Being a business owner, you usually need to involve in various tasks like managing warehouses, maintaining stocks and tracking deliveries. Many pages of bookkeeping, scribbling and penned entries were required to ensure that you & your workers were up to date on the condition and quantity of your stocks. Warehouse management software has made the process simpler. Not only that but, there’s also a variety of products available in the market today. You can pick the software best suited to your business’s needs.

Software Name Pricing(Per Month) Unique Features
Orderhive $99.99 Analytics & Reporting
Invoicing & Payments
Dear Systems $199 Manufacturing & Purchasing
Inventory Management
Tradegecko $39/month Stock Report Documentation
Remote Access For Stock Management
SkuVault $315/month Generate Stockpile Reports
Cloud-Based Data Sharing
EZ Office Inventory $57.15/month Checkouts and Reservations
Reports, Purchasing Orders, Barcodes

Such warehouse management software can make your life easier with amazing features like inventory management, automatic entry processing, easy stockpile calculators, etc. This should cut time and hence costs. Also, you can reinvest those in the business to cover the cost of the software itself. Some of this software is quite holistic as well. Their implementation will transform your business. Not only will it allow you to assess your business’s operations from the warehouse to the end customer but it will also smooth out any possible bumps along the way in a jiffy.

Within this article, we’ll be covering a short list of the various warehouse software which is available on the market. We’ll tell you about their features, their pros, and cons. This ought to help you make a decision about which warehouse software is best for your business.


1. Orderhive

Orderhive advertises itself as an all-in-one management application for your ‘online’ business. As advertised, it can deal with everything within the supply chain of your firm. This includes inventory management for your warehouse to retain stockpiles and process deliveries. Also, it allows you to track & organize all these details within one application. In turn, these features ensure that you have control over your business at all times.

Key Features of Orderhive

  • It records the movement of your product from your warehouse to your customer.
  • This processes payments, drafts invoices, manages returns and allows dropshipping and backorders.
  • It allows you to manage your multi-channel sales orders across all potential routes.
  • You can track the quality and quantity of inbound, outbound and on hold supplies to maximize efficiency.
  • It allows you to store less and sell more by accessing all relevant data of inventories within your warehouse.
  • You get access to real-time updates about conditions of your warehouse including low stock alerts, stock counts, automated PO creation and return to vendor details.

Pricing of Orderhive

Orderhive is a premium service with monthly plans which offer the first 3 months for new users at a discounted rate. There are 3 packages available offering enough customizability to suit the needs of your business. Plans include:

  • Starter ($99.99/month) – This offers 2 warehouses, integrations, user accesses, and unlimited orders and SKUs. Furthermore, you get the minimal email and chat support by Orderhive alongside some tutorials.
  • Professional ($199.99/month) – This pack includes 6 integrations, user accesses and warehouses alongside everything else mentioned above.
  • Growth ($299.99/month) – Buying this pack allows you access to added training.
  • Custom/Enterprise (Quotation required) – This is suited to businesses which have individualized and selective demands.

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2. Dear Systems

Dear Systems is a comprehensive warehouse management tool with wireless barcode scanning. It reduces order receiving errors with real-time updates from your inventory backend. It has various features focused at tracking and reducing the number of errors in your operations. You can achieve this via communication with the backend in real time. In turn, this allows your business to run as smoothly as possible. Moreover, the handheld tool which accompanies the warehouse management SKU software also creates item labels. Consequently, this helps you keep track of your stock.

Dear Systems - Best Warehouse Management Software

Key Features Of Dear Systems

  • Wireless Scanning improves the tracking of your warehouse stocks and productivity as labor transgression and inefficiency reduce.
  • Real-time visibility of your stocks, sales and deliveries are available.
  • Scan SKU handheld hardware, meant for integration with your firm, is quite durable, easy to use and handy during operations.
  • Alerts on order discrepancies such as missing or different barcodes and improper quantities within consignments at the time of delivery. Hence, this means that you’re on the ropes at all times.
  • Also, it saves time and reduces errors in the manufacturing, stockpiling and delivery processes.

Pricing Of Dear Systems

Dear Systems WMS does offer 14 days of free trial to its users. After the trial ends, users can opt for either of the two plans detailed below:

  • Monthly ($199) – Within this pack, every service which is included in the annual package mentioned below is available except the first free month.
  • Annually ($2189) – This plan saves you one month’s worth of payment which amounts to $199. Other than that, the plans are similar.

