Are you wondering about the best revenue optimization software? Then, here we have something that is certainly going to be a great help.

Basically, revenue management is a way to attract more potential customers. It helps in rediscovering ways to grow business by keeping an eye on prices based on market conditions and demand. Further, it also analyzes the payment method and forecast ways to generate leads.

But if you’re doubting the reason to prefer revenue optimization software. Then, we have a checklist that might benefit you.

  • Increase efficiency
  • Elevate monetizations
  • Boost up revenue
  • Target consumer

That’s why most of the businesses jump to revenue optimization software which helps in understanding the behavior of customers. It carries out real-time analysis to understand the market and offers the best possible solution which is exactly why most of the subscription-based company needs.

And honestly, there are plethora of revenue optimization software available in the market. Some of it is free and some costs dime. But, we have done all the heavy work for you by preparing an article on the cheap subscription billing software with revenue optimization management.

Quick Comparison Between Best Revenue Optimization Software
Service Basic Plan Affiliate Module Dunning Management Revenue
Pabbly Subscription Billing $19/m Unlimited
Putler $29/m NA 300
Baremetrics $50/m
Grow $300/m NA
ChartMogul $100/m NA

Let’s get started by digging deep into features and pricing of the mentioned software.

1. Pabbly Subscription Billing – Revenue Optimization Tool

“The best subscription billing software that doesn’t restrict on features by offering unlimited customers, sales & analytics, products, etc even in a basic plan.”

Pabbly Subscription Billing is the cheapest subscription management software with revenue optimization. Further, the tool eases market complexity by providing sales and analytics features. The purpose of it basically to keep an eye on business needs and how it’s going to match the market condition.

Besides, the software looks out for the revenue management by organizing the subscription billing system which saves a heck of a time and provides the best possible service. Also, the dashboard of the software cast light on newly added customers, refunds, sales, etc.

Moreover, it is bundled up with advanced features like API, Webhooks and SaaS integration to lessen up the work as it connected all the data directly into your server.

Additionally, on top of amazing features like unlimited products and plans, it doesn’t charge any transaction cost on any of its plans. And, whether the users buy the smallest plan or the advanced one, he/she gets access to all the features which most of the recurring billing software forbids.

Pabbly Subscription Billing - Revenue Optimization Software


  • Recurring & One Time Billing – It allows users to collect both one-time and recurring payment which exactly what the customers look for.
  • Payment Gateways – The software offers multiple payment gateways which include PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, etc to collect payments.
  • Client Portal – Further, this feature provides customers the portal of their own to manage subscriptions and products.
  • Sales Analytics – Using it, one can know the in-depth insights of revenue earned, customers, and much more.
  • Coupons Management – It implements ways to enhance revenue by offering a flat discount, coupons, and much more to customers.
  • Tax Handling – With the help of it, one can charge tax all across the globe from customers based on their country, region, province, etc.
  • Affiliate Management – The only tool in the market that offers affiliate management program. Using it, one can double the sales and earn an ample amount of commission.
  • Checkout Pages – Further, it helps to create customized checkout pages in the native language of your customers.
  • Custom Domain – It provides a custom domain for your business plus you can use the software name domain too.
  • Plan Upgrade/Downgrade – As the name says a lot, it gives flexibility to users to upgrade or downgrade the plan according to their needs.


  • Starter – The starter plan will cost $19/m including all the features like a client portal, auto email notification, etc.
  • Rookie – Next, the rookie plan will cost $37/m for 100 customers.
  • Pro – The pro plan will cost $57/m for 150 customers including all features.
  • Advanced – Lastly, the advanced plan will cost $79/m for 250 customers.

Note: In yearly plans, customers will get a discount of 50%.

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2. Putler – Analytics Tool

The second revenue optimization software in our list is Putler that is the one-stop destination for a business that seeks freedom, clarity, and results. Using the tool one can learn a lot about data that online business generates. The software provides meaningful analysis to boost progress.

