As an entrepreneur, you are likely to know how difficult it is to manage a wholesale business. Wholesale and distribution management can include marketing, shipping, organizing stocks, consignments, and other manuals, also it consumes time & labor. Here’s where wholesale distribution software enters the picture.

Further, wholesale distribution software delivers tools for inventory management, remote access to your warehouse, monitoring real-time shipping status and remote consignment deliveries among other things. All these should be reasons enough to incorporate wholesale distribution software in your business.

Now here is the comparison of wholesale distribution software 2021

Service Name Other Unique Features Pricing
Blue Link ERP  Lot (Batch) Tracking, Multicurrency Integration, Internationally Configurable Request a quote
Go Frugal   Control Price & Margin, Credit & Receivables, Offers & Schemes Starts at ₹15,000/year
Exact  Integrated Accounting & CRM, Maximum Stock Level Calibration, Multilanguage Support Starts at €189/month

1. Blue Link ERP Software

Wholesale and distribution businesses need multiple software to handle in most cases. Not with Blue Link, they don’t though. Consolidating all your multichannel needs into one platform, Blue Link ERP Software offers you an easy channel to optimize various aspects of your business.

Ranging from inventory management to wholesale automated business practices, Blue Link ensures that its ERP software streamlines processes across all departments. Hence, if you’re looking for a software which combines most of the features you’re looking for into one supportive platform, you’ve found your match!


  • You can track and manage inventory in the most efficient way possible.
  • Blue Link, inventory management is interlinked with accounting, order entry/processing and warehouse management functionality.
  • You can conduct multi-company and warehouse transfers while shipping consignments.
  • You can manage inventory through many sales channels via Blue Link. This includes eCommerce, tradeshows, customer walk-ins and phone among others.
  • Blue Link also allows you to track individual shipments coming from many suppliers until it gets delivered to their end consumer.


Blue Link ERP Software’s pricing depends on a whole host of variables as is detailed on their website. This wholesale distribution software includes factors like whether the services are hosted or cloud-backed, the size of your business and its complexity. So, no price is disclosed but quotes can be arranged. You also have access to a free demo of the software.

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2. Go Frugal

Go Frugal offers comprehensive services available right at your fingertips allowing remote access to various aspects of your business that includes tracking of stocks, managing orders, and returns. It delivers top-of-line ERP or wholesale distribution for a fraction of the cost of other products in the market.

With selective and customizable packages, the software incorporates extreme flexibility. Also, it lets you choose features you need to incorporate into your business.

Gofrugal - Wholesale Distribution Software


  • Go Frugal’s ERP Software is supported by its Earnsmart Mobile Application which empowers your sales team with the best automation technology and remote access to your business’s operations anytime and anywhere.
  • It even allows you to process a large number of orders in a short duration of time.
  • You can set price levels for different products depending on the types of customers you’re serving.
  • Go Frugal’s ERP Software also supports a variety of tax structures including VAT, Cess Excise, Octroi among many others.
  • It further supports multi-format and even multi-company invoicing, allowing you to compile various items into one invoice.


Pricing for Go Frugal is adaptable to your business’s needs and ends. They cater to different businesses and, so, prices are likely to differ for the type of business you run. The services offered within packages are subject to some discrepancies as well. But, they shouldn’t waver from the services and prices indicated below:

  • Starter – This (₹15,000 to ₹18,000 per annum) pack includes all the basic features listed above and some other minor ones.
  • Standard – This (₹30,000 per annum) includes the aforementioned features and also certain added features falling within the category of order/delivery management, operations management, and division management.
  • Professional This (₹70,800 – ₹75,000 annum) pack further contains promotional features and claim management services missing in other packages.
  • ERP – This plan is supposed to be customizable to individual businesses’ needs and, thus, does not convey an established price.
  • Go Frugal also offers a Free Trial and a Demo for their software which would be handy to get an idea about the different packages before making a purchase.
    Know more details.

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3. Exact

A wholesale distribution software which consolidates the financial, administrative and logistical aspects of your business into a single platform, Exact is an optimization tool for entrepreneurs like you. It not only offers various tools to streamline your supply chain but it ensures that its price never becomes a hindrance.

Furthermore, it offers various packages with full flexibility where you can only buy the required items to run your business. Hence, it gives you full control over all parts of your business.

Exact - Wholesale Distribution Software


  • Exact integrates all features of inventory management, accounting, and CRM into a single platform. This results in compact financial analysis and a detailed overview of your business, right at your fingertips.
  • Wholesale distribution & management software ensures that you always have the optimum level of stock available by recommending caps for stockpiles and allowing you to set custom levels.
  • You get delivered instantaneous and real-time results about your sales performance and the efficiency of your warehouse.


  • Basic – This (€189/month) incorporates the simple features that Exact offers including free accounting, CRM and quotes management.
  • Advanced – This (€295/month) one adds to the previous plan by further including management of operations at several warehouses, compiled products and order pick locations among other improvements.
  • Premium – This (€409/month) package additionally allows you to make sales forecasts and calibrate various storage locations.
  • Ultimate – (On request) package that can be customized to the needs of the business and even incorporates 40+ languages support.
    All packages also offer a free trial and a demo.

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Given the number of Wholesale Distribution Software on the market in 2019, there shouldn’t ever be a lack of options available for you to adapt to your business’s needs. The products detailed above are some of the best out there and indeed their addition to your business might improve its performance. What are you waiting for then? Give any of the companies a call today. Those free trials aren’t going to expire without usage!

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