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3. NetSuite

Companies are realizing that the costs incurred in stockpiling and managing warehouses can add up. Some of the ways a firm can improve its resulting financial situation include increasing labor agility, visibility, and efficiency. This is the best achieved via a comprehensive warehouse management system (WMS) like the one offered by NetSuite. This software has a range of features which will make managing your business a breeze.

NetSuite - Best Warehouse Management Software

Key Features Of NetSuite

  • You can manage all your orders and bring them in line with receipt dates preventing any differences from arising between software and actual products.
  • It can handle products from the manufacturing process till the delivery-end as consignment entries and deliveries are tracked.
  • Inventory management allows you to keep track of your materials and their location in real-time through this software.
  • You can manage all types and complexities of warehouses via NetSuite. So, the program can customize easily according to the needs of your business.

Pricing Of NetSuite

The price of this service is currently undisclosed and it’s best you contact NetSuite to get quotes.

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4. Tradegecko

Tradegecko is a versatile platform designed to help businesses handle various aspects of their supply chain. Hence, warehouse management is one feature of the program and incorporates helpful elements like the movement of inventory, receipt, deliveries, etc. Keeping a track of such inventory movement is likely to increase the efficiency of your business.

Tradegecko - Best Warehouse Management Software

Key Features Of Tradegecko

  • Add, track and manage stock listings through this software, where it will be stored, transferred and directed in the future.
  • Set up future deliveries, consignment receipts, and transfers through Tradegecko.
  • Track location of your stock in different warehouses easily.
  • Setup consignment and transfer locations to move stock while considering the capacities of your warehouses.

Pricing Of Tradegecko

After a 14-day free trial experience, Tradegecko offers three plans which can either be billed annually or monthly. The three options for businesses are:

  • Founder ($39/month) – This one’s meant for the sole entrepreneur who wishes to have greater control over his business organization and operation.
  • Lite ($948/year or $99/month) – In this plan, capacity for storage and remote access increases and it’s meant to be utilized at a greater scale compared to the previous plan.
  • Small Business ($2388/year or $249/month) – Buying this pack allows you to access 5 users, 1000 sales orders/months and much more.
  • Business ($599 yearly or $699/monthly) –  This one is meant for larger firms who are established and require more comprehensive software for inventory, warehouse, and stock management.

Note – Annual plans are cheaper than plans which bill monthly.

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5. JDA

Warehouse management software is an asset in of itself due to the strategy required in ensuring its efficient operation. Providing high service while racking up low costs during operation is a goal and an achievement which JDA achieves. Also, JDA offers features like real-time processing, optimized storage, and selection strategies, and directed task management among several others. Through these, it ensures that inefficiency does not creep into the supply chain at any stage.

JDA - Best Warehouse Management Software

Key Features Of JDA

  • Its cloud-based deployment ensures that the overall cost of ownership is reduced and value for your business is generated at an increased rate.
  • Being mobile platform enabled, JDA allows you to access the required data on your warehouse capacity and consignments.
  • This allows for dynamic and automated task management which can be managed from remote locations and on-the-go.
  • JDA also provides configurable workflows for enhancing customizability to suit your firm’s needs.
  • It even ensures management for a wide range of automation that may be a part of your business.

Pricing Of JDA

The pricing of the service offered by the web conglomerate, alongside several of its other features is undisclosed and the firm should be contacted for in-depth quotes.

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6. Magaya

A Warehouse Management Software is intended to fulfill any inventory management, transportation and stockpiling requirements that you may have. Hence, this should result in an efficient process of space allocation and higher revenue. Moreover, it allows you to implement a ‘just-in-time’ purchasing and delivering model. Consequently, Magaya allows you to cut down costs and maintain an efficient supply of resources for deliveries as and when required. This also boosts customer confidence and is of great benefit to your company’s success.

Magaya - Best Warehouse Management Software

Key Features Of Magaya

  • Magaya allows you to track and stockpile the appropriate amount of resources according to your particular demand at a given point.
  • It even lets you guide the transportation of stocks and recommend the locations for their receipt in appropriate sequences.
  • Wireless handheld devices which accompany the Magaya software will improve transportation and release of the manufactured goods.
  • It supports barcode scanning that allows you to reduce the time taken for the entry of new goods, cutting down costs.

