Just like ingredients are the key to your recipe. The same way, Recipe WordPress Plugins are key to your food blog.

When you put a lot of efforts and hard work in your food recipe blog it surely deserves major exposure. And for that, you have to choose the best Recipe WordPress Plugins and we’ll help you with that.

Web platform will open up the world of possibilities for you. So, you can get set to share your mouth-watering recipes and take your local taste to a global level via one of those plugins which we have for you.

A Recipe WordPress Plugin can be one of the essential ingredients in making your website the best amongst all. The must-haves for your food blog are the convenience, Search Engine Optimization, and user experience which you get with a plugin.

Here are a few more blogs that you would love to feast on.

Delve into these 7+ Best Recipe WordPress Plugins to choose which ingredient will enrich the flavor of your WordPress recipe website:

1. Recipe Box – Recipe Plugin for WordPress

The Recently updated Recipe Box Plugin comes with a number of advanced options such as the rich snippet that increases the exposure of your website content in the search engines and enhances your website’s SEO. The 60 customizable options back-end will allow you to change a lot of plugin behaviour as per your convenience.

recipe box

Pricing Plans – WordPress Recipe Box Plugin has a regular license fee of $20.

Some specialities of Recipe Box Plugin are –

  • Include review system, users will be able to review your recipes.
  • Automatically Generates rich snippets resulting into the increased exposure of your content in the search engines.
  • 60 customizable options allow you to change the plugin behaviour.
  • Its responsive layout makes sure the appearance looks great on every screen and Retina Ready as has a higher resolution quality.
  • Designed shortcodes for various uses.

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2. WP Ultimate Recipe – Recipe WordPress Plugin

If you are a newbie to the WordPress Recipe Plugins you should try the WP Ultimate Recipe Plugins as it is very easy to manage and intuitive to use. Organise your recipe the way you want as there are standard WP categories and tags available in the plugin, you can create as many custom tags as you want. You can make your website more user-friendly and also build a community by engaging your visitor and letting them submit there own recipe.

wp ultimate recipe

Pricing Plans – The plugin is completely FREE at the Basic level. Prefer purchasing premium modules to take full advantage of the plugin. WP Ultimate Recipe Plugin has a license fee of $79.

Key features of WP Ultimate Recipe Plugin–

  • For Google Recipe Search needs formatted metadata and the WP Ultimate Recipe Plugin does it automatically for You.
  • Stand out from the crowd, giving the visitors a unique look and feel.
  • Ability to adjust the ingredient amounts to the serving size.
  • Involve your visitors and build a real community by allowing them to submit their own recipes.
  • This plugin is available in a number of languages such as- English, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, German and is easily translatable in any other language.

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3. Total Recipe Generator – Recipe WordPress Plugins with Nutritional Facts

There are some recommended standards and some basic requirements for a Recipe WordPress Plugin such as the JSON-LD microdata, schema microdata, affiliate links or links etc. and the Total Recipe Generator generates content as per those standards. Not only it follows the standards it has built-in Nutrition Facts Label Creator, page builder support for back-end as well as for front-end, Automatic features for time conversions and many more.

total recipe generator

Pricing Plans – WordPress Total Recipe Generator Plugin has a regular license fee of $12 for a regular licenced plan.

Features of Total Recipe Generator Plugin –

  • Total Recipe Generator plugin is shipped as Visual Composer Add-on. It inherits the drag-and-drop interface, along with built-in support for a number of Visual Composer elements.
  • Create recipe content instantly by launching pre-built template.
  • Auto calculation of total time from preparation time and cooking time.
  • Built-in Nutrition Facts Label Creator
  • Step by step documentation guide and installation manual for setting up recipe content

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4. JT Recipes – SEO Optimized WordPress Plugin

The newly upgraded JT Recipes Plugin version 3.2.1 has loads of upgrades like the Advanced search widget to find the desired recipe, RTL support i.e, compatibility with all languages and many more upgrades. It comes with a special widget and shortcode to display your recipes anywhere on your WordPress site. A good news for our active users is that the problem with the categories option is now resolved in the upgraded version by our great JT Recipes Plugin support.

jt recipes

Pricing Plans – WordPress JT Recipes Plugin has a regular license fee of $10.