Putler - Analytics Tool


  • Dashboard – It has easy to use dashboard which stores all the details of a customer in a single frame.
  • Performance Metrics – As the name depicted, it keeps an eye on the performance of a business and shared a detailed report.
  • Trend & Problem Indicators – It supports in knowing what’s in trend and what kind of issue a customer is facing.
  • Profitability Analysis – Further, this feature helps to know what brings more revenue to your business.
  • Strategic Planning – It comes up with a detailed strategy and planning to encourage the business.


  • Starter – The starter plan costs $29/m for 300 orders.
  • Growth – Next, the growth plan costs $79/m for 3000 orders.
  • Scale – Finally, the scale plan will cost $249/m for 10,000 orders.

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3. Baremetrics – Subscription Management

Next, in our list is Baremetrics is convenient revenue optimization software to level up the business. The software comes up with the best insights to make profitable decisions that propel the business forward.

Baremetrics - Subscription Management


  • Control Center – The name already painted the picture about its functionality, it keeps an eye on every small detail and updates the user regarding the same.
  • Smart Dashboard – The smart dashboard of the tool helps in comparing the stats about recurring revenue and customer churn.
  • Trial Insight – Using it, one can keep track of conversion rates, trial lengths, canceled trails, etc.
  • Forecasting – Further, it helps to understand the need and provides future solutions or strategies to improve the same.
  • People Insights – With the help of it, one can understand and know its customers better.
  • Email Reports – Besides, it sends a detailed report of monthly, weekly, and daily revenue.


  • For a business with MRR $0 – $5000/m, it will cost $50/m.
  • Succeeding, the business whose monthly revenue is $15,000/m, it will cost $75/m.
  • Further, for business with revenue of $250,000/m, it costs $300/m.
  • Finally, for the business with higher needs, it has a custom plan.

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4. Grow – Business Intelligence Software

Following our list is Grow which is known for its best insights about the activities of the business. One of the affordable revenue optimization software that works as a fuel in organization growth. It comes up with a clean dashboard that keeps you updated about every small detail that can transform your business.

Grow - Business Intelligence Software


  • CRM – It enforces lead generation by helping you to understand the lead acquisition and closed revenue data.
  • Accounting & Financials – As the name depicted, it keeps an eye on cash, revenue, expansion, etc.
  • Marketing Analytics – Using this feature, one can understand the behavior of site visitors.
  • Data Transparency – It makes sure that the data you have stored in software must be error-free.
  • Dashboard Metric Filtering – Further, it allows dynamic filters to group data with the same interest.
  • Email Setup – With the help of this one can set up its professional mail to send customized emails to customers.


  • Basic – The basic plan costs $300/m with data permission.
  • Professional – Next, the professional plan costs $1200/m for user admin controls.
  • Enterprise – Lastly, it costs $2500/m for advanced security.

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5. ChartMogul – Subscription Data Platform

Lastly, we are going to put some light on ChartMogul that makes subscription billing easy. Besides, it provides ways to boost revenues. Moreover, it renders industry-leading subscription analytics.

ChartMogul - Subscription Data Platform


  • Data Analysis – This characteristic helps in analyzing the data of customers so that one can access it and takes the necessary steps to improve the revenue.
  • Customer Profiles – The tool helps in creating the customer profile for all their recurring billing through which you can manage all their invoices easily.
  • Accuracy – It resolves messy billing issues and provides accuracy by simply merging customer’s records, connect disparate subscriptions, and manually edit MRR.
  • Performance Metrics –  This feature keeps its users updated about billing activities, canceled plans, and much more.
  • Subscription Histories – Further, it renders the subscription history of clients or old customers.
  • Improve Subscriber Retention – Applying Cohort analysis, one can understand how their subscription plans develop over time and further strengthen the relationship with customers.


  • Launch – It will cost $0/m with a limitation on features.
  • Scale – Following, the scale plan will cost $100/m with an unlimited user account.
  • Volume – Finally, the volume plan will cost $2000/m for unlimited users. It is the best suit for businesses with higher needs.

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Conclusion –

That’s all, concluding on the note whether you are a large scale business or a small one, the one thing you need the most is the way to skyrocket your business. That’s possible with the help of revenue optimization software as it eases the work. Picking the right subscription management software is simply knowing how smartly the software can fulfill all your business requirements.

So, don’t just dwell yourself in confusion, select the best revenue optimization software, and level up your business.