If you’re aiming to enhance your website’s status then you must add the best video player WordPress plugins to add extra features.

If a picture says 1000 more thing than words, then a video says millions of messages in your contents.

A video player is one of the most popular tools nowadays. It has taken over the Web, according to research, the average internet users watch more than 180 videos in a month.

You can stream your live sound and video contents with a video player. Video contents work as an alternative to convey your message which you want to share.

Having a shared and embedded audios, videos, pictures of your contents or sites would make your site look better present your message in a simple, short and easy manner.

With an attractive video content keep your visitor’s or client connected with on your site for a long more time.

If you want to create a video player for your WordPress site, then here are 7+ best great WordPress video plugins to try.


Elite Video Player is modern and one of the best video plugin in WordPress repository. The plugin is available in premium with tons of exciting features and functionalities.

The plugin lets you play YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, and self-hosted videos and also it lets you import playlists. It supports advertising as well.

Elite Video Player

Pricing –

Gets its multitude of services ts just $21 and extended up to $149.

Features –

  • It supports YouTube videos/ playlists /Vimeo videos and works with pre-roll, mid-roll, pops up advertising.
  • It also supports Google Drive videos.
  • Resizable height and width.
  • Fully customized and responsive.

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Ultimate Video Player plugin is a powerful responsive and customized WordPress plugin that helps you to play your local videos.

It requires only mp4 format-the most used format on the web and works on both mobile and desktop screen no matter which browser is used.

The plugin is packed with ultimate features and functionalities like multiple playlists, responsive designs, embed & share and more.

Ultimate Video Player WordPress Plugin

Pricing –

Get the benefits of its reliable features at just $36 and extended up to $156.

Features –

  • It has a responsive layout and supports multiple video formats.
  • HTML markup, XML, Vimeo playlist/YouTube/HTML5 video allows to load any type of playlists.
  • Completely reliable and secured, allow only logged user to play the video.
  • Support various numbers of shortcodes.

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This Spider Video Player allows you to add videos to your WordPress blogs, posts and pages quickly an easily. This powerful plugin allows you to play videos on any screen.

This plugin is one of the best plugins for videos available in the WordPress repository. With Spider Video Player add videos to your website very easily.


Pricing –

The plugin is available in both Free and Premium. Take its starting premium service at just $20/6-M and extended up to $30/Y.

Features –

  • With wonderful Flesh Effects add several video players on one page.
  • Offers unlimited playlists with an unlimited number of videos.
  • Embeds YouTube & Vimeo when providing video URL.
  • Multi-playback options for the video player.

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4. bzplayer Pro

This plugin is an easy-to-use video player plugin that plays Vimeo videos, YouTube videos, and self-hosted videos and playlists. However, it is a video streaming plugin with amazing features like a custom playback button and social share of content that makes its place on this list.

The plugin is the complete solution for embedding MP4 & FLV videos in your blog posts and pages. It also supports advertisements and stats.

bzplayer - Video Player WordPress Plugin

Pricing –

This plugin comes in two licenses regular and extended, which cost you $21 and $145 respectively.

Features –

  • The FV Flowplayer video player is completely responsive and customized.
  • Get its unlimited numbers of instances on a single page.
  • Full support for Amazon S3, CloudFront, and other CDN’s.
  • It supports every browser.
  • For branding purposes, you can add logo and custom images.

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This responsive plugin is used for a multi-purpose video player. The video player is a premium plugin comes with advanced features and functionalities.
The plugin supports YouTube playlists/single videos/various channels/Google drive videos/Dropbox videos/Amazon s3 and much more.

It gives you a lifetime support and frequent updates. If you’re a non-technical person then this plugin specially designed for you.

Stellar Video Player

Pricing –

Use its services at just $21 for 6-month support and extended up to $199.

Features –

  • Provides 12 pre-built scrollbar types such as light, light-thin, insert, insert-2, insert-3 and more.
  • The plugin is fully customized so that use any color scheme i=on your site.
  • It supports HTML5 self-hosted quality selector HD/SD.
  • Provides a Tooltip indicator for better user experience.

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This plugin is simple and premium HTML5 video player plugin for WordPress site. This plugin comes in multiple styles and colors

HTML5 video player is used to create a playlist and contains 3 video players: bottom playlists, right-side playlists, and simple versions.

It allows you to select best costume skin which will enrich the design of your page.

HTML5 Video Player WordPress Plugin

Pricing –

Gets its multitude of features at just $19 and extended up to $110.

Features –

  • It has responsive designs and layouts.
  • Many colors schemes options.
  • Allows you to insert the player many times on the same page.
  • It shows the preview image of every video or movies.

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This WordPress plugin for video player is completely responsive and add various video player in your website like YouTube, Vimeo, a gallery with splendid Popup and HTML5.

This plugin allows you to create category id for multiple video galleries. With its video gallery tab enter Video Title and Video Source.


Pricing –

Use its services at just $19 for 1 site and extended up to $20.0 for 5 sites.

Features –

  • Provides you 19 different designs to present your video unique.
  • The plugin is fully responsive and a completely touch-based slider.
  • Set videos category wise.
  • Completely multilingual.

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Easy Video Player is a WordPress plugin which is designed to showcase all type of your videos. It permits you to showcase both self-hosted or externally hosted videos.

This plugin is simple and easy to use and responsive video player widgets which give you a wonderful experience.

Easy Video Player

Pricing –

Download this advanced and powerful plugin Free from its official website.

Features –

  • Showcase MP4 videos into your websites.
  • With its MediaElement or default WordPress, video player embeds all the videos.
  • With modifier classes, you can customize the video player.
  • Implant the videos with loop and autoplay.

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Here I’ve curated the lists of 7+ Best Video Player WordPress Plugins as per the user’s ratings and feedback. In this post, every single one of these WordPress video player plugins is just what you need to give your visitors.

Do let me know through the comment section below if I’ve left something in this post.


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