Pricing Of Magaya

Magaya offers custom quotations depending on the services that a business requires and its complexity. There is, but, a free trial and a demo available for new users.

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7. ClickReply

ClickReply offers data warehouse software that ensures customer satisfaction at its very heart. It was created after 20 years of gathered experience and innovation. Furthermore, this strenuous development continues to date at an ever-increasing rate. Not only that but, a flexible, scalable and customizable platform allows users to optimize various processes within their warehouse, including transportation and inventory management. Consecutively, this helps in cutting costs and increases business efficiency.

ClickReply - Best Warehouse Management Software

Key Features Of ClickReply

  • It optimizes inbound receipt & storing processes to minimize or drop storage costs and problems associated with the same.
  • This even maps the storage of various forms and categories of stockpiles while also utilizing the available space.
  • ClickReply WMS can hasten the process of delivery and ensure customer satisfaction at the final end of the supply chain.

Pricing Of ClickReply

It offers customizable services and as a platform varies its quotes according to the requirements of the client. So, no rate can be disclosed.

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8. SkuVault

SkuVault allows you to track and manage your inventory. Not only can you assign various consignments and their locations but you can also track these in a seamless manner. Also, you can organize deliveries which would improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Conclusively, this will contribute to the growth of the business.

SkuVault - Best Warehouse Management Software

Key Features Of SkuVault

  • It allows you to track consignments and stockpile levels within your different warehouses in real-time.
  • You can organize efficient deliveries which would boost customer satisfaction in the long-run.
  • Its cloud support allows you to access these services and data which would help you manage your business wherever you go.
  • Transparency and visibility are prioritized within the information delivered by the SkyVault software which is made available to the user.
  • It also allows you access to easy integration solutions with various eCommerce tie-ups such as PayPal and Western Union.

Pricing of SkuVault

The subscription to the warehouse management incorporates a fixed plan valued at $315/month. But training programs for the efficient use of the software vary in both features and prices.

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9. EZ Office Inventory

EZ Office Inventory is a cloud-based tracking service which ensures that you maintain stocks at all times and never have to face inconveniences because of it. Real-time data ensures that you have accurate details about your stocks. In short, you can manage your stockpiles and ensure optimum operations at all times.

EZ Office Inventory- Best Warehouse Management Software

Key Features Of EZ Office Inventory

  • The real-time database ensures that you have access to your stockpile information at all times.
  • RFID, Barcodes or QR codes allow for more efficient inventory tracking.
  • Low stock alerts keep you on the ropes, making sure that you’re never out of stock for your customers.
  • It allows for end-to-end tracking, ensuring your products reach their intended destination on time.

Pricing Of EZ Office Inventory

The product does offer you 15 days of free service. After its completion, there are several plans which would let you access the premium services that the platform has to offer.

Annual billing of product for most packages will be less than your monthly bill. Programs for the offer include:

  • A La Carte (Depends on package opted for) – This allows you to opt for services which are relevant for your business and then customize them for your use.
  • Unlimited Users ($300/month or $3240/year) – This one’s suited for educational institutes who’ve to provide access to various users.
  • Enterprise (Undisclosed) – This one provides the most intensive service coupled with the best technology. Rates are only available on inquiry.

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10. Zoho

As a warehouse software, Zoho allows you to keep track of your inventory, maintain appropriate stocks and order which are demanded by your customers. This prevents over or under stockpiling and ensures that your customer satisfaction ratings remain high. Furthermore, you can even track the movement of your stockpiles.


Key Features Of Zoho

  • The company recognizes the implementation of GST and so the software has provisions for the same.
  • This allows you to order, remove or transfer products in one inventory management application, leading to efficient organization of your business.
  • It even ensures end-to-end tracking for your consignments and deliveries.
  • It maintains real-time stock levels at various warehouses and also allows for inter-warehouse transfers of the stockpiles.

Pricing Of Zoho

Zoho offers 4 different plans depending on the needs of your business. These are:

  • Free – This one provides basic access to services.
  • Basic – This allows access to a greater range of services which are utilized by bigger businesses.
  • Standard – This one is meant for average-sized businesses who also have a larger number of integrations to conduct.
  • Professional – The largest package for the biggest conglomerates, offering the greatest number of services possible.

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The article was a comprehensive consideration of the various types of warehouse management software which are available in the market. It’s best that you get quotes for your business before starting to compare. Furthermore, it offers a free trial which should help you make your decision.

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