Does your website’s default WordPress search works properly? If no, then you need to replace it with the best in class search WordPress plugins.

Luckily, we have plenty of search plugins in the WordPress repository but selecting the best is a bit tricky task. Ergo, to make your task hassle free this article holds the comprehensive list of some freemium and premium search plugins.

Let’s do a little know-how of search plugins.

Search WordPress plugins act as a powerful search solution for your website and enhance user experience.

These plugins assist your visitors to find exactly what they want by just entering their query in the search bar. This way the user experience is enhanced and of course, bounce rates are reduced!

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Dive into the list and get yourself the best-fit Search WordPress Plugins –

1. Searchford – WordPress Advanced Search Plugin

If you want to improve the in-site search of your website then this plugin is for you. It sorts the results according to relevance and searches for the query term in different sections like categories,  pages, tags etc.

This WordPress search bar offers you many advanced functions such as – auto and manual indexing, multiple customized search and so on.



  • It provides you the option to enable live search.
  • This plugin previews your search index in masonry style.
  • The functionality of automatic indexing of content.
  • Supports multiple search operators. (<,>,-,””,~, etc)
  • Automatically highlights the search terms.


Grab this WordPress plugin kit at $21.

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2.  Ajax Search Pro – WordPress Search & Filter Plugin

This premium AJAX category filter WordPress plugin is the best in a class plugin which is highly customizable and lavishes you with its amazing possible results. Besides this, it comes up with a 400 customization option which gives you amazing layouts and styling options.

If you want to create interactive custom fields including checkbox, radio buttons, and drop-down etc. So, you can go for this Search WordPress plugin.



  • Beautiful responsive layouts (Horizontal, vertical, isotopic and Polaroid).
  • Its SVG and CSS3 icons go well with high-resolution retina ready devices.
  • Video tutorials are also available for this plugin.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • It is compatible with content builder plugins also.


You can buy this product at just $35.

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3. WordPress AJAX Auto-Suggest Plugin

WordPress AJAX is a premium plugin which shows you the content according to your query in a drop-down list along with feature image. It is a custom post type search plugin which handles and categorize WordPress inbuilt and custom posts like posts, pages, products etc.

The plugin provides 100% security and can also be integrated with WooCommerce AJAX search.



  • Make your website more available with a real-time search for WordPress.
  • It also supports WordPress shortcode and PHP function.
  • Drag and drop widget which enables your searchings.
  • You can also customize search button and field.
  • Easily translated into any language.
  • It also supports WooCommerce and jigoshop which helps your customer to choose required products from the online shop.


Buy this plugin for $16 only. Click the button below.

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4. Relevanssi – Best among Search WordPress Plugins

Relevanssi premium WordPress plugin substitutes this advanced search bar plugin in place of a standard WordPress search. Moreover, the plugin kit includes numerous features and configurable functionalities.

It is a powerful tool which brings out the results which match even one search term in order of relevance.



  • Includes Google’ style “Did you mean” suggestions for better results.
  • Indexing of PDF content.
  • It can search across multiple sites with a single installation.
  • Assigns a weight to any posts, but extra weight on new posts.
  • Search and index user profiles too.


This search WordPress plugin offers three pricing plans –

  • Standard: It cost you ₹3,817.30, for personal sites.
  • Developer: It cost you ₹6,112.40, client sites purpose.
  • Permanent: It cost you ₹16,826.80, includes lifetime upgrades and support.

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5. WooCommerce Search Engine – WordPress Search Plugin

It is the most advanced search box ever for WooCommerce online stores which helps you to sell more products. The plugin has a great user-interface which is compatible with almost all WordPress themes.

This plugin bangs up a job through lightning-fast searches by product name, description, synonyms, product tags, and attributes etc.



  • It comes up with a typo-resolver, which automatically corrects your query errors.
  • Always show recently visited products to your visitors.
  • You can also categorize and display your new products. (Trending products and Features products).
  • It automatically suggests popular products when “No Results Found”.
  • This plugin has the ability to understand special greek/Latin letters.


This WooCommerce search engine plugin kit charges you $49 for 6 months support. However, you can extend the support period by paying some extra $ around $16.88.

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6. SearchWP – Best Search WordPress Plugin

This WordPress search plugin is a step ahead than default WordPress search. As a matter of fact, WordPress standard search ignores contents like – E-commerce product details, document, and PDF content, shortcode output, taxonomy content etc.

This plugin will do that for you it finds all the which WordPress ignores. Isn’t it a big deal?.

Furthermore, functionalities of the plugin will help you to instantly improve your website’s performance.



  • Integrates with popular E-commerce plugins like – WooCommerce, WP E-Commerce and more.
  • Offers multiple search engines to meet your needs.
  • This plugin uses search keyword stemming as well as exact match.
  • Complete log search insights to show you what your visitors want and what they are not found.
  • It can be integrated with bbPress for implementing powerful search.


If you want to buy SearchWP, then you got the option of 3 pricing plans –

  • Standard: $79 for one site only.
  • Pro: $149 for 5 sites.
  • Pro plus: $299, supports unlimited sites.

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7. Search & Filter – WordPress Plugin

This Search & Filter plugin by Designs & Code is a simple search plugin. You can easily filter your search by categories, tags, posts or any combination of these. In reality, it is the advancement of WordPress Search Box.

Moreover, this plugin displays the search fields as dropdowns, checkbox, or radio buttons. But, you can also assemble it according to your need.



  • It uses AJAX to display results.
  • Easy drag and drop editor.
  • Supports many custom templates also.
  • Create multiple fields and search forms.
  • Integrates with multiple E-Commerce plugins.


Get this plugin for free from the official WordPress website.

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8. WP Google Search – WordPress Search Plugin

This plugin has made easy to insert typical google search into your website. But for this, you need to register to Google Custom Search and get you Google search ID. After this, you have to enter this ID into plugin’s settings.

Moreover, you can also define whether you want to search within your website or on the entire web.

wp-google-search WordPress plugins


  • It is compatible with multiple languages.
  • No hefty coding or setup is required.
  • With this plugin, you can have both pages and images for your search.
  • You can also customize search features and it looks such as layouts, fonts, thumbnails etc.
  • You can have both WP Search widget and shortcodes for placing your search bar anywhere on your page.


Get this plugin for free from the WordPress repository.

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Well people, this was our take on the 7+ best search WordPress plugins (free and paid), all the above are optimal and feature-rich search plugins.

If you want one such plugin for your website. Then, don’t get confused and try these search WordPress plugins and improve your website’s search.

What is your favorite WordPress search plugin?

If it’s not on the above list. Please, share them in the comment section.

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