Campaigner email marketing software is veritably one of the best bulk emailing service provider.

But do you think sending an email for the sake of carrying out the email marketing campaign is enough?

Understand this way!

The research shows- Almost 75% of people receive the emails but avoids opening them. Further, even if they open the emails, but 95% of them won’t even bother to follow the links in the content.

Now, I would like to add up- No one is going to open your emails until & unless the emails are effective & eye-catchy! What’s your opinion about this?

If you agree to my point, then there is a savior, i.e. email marketing software that will help you to create a strategy, design beautiful email templates, analyze your marketing success, and a lot more. All these tasks are done by a single software.

“A Quick Comparison Between Alternatives Of Campaigner”
Services Starter Plan Drip Emails List Cleaning      Ratings
Pabbly Email Marketing $29/month 5.0/5.0
MailGet $29/month 4.9/5.0
SendinBlue $25/month 4.5/5.0
Moosend  $10/month 4.0/5.0
Constant Contact $20/month 4.5/5.0

If you are doing it right, then only your email marketing campaign is worth carrying out. You must do smart work rather than hard work.

Before moving further, have a look at some more email marketing software alternatives!!!

There are so many issues in Campaigner Alternatives such as not sending emails on time, customer segmentation is not up to the mark and almost all the features are the basic one.

That’s why, in this article, we have compiled the 10 best Campaigner Alternatives that will help you in resolving the issues related to email marketing tools & consequently magnify the open rates, click through, & much more.

Moreover, the software on the list are very cost-effective & consists of advanced features. Don’t forget to go through the detailed analysis.

Now, let’s dive in and have a look at all the Campaigner Alternatives and choose the best one for your organization.

1. Pabbly Email Marketing – Top Email Marketing Service

Pabbly Email Marketing is one of the easiest email marketing tool to use, where building email campaign using drag and drop email builder is a breeze, even for the beginner. Also, using this service you can easily import and export your email and contact list within seconds.

It has an inbuilt SMTP so, there is no need for any complicated setup. The best part of Pabbly Email Marketing is, you can add and verify the sender email address that you will be using for sending email campaigns.

This allows you to add your own DomainKeys and DKIM which further helps you to avoid spam filters and proves that your email is not copied one.

Pabbly Email Marketing

Useful Features Of Pabbly Email Marketing

  • It has a powerful list cleaning feature by which you can clean out inactive, bad, & duplicate emails from your contact list. This helps in decreasing bounces, spams and increasing subscription rates.
  • You can manage your contact list by using list management features and export the email list in CSV format. Also, you can manage the email lists and customer’s data properly using this email marketing tool.
  • Email scheduling feature helps you to create and schedule your emails so, you can send them later at a specific time.
  • Admin can easily capture leads through subscription forms here, you can create sign up forms to generate more leads. This will reduce spam rates as your customers itself wants to read your emails that’s why they sign up with your newsletter.
  • Moreover, you can track your user behavior on your emails by email tracking feature present in this service. Also, you can integrate Google analytics account with this service to track emails which you can enable or disable according to your own choice.


Pabbly Email Marketing is an affordable service available at various pricing plans, also it gives a free trial plan where you can explore Pabbly Email Marketing.

  • For sending emails to 5,000 subscribers, you can buy the Rookie plan at a minimal cost of $29/Month.
  • Buy Pro Plan at $49/Month and send emails to 15,000 subscribers along with custom tags, and live chat support system.
  • The Advance Plan will cost you $99/Month where you can send emails to 50,000 subscribers and get access to all the advanced features.

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2. MailGet – Best In Campaigner Alternatives

This is one of the finest, fast and effective email marketing service which you can use to send marketing, educational, transaction, & promotional emails. It is best for the marketers who are looking for an established software on a budget.

You can send emails by integrating multiple SMTP such as MailGet SMTP, Dyn, Gmail Apps, and more which help you to get higher inbox delivery.

Moreover, this service has a huge variety of integrations, you can easily integrate Google Analytics, Zapier, and Wufoo to your MailGet account in a matter of minutes.

MailGet Campaigner Alternatives

Useful Features Of MailGet

  • This service has an auto follow up feature which helps you to automate your emails and send follow-up emails to the selected clients who are unable to open your email at the first time.
  • You can get complete details about the open rates, clicks, unsubscribes and more with the help of email tracking feature.
  • Autoresponder feature allows you to instantly send prebuilt automatic emails to your customers when they want to contacts you.
  • With the help of its easy drag and drop editor, you can easily create eye-grabbing email templates in just a fraction of time. You can create responsive email templates so, your users can get perfect viewing experience on any device.


There are 4 different pricing plans available for this service these are –

  • Free Trial Plan –  try and explore features of pabbly email marketing without paying any cost.
  • Rookie Plan – This plan will cost you $29/Month where you can send emails to 5,000 subscribers and connect up to 3 SMTP with ease.
  • Pro Plan – Send emails to 15,000 subscribers at a minimal cost of $49/Month and get live chat support along with advanced features.
  • Advance Plan – In this plan, you can send emails to 50,000 subscribers at an affordable pricing of $99/Month along with priority support.

