At present day people needs security WordPress plugins because more than 30,000+ new websites are hacked each day.

We all know for better business security we’ve to secure the website and data from grave malware attacks.

A secured website is a vital element to the success of the business. Every enterprise or even individual needs to secure their data more from malware and illegitimate hackings.

Although WordPress is built on a secure framework and is the ideal solution to make your website perfect secured. The plugins keep secure your website from vulnerable attacks.

Sometimes in a website, some terrible attack takes place because of plugin vulnerabilities, weak passwords, and some virus software. So you have to keep your eyes wide-opened while selecting a plugin for security.

We have handpicked 7+ Best Security WordPress Plugins. These have been selected on the basis of their ratings, features, reviews and our own tests.

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1. Hide My WP – Plugin For Security

When we talk about a premium security plugin, Hide my WP comes as the first choice of the users. It is one of the effective security plugins in the market.

It allows you to change and hide WordPress Admin and Login URLs to provide more security on your website against hackers.

Hide My WP

Pricing –

Take a multitude of advantages of Hide My WP at just $ 17 only.

Features –

  • It hides WordPress wp-admin URL from the hackers and redirects them to a custom page.
  • It protects from Brute Force Attack, SQL injection attacks, Cross-site Scripting.
  • Disable the API access from different users.
  • Support various WordPress Multisite.


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2. Sucuri – Best Security Plugins For WordPress

Sucuri is the simple plugin and complete solution to secure your software and hardware. The plugin hardens your website against attacks of malware, viruses, and spams.

This plugin provides fastest responses in the market. The plugin is made for all small businesses, enterprises,  organizations, and web professionals.


Pricing –

Its basic plan starts from $199/year which ranges up to $499.99/year.

Features –

  • Website scanning & detection – Through this, you can monitor your site for hacks and blacklisting.
  • Website Protection – This security plugin can protect your site from hack and attacks.
  • Optimized website performance – It speeds up the website by 70% with four levels of content caching.
  • Provides backup of every data & provide live chat with customer care.
  • It detects Trojan Horses, worms and various fraud tools.


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3. Wordfence – Security WordPress Plugin

Wordfence is a comprehensive and easy to use firewall plugin for your website. This plugin continuously analyzes the latest threats on your website & develop new protection and detection rules.

Over the years it has also provided a complete WordPress Security Learning Center that helps the reader to understand a complete WordPress security and how to run a secure website.


Pricing –

The plugin offers you a multitude of features at just only $8.25 per month. Also, provides significant discounts for every year.

Features –

  • The plugin provides a firewall support like web application firewall, real-time thread defense feed, block brute and more.
  • Scan the malware, check if IP site is generating spam, it checks if the site is spam vertized.
  • It can directly view google crawl activity, view blocked intrusion attempts, provide notification to repair files, monitor disc space & more.


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4. Security, Antivirus, Firewall – Security Plugin in WordPress

S.A.F is the most effective security plugin. The plugin protects your website from hackers and spammers. It works as a background pillar and protects your WordPress website and every bit of it.

wp tool

Pricing –

The plugin is available in both free and premium. Get unlimited features at just $19.99 for six months.

Features –

  • Set maximum password age to prevent from expiry.
  • It scans your file system, healing infected files and many more.
  • Automatically Malware scanning detection at regular interval.
  • Auto Updates data & file systems.
  • Protects backend from hackers.


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5. Swift Security – Best Security WordPress Plugin

It is found that WordPress is always on the hit list of hackers. But SwiftSecurity plugin keeps ahead of the WordPress sites by hiding the data.

The best advantage of the plugin is it doesn’t require any technical knowledge. It provides fasts response, easy-setup & installation.


Pricing –

Its Standard license starts from $36.

Features –

  • Allowing you to significantly reduce the number of unwanted plugins.
  • High level of customization available to mold your sites according to your choice.
  • Restricts malicious user login even if the password is stolen through Login IP-filter.
  • It provides excellent & fast technical support.


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6. Secure Links – Best Plugin For Security

When you browse the internet for best & popular security plugins for WordPress then what do you find first? Definitely 4 out of 5 searches for ranks. The secure link is one such with highest ratings and features.

With Secure Link, you can restrict an unwanted element in your site. It manages the physical data and redirects the unwanted pages.

Secure Links

Pricing –

Get tons of features of SecureLinks at just $14.

Features –

  • With Private Content, you can restrict any element of your site.
  • Powerful, built-in, Search Engine to find fastly your secured links.
  • Prevents from malware, spyware, and various viruses.
  • Your files get automatically updated.


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7. BulletProof Security – Plugin For Security

Your website data is always subjected to unwanted malware & hackers. This is done due to vulnerabilities, weak passwords, and some unwanted elements.

BulletProof Protection is the security plugin to prevent and remove malicious viruses and unwanted codes. It prevents your website or data from rootkits, trojan horses, spyware, hidden links and etc.

BulletProof Security

Pricing –

You can get its unlimited features and functionalities for free only.

Features –

  • Single-Click Setup wizards & auto fix.
  • Scan Malware at regular interval through MScan
  • It has a JTC-Lite for Anti-Spam|Anti-Hacker.
  • Maintain your Website’s FrontEnd & BackEnd Mode.
  • UI Theme skin Changer.


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8. All In One WP Security & Firewall – Security WordPress plugin

All In One is the free Security WordPress plugins. The Plugin is User-Friendly, Stable & Well Supported WordPress Security Plugin.

We all know that WordPress itself a very secure platform and adding security plugins made it more secure. The plugins reduce security risk by checking vulnerabilities.


Pricing –

The All In One WP Security & Firewall is completely Free.

Features –

  • Gives Security to your account by providing strong password strength tool.
  • No unauthenticated users can discover user info via author permalink.
  • Protects against Brute Force Login Attack.
  • It allows you to specify one or more IP addresses in a special whitelist.


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This was from our side on the 7+ Best Security WordPress Plugins which might be helpful to secure your website.

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