Conducting surveys is so much tiring! And for this, you need lots of time and manpower.

So, there is a smart alternative for this is Survey jQuery plugins that allow you to conduct surveys on your website.  

These plugins provide you a seamless way to conduct surveys, polls, and examinations with lots of advanced functionalities.

So, for those folks who manage polls, quizzes, and surveys. We’ve compiled a list of the best freemium survey jQuery plugins.

These plugins are responsive and work well in any web browser. And, for these plugins, you don’t need to pay any single penny!

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Let’s dive in and find the best survey jQuery plugins.

1. Exam Wizard – Survey jQuery Plugin

Exam Wizard is one of the finest survey jquery plugins that allows you to create surveys, online examinations, quizzes, and so on.

With the help of this plugin, one can easily build exams with unlimited questions. Moreover, you can also effectively use this plugin to conduct surveys and allow the people to give their feedback instantly.

Exam Wizard Survey jQuery Plugins

Free Download

You can download the freemium version of this jQuery survey plugin from the

More Features

  • It provides the ability to users to mark the questions and use the quick access menu.
  • Automatically saves all the users answers in cookies.
  • Provides you the ability to retrieve the marked, answered, and remaining question from examVeriable directly.
  • The plugin is responsive to all screen sizes and devices.

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2. JqPool.js – Survey jQuery Plugin

JqPool.js is a responsive jQuery poll plugin which allows you to create attractive surveys. It converts the poll questions which is stored in a JSON file into a wizard-like survey interface. The plugin lets you hassle-free creates user-friendly polls and surveys.

It provides you the full HTML code to place the “next and previous” buttons in your polls. So, even a beginner can use this plugin by just having some basic coding knowledge.

jq_plugin Survey jQuery Plugins

Free Download

Download this jQuery survey plugin for free from the

More Features

  • The plugin is lightweight. So, it won’t harm your website speed and performance.
  • It is responsive and works great on all devices with different screen sizes.
  • The plugin is compatible with all the major web and mobile browsers.
  • It comes with full documentation and source code. So, you won’t find any difficulty while implementing it.

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3. jQuery.Survey

jQuery.Survey is an astounding plugin which is used for generating survey and gathering the required information. This plugin provides various features for creating multi-page survey type survey forms and validating them with the required fields.

This JSON base jQuery plugin allows you to create templates, hook the templates to other pages, and a lot more.  

Besides, these plugins are responsive to all screens and mediums. Thereby, people can fill these forms using any device like mobiles, tabs, desktop, etc.

jQuery Survey Survey jQuery Plugins

Free Download

This is a freemium plugin. You can simply download it form ‘’ and start using the provided features.

More Features

  • You can easily initialize the survey form or load the survey data from other URL.
  • It enables you to show or hide data based on data entered.
  • This plugin provides you templates which you can customize as per your convenience. You can also add new templates if you want.

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4  jQuery.Survey Bootstrap

This is an efficient jQuery survey plugin. It provides you with various impeccable features like creating a survey, templates and a lot more.

You can easily customize the plugin as you want and gather the information from your customers, visitors, etc.  

Apart from this, it is compatible with most of the modern browsers and is also responsive. And it also comes bundled with a nicely-written documentation which you can refer in case of query arises.

jQuery Survey Bootstrap Survey jQuery Plugins

Free Download

You can download this plugin from ‘’ and get all of its features without spending a single penny out of your pocket.

More Features

  • You can easily pass the required validations and also add the fields like name, email address, contact number, etc.
  • This plugin allows you to effortlessly create and initialize a survey form
  • It enables you to customize the provided templates and add/delete the required data.

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Consequently, we have mentioned few of the most popular survey jQuery plugins which are used to gather the information from the visitors on your site in the form of a quiz.

Further, we also scrutinized their major attributes, pricing plans & various other details –

  • These plugins allow you to create survey forms. These forms can be created for any niche like collecting demographic info, market research, training evaluation, website survey, etc..
  • You can easily use the templates as it is or you can modify it as you want.
  • It allows you to create various fields and pass validations.
  • Apart from this, they come with a well-written documentation so you don’t have to wander here & there in search of a solution to your queries.

And a lot more…

So, now we believe you must have found an ideal survey plugin which suits best for your site.

Don’t forget to share your views with us!

Feel free to contact us for any more queries and suggestions. We will get back to as early as possible.