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3. SendinBlue Email Marketing Service

It is a powerful email marketing tool which optimizes your email campaigns with insightful reporting. There is no problem if you don’t have any design experience because you just have to drag and drop the fields and design email campaigns with ease.

You can use pre-built email templates, and customize the templates according to your requirement.

SendinBlue Campaigner Alternatives

Useful Features Of SendinBlue

  • It provides you with two testing tools i.e. test list and inbox test where you test your email before scheduling them.
  • Admin can manage their contact list with the help of contact segmentation feature where they can manage their custom contact fields, segment contacts, and more.
  • SendinBlue provides you a sorted dashboard where you can get an overview of your marketing campaigns. You can see the metrics for deliverability, opens, click, hard bounces and a lot more.
  • This email marketing service provides you with a comprehensive REST API. Using this API, you can access all the functionalities such as creating accounts, manage contacts lists, etc.


  • Free Plan – Only at $0, you can send 300 emails/day along with some basic features.
  • Micro Plan – This plan is available at $7/mo where you can send 40,000 emails/mo and get access to all the essential features.
  • Bronze Plan – Buy this plan at $39/mo and send 60,000 emails /mo along with advanced email statistics.
  • Silver PlanGet this plan at $66/mo where you will get 120,000 emails per month and full support.

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4. Moosend

Moosend is one of the amazing software that provides a user-friendly interface and great support to create attractive & professional email marketing campaigns.

It offers several features like list management, own automation, reliable analytics, etc that help to grow your business.

Moosend SMTP

Useful Features Of Moosend

  • You can also send your transactional emails fastly by using its SMTP service and increase its delivery rate in their inbox by using its world-class infrastructure.
  • By using its predefined templates you can reduce your work of customizing whole emails. Whereas, you can use these templates and make some of the changes in the field while using them.
  • Provides you with the option to send unlimited emails to your users and offers a segmentation feature that helps you to divide your database in the subgroup so that message gets delivered to the right users.
  • Allows you to send the emails in the proper and scheduled pattern as decided or arranged by you.


There are so many attractive plans that are offered by the Moosend –

  • Offers free plan in which you can send unlimited emails up to 1,000 subscribers per month.
  • Provides $40 per month plan where you can send unlimited emails up to 8,000 subscribers.
  • Comes with the great plan that includes 6 months and annually pricing. You can easily save up to 15 & 20 percents on it.
  • For the occasional sender, they have a “pay-as-you-go” plan and user have to pay for each email.

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5. Constant Contact

You can make your email marketing easy by using this powerful Constant Contact marketing software.

Create and share professional-looking emails by adding your own logo, images, colors and customize them, according to your need.

Constant Contact Campaigner Alternatives

Useful Features Of Constant Contact

  • It has real-time reporting so, you can track complete details of your emails such as opening, reading, sharing, and more.
  • Admin can organize their contacts with easy by uploading it from Excel, Gmail, and a lot more. Also, you can collect client email addresses from your website, Facebook, mobile with the help of list building tools etc.
  • You can get instant automatic notification of your unsubscribes, bounces, and inactive emails with the help of this tool.
  • Enhance your emails with engaging content blocks and one-click calls to action feature that deliver results in minutes.


This software is available at 2 pricing plans with powerful features these are-

  • The first plan will cost you $20/mo where you can get unlimited emails, 1GB file storage and more.
  • Its second plan is available at $45/mo with live support and all the advanced features in it.

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6. Campaign Monitor

If anyone wants send promotional and transactional email to promote their business, then, this service is the best solution for them.

It is an email marketing automation tool which you can use to create new and unique personalized emails. You can send emails timely to your clients which keep your customers engaged.

Campaign Monitor Campaigner Alternatives

Useful Features Of Campaign Monitor

  • You can build useful signup forms so, users can sign up with your newsletter and get instant notification of your services.
  • The website owner can get the full analytics of their overall email campaign like open, click, and share rates.
  • Integrate Google Analytics, WooCommerce, Facebook and a lot more in this email marketing service.
  • Admin can create a hyper-targeted list by drilling into the data of your customers with the help of contacts segmentation.


The pricing plans of this service are varied on the basis of the number of subscribers you are sending emails these are –

  • 2500 Subscribers – You have to pay $29/Month to send 12,500 emails across each campaign.
  • 5000 Subscribers – This plan is available at $49/month where you can send 25,000 emails.
  • 10,000 Subscribers – Get all core email marketing features at $89/month with insights analytics and 50,000 emails.
  • 15,000 Subscribers – Buy this plan at $129/month with 75,000 emails across campaigns.

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7. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns are worth considering, if you want to run targeted email campaigns, and increase your reach.

With the help of this powerful email marketing tool, you can create beautiful email templates with customizable layouts. You can create seasonal greetings, business emails, survey invites, and a lot more.

