Resume management and design are critical features of any job search in the 21st century. Often, graduates and other job seekers gloss over this fundamental stage and hasten through it. This does not benefit anyone involved. Not only does the resume turn out poorly but, due to this, job seekers do not receive interview calls from positions they’re qualified for. Even employers lose out on a worthwhile candidate which could’ve done justice to the position.

This is why an increasing number of potential employees are searching for resume software which can help them out in this simple but pertinent task.

Service Name Resources and Features Pricing
VisualCV Pro Templates, Guides, Sharing Features, Custom Domains, No Watermarks $12/month
Kickresume Resume Samples, Resume Builder, Cover Letter Builder, Grammar Check, Multiple Languages ₹340/month
Resumonk Templates, Sample Resumes, Linkedin Import Capability, Cover Letter Generator, Custom URL $29/year or a one-time payment of $89

1. VisualCV Pro

Resume software is designed to make you stand out from the crowd and attain your dream job. VisualCV Pro is a comprehensive online platform where you can draft and optimize your CV. Currently being used by 3 million people, it offers a great variety of templates – both in its free and premium versions to users. Furthermore, you can customize these and adapt them to the particulars of your job search based on aspects like industry, position, qualifications, academia among others. Alongside that, the website hosts a blog which has write-ups on topics like refining a cover letter and drafting a student CV.


  • VisualCV Pro allows you to manage and customize up to 22 different CVs at the same time while applying for different jobs.
  • The platform lets you track your results based on the number of employers who view or download your CV.
  • Upon signup, you can send one CV to the platform’s partners ‘TopResume’ to get honest and critical feedback.
  • Your data is completely secure and protected on the website. It won’t be shared with any third parties unless you opt for it.


VisualCV provides a free-to-use platform for designing your CV which can hold up to one CV at a time and provides access to several free templates for designing your CV. The aforementioned results analytical and tracking tools are also available for free.

At $12/month (billed quarterly) Visual CV Pro also allows you to export all your CVs in both PDF and Word without any watermarks. You even get access to a greater variety of PRO templates including student CVs, academic CVs, and cover letter formats.

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2. Kickresume

A platform created for people looking to get employed quickly. Kickresume boasts a 25-day long job search on average for people using resumes designed via it. It also offers vast amounts of customizations within the resumes, cover letters, and CVs that you draft. According to the website, these samples belong to users who’ve secured top-notch employment using the platform at firms like Google, Facebook, Tesla, and Nike. Furthermore, Kickresume even proclaims a 60% higher rate of getting a job when using its services compared to trying to make it on your own.

Kickresume - Best Resume Software


  • This resume software provides over 50+ resume and CV templates to pick from. These can even be career-specific and the diversity ensures that you get to choose one which reflects your personality well.
  • With over 20,000 pre-written phrases for over 3,200 job profiles, Kickresume speeds up the process of drafting your resume. You can even import your Linkedin profile.
  • You can swift through hundreds of real resumes for inspiration. These belong to people who’ve secured dream jobs in the relevant industries.
  • All templates that Kickresume offers are well supported by the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) which companies use.


The free version of Kickresume provides access to a minimal number of resume and cover letter templates for you to choose from. It also supports the use of multiple languages and access to unlimited edits/downloads of your resume.

At ₹340/month, the paid version of the service boosts the number of resume and cover letter templates to 50+. Moreover, you can create your own website with a single click. You’re further provided access to a large number of customization options with pre-written statements.

Note: Verified students can access the paid features of Kickresume for free on the website by providing the relevant details.

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3. Resumonk

Resumonk is a simple tool which offers everything you’d need to deliver your achievements to employers in the most appealing way possible. It even offers some of the most beautiful designs and outlines possible for CVs. This resume builder software also provides analytical tools to check who has accessed your resume. There are glorious recommendations and reviews detailed at the bottom of most pages of Resumonk’s website. If it sounds interesting, read on!

Resumonk - Best Resume Software


  • Resumonk offers a diverse collection of resume and cover letter templates for you to choose from. You can easily pick one which reflects your professionalism, personality, and style.
  • You can edit & download your resume as many times as you’d like in various formats such as PDF and DOCX.
  • The platform even allows you to import your profile and relevant details from LinkedIn.
  • It even provides you with a custom URL which you can use to share your artistically crafted CV.


You can opt for either of the three payment options below to get access to the services that Resumonk offers:

  • Free: You can edit your CV via Resumonk without even needing to sign-up. Using Resumonk freely, you get access to 4 amazing resume templates, 1 photo CV template and can even import your profile from LinkedIn.
  • Premium ($29/year): With this plan, you get access to 17 gorgeous resume templates, 3 photo templates and a whole host of other features on the platform. These include no watermarks, individually generated cover letters, custom URLs among others.
  • Forever ($89): Paying for this package once, you get access to all the aforementioned features for the rest of your life without any additional charges.

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While getting a job in today’s economy is tough, there are also a variety of tools cropping up which are designed to help you with the process. Hence, resume builder software can truly be the game-changers when it comes to your job search. Furthermore, given that you can use them freely at the beginning, you can try all of them out before settling on one. Considering the professional tools they offer, it’s likely that this small investment into your career will bear sweet fruit in the future.

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