to get in contact with 1,070,000 subscribers by paying an affordable amount of $4003.06.


1. The free plan allows you to send up to 250 emails to your subscribers without paying any charges.
2. All the plans have the subsequent range of the number of subscribers and have a limit for sends per month.

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10. EngageBay

EngageBay is an email marketing platform that can help you easily create,
send and schedule bulk emails.

It has a good variety of tools that enable you to automate the email marketing
workflows and build 2-way sync with your Gmail or Outlook inbox.

The software also gives marketers a lot of power over all aspects of email
campaigns, thanks to coding support, plenty of personalization tools, and
A/B testing for all email and landing page elements.



  • Easy unsubscribe and double opt-in to reduce bounce rates.
  • A/B testing of all email and landing page elements to increase your open rate and click-through rates.
  • Real-time analytics and custom reports to understand and build on your email campaign strengths.
  • Integrated CRM, Live Chat, and Help Desk for customer service support even in Basic plan.

Pricing Plan

The Free plan stays free for a lifetime for 15 users, but with only 500 contacts
and 1,000 branded emails a month.

The Basic plan starts at $7.79 a month if billed biennially, and offers 2,500
branded emails per month. It adds a landing page builder and lead scoring
among other features.

The Growth plan costs $14.99 and offers 20,000 contacts and 20,000 branded emails per month. You get site messages, a custom domain, and full-
fledged marketing automation.

Pro plan costs $29.99 and offers 30,000 contacts and 30,000 branded
emails per month. It comes with a dedicated account manager and SLA

Note: Plans and pricing can be customized for company size and the number
of accounts/features needed.

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11. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is one of the highest used & trusted email marketing software in the market. It offers the finest functionalities to manage your time-based email marketing.

This service allows you to conduct drip campaigns, send one-time emails, autoresponders and a much more with ease.

Active Campaign Drip Alternative


  • You can collect customer insight from different sources such as event data, campaigns, interaction with your website etc.
  • The granular segmentation helps you target the customers more precisely on various parameters like demographics, location, behavior, conditional logic etc. You can also save these segments to reuse them in future.
  • You can also add dynamic content like adding RSS to the content or insert the URL of a live page in the message. Also, you can use the conditional content & send personalized emails to individual contacts.
  • Lastly, the split test functionality helps you to compare email campaigns performance tested on the different group of customers.

Pricing Plan

The service offers various pricing plans that vary according to the number of contacts you want to send emails. Here, we are going to discuss cost estimation for 500 contacts.

The Lite Plan is available at $15/mo only & lets you send unlimited emails to the users and gives many other features like marketing automation, chat and email support etc.

Plus Plan is available at $70/mo for you to send unlimited emails and has many amazing features like custom branding, custom domain, SMS marketing etc.

The Professional Plan comes with a price tag of $159/mo and allows unlimited sending with all the features of Plus Plan and some additional ones.

You can avail the Enterprise Plan at just $279/mo and provides you with even more advanced features than Professional Plan.

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12. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is yet another advanced tool for your email campaign. You can refine your marketing automation in accordance with the different type of users to send VIP offers, reminders, welcome/re-engagement series etc. This helps you to establish a personalized relationship with your customers.

Furthermore, its social sharing feature allows you to add a “Like” or “Tweet” button so that your recipients can share the email content on Twitter and Facebook.

Campaign Monitor Drip Alternative


  • Create responsive emails by using drag & drop builder or using the given templates for marketing offers, product announcements, newsletters, or event promotions. Also, you can add video from Vimeo or YouTube in your emails.
  • Campaign Monitor has numerous pre-built applications & integrations like Magneto, Google Analytics, Wistia etc. that will help you out to a great extent.
  • Further, you can set the marketing campaign on automation mode. Additionally, the time-zone email sending to the customers helps you to increase the customers’ engagement.
  • You can also provide the signup forms to collect more email addresses and eventually convert the users in your leads.

Pricing Plan

The Basic Plan is available at $9/month where you can send 2,500 emails for your campaign.

Its Second Plan is suitable if you want to send unlimited emails more frequently and is available at $29/month.

You can purchase the Premier Plan at just $149 to send unlimited emails. Also, get benefited with many exciting features like advanced link tracking, templates management etc.

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In the above article, we have unfolded some of the really effective drip alternatives. These email marketing includes a lot more advanced attributes which you might have not even heard.

Having said that, none of these services will cost you a lot that you would regret to pay.

So, you can get going with any of this software immediately as per your requirement.

Drop a comment in the below section in case you have any query or suggestion.

Thanks for reading.