Zoho Campaigns Campaigner Alternatives

Useful Features Of Zoho Campaigns

  • You can use your pre-made HTML template also, you can create your own templates with the help of simple drag and drop email editor.
  • It provides you with geographic reports where you can get to know the exact locations of your client who open your campaigns. In addition to this, you can view the open dates and times of emails.
  • Admin can create a workflow on the basis of client response to their previous email campaigns.


  • For send emails to 2,500 subscribers you can buy the plan at $25/Month and get access to all the essential features.
  • Send emails to 5,000 subscribers at $45/Month where you will get advanced features and complete support.
  • You can send emails to 10,000 subscribers at a minimal cost of $70/Month along with 24/7 support system.
  • Grab the plan at $88/Month and send emails to 15,000 subscribers along with complete email analytics.

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8. ConvertKit Email Marketing Tool

ConvertKit is an effective email automation tool by which you can create professional emails, embed customizable forms, and more in just a fraction of time.

This service helps you to send targeted content to your subscribers in just a few minutes. Moreover, its drag and drop sequence builder helps you in creating your email campaigns with ease.

ConvertKit Campaigner Alternatives

Useful Features Of ConvertKit

  • Admin can organize and understand their subscribers from one list with the help of tags and segments. Further, this helps you in sending highly targeted content tailored to clients interests, location, and other data.
  • ConvertKit software supports integrations with various e-commerce, landing page, and membership site providers.
  • It provides reliable deliverability of your emails so you can transfer emails directly in your client inbox.
  • You can keep the full record of your growth with the help of sorted dashboard where you can view subscriber data and opt-in conversions with ease.


ConvertKit has various pricing plans based on the number of subscribers these are-

  • Send emails to 2500 subscribers at $49/month and access all the basic features of this service.
  • For up to 5,000 subscribers, you can buy the plan at $79/month along with complete support.
  • At $119/month, you can send emails to 10,000 subscribers with complete subscriber tagging and reporting feature.
  • You can send emails to 15,000 subscribers at $149/month where you will get an email as well as live chat support.

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This email marketing service is the best solution for sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Using this powerful marketing tool, you can create, and send emails, or SMS from a single platform. Also, you can customize the emails according to your need. Campaigner Alternatives

Useful Features Of

  • You can get complete delivery logs, and details of your customers in the dashboard of this service. Further, you can quickly generate a CSV file for more in-depth analysis of email campaign performance.
  • has an A/B testing feature by which you can test your email with the help of email address, subject line, content, and more.
  • It helps you to filter email on the basis of email delivery status which saves your time. Also, you can export the desired metrics of your emails in a fraction of time.


Two different pricing plans these are-

  • Basic Plan – Available at $150/M where you can send messages across email, push notifications, and SMS up to 12000 subscribers.
  • Premium Plan – This plan will cost you $1000/M along with advanced features and send emails to more than 100,000 subscribers.

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10. Aweber

Aweber is being cost-effective and easy to use email marketing tool which is perfectly fit for small business owners, and any other entrepreneurs who want to promote their business by email marketing.

Aweber Campaigner Alternatives

Useful Features Of Aweber

  • This service also offers RSS to email through which you can automatically create emails from your newest blog posts and send them to your subscribers.
  • You can integrate your email marketing software with Google Analytics for tracking your user’s action on your emails.
  • Reporting functionality of Aweber is much better, you can view all your client’s stats in the dashboard of this service.


  • 2,500 Subscribers – Buy this plan at $29/mo and get all the essential features of email marketing.
  • 5,000 Subscribers – Available at $49/mo with unlimited emails and full support.
  • 10,000 Subscribers – This plan is available at $69/mo along with complete customer solutions.
  • 15,000 Subscribers – Get this plan at $149/mo along with more than 700 prebuilt templates.

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11. SendBlaster

SendBlaster is the perfect email marketing tool which helps you to send bulk emails in just a few minutes.

The best part of this service is, you can get a cloud email tracking service which handles all your emails reporting & improve your email campaigns.

SendBlaster Campaigner Alternatives

Useful Features Of SendBlaster

  • This service is embedded with an email editor or an external HTML editor through which you can create professional emails.
  • You can get a thorough data analysis of your emails by integrating Google Analytics with your email marketing service. This helps you to check the email open rate, the click-through rate and many other relevant metrics with ease.
  • Admin can create the email with Outlook, or DreamWeaver and then import it in the external files like HTML documents or existing .eml files.


  • The basic one-time pricing plan for this service is available at $129 where you will get all the basic features. If you want to upgrade or extend the download then you have to pay an extra amount of $68.
  • With all the advanced features like image library, drag & drop newsletter builder, and more, buy the additional add-ons plans by paying $357 more. Overall this product will cost you around $500 for full functionalities.

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Last Words

As we came at the end of our article, we hope this blog has been useful for you to get some ideas about which is the best alternative for your Campaigner tool.

We know there is no such tool which is one size fit, but according to expertise research, we mostly recommend MailGet Bolt because it provides the best email delivery.

Further, you can explore all the above-mentioned software, and choose the right tool for your business.

Still, if you have any doubt, feel free to ask in the comment section below.