The newspaper has become a part of our lives. But the trend has shifted from traditional newspapers to e-papers. That’s because we are always short of time! And that’s why today we are discussing newspaper WordPress themes.

If you have a newspaper agency or the associated vendor then it is a great pleasure that your publishing business will never be shut. But the scope of enhancing your business is by bringing your newspaper to an online platform. Here, we will refer you the WordPress themes for blogs or magazines that can help to build an online presence for your firm.

These WordPress themes for the newspaper will give your website a feel of a virtual newspaper.

Now you will think that how these themes can further help you?

Our collection of newspaper WordPress themes lets craft a website that gives the latest information like – current democracy, natural calamities, violence, sports and many more along with various elements on the homepage. Also, you can serve a comics section for kids, beauty related and food recipes segment for women that will increase your popularity online too.

Each theme given in this blog have their unique and robust features that make your website even better. Some of them are here – all the themes are responsive in nature, this line means that you can run these themes in any screen size. All these are SEO supportive and in the same way, these themes are built with full of features.

So what’s the matter of late, quickly pick a good newspaper WordPress theme and make your fantastic website.

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1. NewsDelivery – NewsPaper Delivery WordPress Theme

The first theme we talk about on the list is NewsDelivery WordPress newspaper theme. This theme is utilized by those who have their own newspaper agencies or belongs to the same kind of firm. By using this template, you can create your own informative website that helps to bring your newspaper online.

Further, we talk about the integrated features of this theme for the newspaper. Then there are countless features that will make your website even better. You do not have to wait until tomorrow to share any information, you can upload the latest news to your site at the same time using blog section. This blog section has its window on the homepage, so your latest blogs automatically get their limelight.  In fact, you can insert photos and upload or embed videos of any news through this newspaper WordPress theme.

Let’s go with some of the features below.

NewsDelivery Newspaper WordPress Theme

How much money would you have to buy this theme?

This newspaper WordPress theme charges only $79 as a one-time payment. After purchasing it, you’ll be able to use it for the lifetime.

Features –

  • Flex slider – First of all, the theme will give you a slider in a tabular format by which you can upload some videos and can share the information related to these videos. This will work as the headlines for your website.
  • Can upload videos – You can show some informative videos on the homepage. These all videos will appear in the grid format along with intro lines.
  • Publication menu – Information related to other newspapers can also be shared with the help of publication menu in the options panel.
  • Inkmember plugin – You will also get a login page through Inkmember Plugin. So, that your users need to register themselves and create an account on your site, do the required payment using PayPal integrated system. After that, they can see the status of their payment on the membership page.
  • Widgetized footer area – With this theme, you can make your website’s footer even brilliant. This is a 4 column widgetized area by which you can show your services, gallery, recent posts and much more.

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2. BlogSpring – WordPress Theme For Blogging

BlogSpring WordPress theme is a complete solution both for creating a news website or a magazine website. It helps to showcase your information related to politics, society, events and other happenings in a detailed way.

This theme is gorgeous in terms of appearance, features and style. In fact, the theme can be a magazine WordPress theme and can give a touch of professionalism to your work.

BlogSpring Newspaper WordPress Theme

How much money would you have to buy this theme?

Its basic plan charges only $70 which includes both the buyer fee & the item price.

Features –

  • Custom layout – This theme has 2 layout designs from which you have to select one.
  • Blogs setting – After selecting a layout, you will showcase your latest blogs on the home page, which will be in column format.
  • Can set categories – The left side of the homepage is a sidebar by which you can set the latest and popular blogs into different categories.
  • Call us button – Here is a click to action button that allows users to call you at one click.
  • Grid layout gallery section – Here you can showcase your business related images and videos through your website.

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3. BlogStrend – WordPress Blog Theme

You can use this theme specially for blogging purpose. This WordPress theme for blogs is a good resource that will help you to increase the crowd and visibility of your site. TheBlogStrend newspaper WordPress theme has a pretty layout with tons of features like – customizable blog content, gallery section, footer area and many more is enough to give your website a professional glance.

We want to tell one of a benefit to this theme is its cross-browser compatibility. This means that you can run these themes on any browser, whether it is Firefox, or Mozilla or IE. Means this theme can work on every other platform or else.

BlogsTrend Newspaper WordPress Theme

How much money would you have to buy this theme?

You can purchase its standard pack of $59 for one user with unlimited access.

Features –

  • Multiple layouts – This theme has lots of layouts,  you can choose any of these layouts and place it on your website.
  • Integrated with lead capture form – This is a special feature of this theme which is integrated into the form layout. If you want to take visitor’s information from them and store it for future, then this option will make your work easier.
  • Slider – This theme has a slider in which you can set the relevant images and write their respective intro text.
  • Social icons on the home page –  On the right side of the home page, there is a separate area for social icons, which can help you to make your website a Social Restraint.
  • Full-width option – In this theme, you also have a preview option that lets you preview your website before creating it.

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4. Newspaper X – WordPress Theme

How would you feel if I could say that you can create a grave website for your visitors, that too free?


Yes, you heard it right, through this Newspaper X WordPress theme, you can design your website in a very easy way. I said easy, because I think this theme can be understood by everyone and there are clean functionalities in it. Do not necessary to have coding knowledge to create a website from this newspaper WordPress theme.

From the installation count of this theme, we can estimate that its popularity is too much, there are more than 3,000 active users. If you want to create a website for your newspaper, then I think this theme will be the best choice.

Newspaper-X Newspaper WordPress Theme

How much money would you have to buy this theme?

The Newspaper X WordPress theme is completely free of cost.

Features –

  • Easily Downloadable – This theme has a sidebar where you can put the download link along with the description of your website.
  • Ad space area – In this theme, you can promote your products online for which you have an additional ad space area.
  • Headlines on the homepage – In this theme, you can showcase the latest news with intro text on the homepage.
  • Links Option – The options panel has a link option which allows users to navigate to specific pages. You can also add links to other pages related to it on every single page.
  • Footer area – 3 column widgetized footer area, that includes recent posts, recent comments and search panel.

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5. Newspaper Magazine – WordPress Magazine Theme

Newspaper magazine theme is beautifully designed to create magazine website. Several newspaper agencies, magazines and blogging companies can utilize this template.There are so many inbuilt features in this theme that you can customize the encoding or layout of your site. Below we will talk about these features in brief.

But before that let me tell you, this theme is quite popular and so far more than 1000 users are using it.

Newspaper Magazine Newspaper WordPress Theme

How much money would you have to buy this theme?

You can purchase its standard pack for free with unlimited access.

Features –

  • Add a menu list – In this theme, you have an option to add menus to your website.
  • Breaking news on the homepage – You can showcase the latest news or information on the homepage.
  • Search panel – You can also give search options through your website to the users, so, that they can get any information or news easily.

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Wind Up –

I’m sure that the collection of newspaper WordPress themes or WordPress themes for the magazine will work great. With the help of these themes, you can showcase your newspaper, magazine or blogs on the online platform.

Say you can create a good website that will help you to take your business to new heights.

We hope you have liked this article and you will definitely choose your favourite one from these themes collection.

And even if something is not feeling right or some questions are raised, tell us in the comment section below. We will definitely help you out.

Thanks for reading!