Features of  JT Recipes WordPress plugin are –

  • Fully compatible with the latest versions of WordPress.
  • Multiple widgets & single page styles to display your recipes.
  • Search recipes by using the simple or advanced search widget.
  • A user can submit a recipe from the frontend.
  • RTL compatible i.e; compatibility with all languages.

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5. Le Chef – Premium Recipe Plugin

Give the users a brand new appetizing way of discovering recipes on your website, use the Le Chef – Premium Recipe Plugin. The Le Chef newest version 4.0 has included has included a full list of Grocery, timer for every step of the recipe as well as the Estimated duration for each step forward. A number of interesting new shortcodes were also introduced for Recipe of the day, Our Chef’s and latest recipe videos on the webpage.

le chef

Pricing Plans – WordPress Le Chef Plugin has a regular license fee of $21.

Features of Le Chef Plugin –

  • Fully customizable super-fast recipes nutritional filter.
  • Print Recipe option and Chef Dashboard
  • Custom recipe video, measurements units and calories counter
  • Add recipe to favourites, favourites user list
  • It has Custom “like” button for each recipe, with display counter.

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6. WP Recipe Maker – WordPress Plugin With Optimized Speed

Use WP Recipe Maker to simply add recipes to any of your post or page. WP Recipe Maker automatically takes care of adding JSON-LD metadata for SEO purposes. Migrating content from other plugins is also supported in the WP Recipe Maker Plugin. Searching a particular recipe and rating it is also very easily done. The published blog also contains comment section for the comments on a published recipe blog.

wp recipe maker

Pricing Plans – The Premium WP Recipe Maker Plugin comes for $49 per month.

Features of WP Recipe Maker Plugin–

  • Latest Recipe SEO standards which automatically handles the recipe metadata.
  • Easy to use for you and your visitors
  • Optimised for Speed, minified and combined assets.
  • Easily calculate your Nutrition Facts, nutrition API to help you calculate Nutrition values(calories).
  • Grow your Food Blog into a Business, Reach an International Audience.

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7. Cooked – Recipes for WordPress

Cooked is a Google-friendly WordPress plugin as it automatically follows the Google standards of semantic structure for your published recipes and also generates schema.org microdata another Google standard to display your recipes across a variety of platforms and for different screen sizes.


Pricing Plans – The plugin is completely FREE for Basic creation. Prefered PRO modules to take full advantage of the plugin. It has a pro license fee of $49.

Peculiarities with Cooked – Recipes for WordPress Plugin–

  • Quality design and usability; Cooked uses drag & drop recipe builder.
  • Beautiful grid-based masonry recipe lists.
  • Author template to list recipes by a single author.
  • Developer-friendly with loads of hooks & filters.
  • Servings switcher to adjust ingredient amounts.

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8. Zip Recipes – Recipe Plugins for WordPress

As there are a large number of recipe website out there the findability become as a major aspect. You don’t need to hand-code your recipes into a complex recipe structure. The Zip Recipes plugin will do that for you. The recently released Zip Recipes plugin version let your visitor remember you, the blog URL is included on the printed receipt.

zip recipe

Pricing Plans Zip Recipes – The plugin is available FREE of cost for the Basic level.

Some key features of Zip Recipes are–

  • Add affiliate links or links to related recipes from the Ingredients.
  • Support’s the Google recommended JSON-LD format, also supports the older format used by Pinterest.
  • Google AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) Support.
  • Zip Recipes features like Auto-Populate Recipe Name, auto-Populate Recipe Name, recipe name is automatically replicated inside the plugin, using the name from the recipe post name, which further enhances SEO.
  • Can have recipes in different languages on the same blog.

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9. Delicious Recipes – Interactive and Intuitive Recipes

Delicious Recipes comes with a simple and elegant design with numerous customization options to easily fit your theme design. This theme has all the essential features, including SEO optimization, and serves to give the most user-friendly experience. Readers can adjust serving sizes, give star ratings, comment on recipes, and even share them on social media.

Delicious Recipes

Pricing Plans– This plugin is entirely free and offers you all its advanced features at no cost.

Features of Delicious Recipes Plugin:–

  • Mobile-Friendly.
  • Nutrition Box.
  • Advanced Search Page.
  • Video Recipes.
  • Pinterest Rich Pins .
  • Quick Print Button.

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Hope you have already selected the best WordPress Plugin as per your taste buds. If you have any suggestions for a much better option please share the same with us in our comment section. We would love to take this list even further!

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