Think of it, you have a web store and people have started filling their online carts but at the time of check out, there’s no final value to be paid.

I mean, you can build a website anyhow but there’s a lot more to add. Like a calculator!

Yes, it may seem a very minor element but it makes a huge difference.

You have to integrate calculator to your website. As every visitor of your site wants information in figures and stats.

Now, a calculator can do a lot of tasks on the front-end too. In fact, sometimes you would need this tool to present stats like BMI index, Currency calculators and more.

So, these calculators will ease out your workload too! Because computing the values would not take any manual efforts. Plus, you are dead sure about getting the accurate results.

Don’t rush to get a physical calculator, as we have a better option in the form of calculator plugins instead, rather Calculator jQuery Plugins.

Following discussed Calculator jQuery Plugins are introduced in order to accelerate the working of your website. The reason being, they calculate the values dynamically on the web page, calculations are done for all kind of tangible and web services. You can also assign keystrokes with the functionalities to calculate values.

Learn more about some useful jQuery plugins with these blogs

1. jQuery Build A Meal

This absolute responsive plugin is highly recommended for professional websites for nutritionists, restaurants, health improvement sites etc.

The plugin lets you create an online ingredients list with its relative nutrition values for a healthy meal. The nutritional value is calculated in terms of calories, saturated fat, fibers, protein etc.

Once the meal processing is done, you can proceed with any of the 3 options. Reset meal, Print meal and Shared meal (on popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus)

Further, the user can get an idea about the serving size (amount of food) in an ounce.

jQuery Build A Meal Calculator jQuery Plugin


Get this super functional plugin for your website at an unbelievable rate of $10 with 6 months support. You can also extend this support to 12 months at $3 only.


  • With this plugin, you can have a systematic list of ingredients in tabular form. Which will display the number of individual ingredients and options to add (+), remove (-) or delete them.
  • Further, in the list, you can find the detailed nutritional information in two ways. The numeric nutritional values calculated by weight units (G, Mg) and nutritional values calculated by %
  • The users will also find one of the most required information about the “might-be-allergen” ingredients used in the meal.
  • The plugin uses Font Awesome CDN icons to have easily resized and changeable icons.

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2. Fitform BMI Calculator

Just as the name suggests, this plugin calculates the BMI according to height and weight of a person. Along with the BMI result, the user can also get more detailed information about BMI from the most trusted WHO.

This is one of the most widely used plugins because of its easy integration with HTML, JavaScript and PHP application.

The color, fonts, and fields of the form are absolutely customizable.

Fitform BMI Calculator Calculator jQuery Plugin


Have this feature- loaded plugin on your website now at just $14 and a 6-months support. Extend the support for 1 year at $4.50.


  • If the height is fed in feet and inches, it gets converted into centimeters for BMI calculation automatically.
  • As soon as you feed the height weight details, the user gets notified of the calculated result. Further, You get stats related to category and respective BMI’s along with important notes and precautions.
  • This lightweight plugin is built using robust jQuery and jQuery easing plugin.
  • The plugin uses two measuring unit system, imperial(inches/pound) and metric (centimeter, kilogram)

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3. Simple Price Calculator

Simple Price Calculator allows you to calculate the price of the service/product dynamically, as the user can see the calculated price quotes parallelly while order placing.

The services could be of any type, for example, any tangible product, web forms etc.

Also, the plugin lets you convert a simple HTML based form into an active price calculator form. For instance, the estimation and details of a product or service can be provided instantly.

With its easy form text changing option, this plugin is highly customizable.

Simple Price Calculator Calculator jQuery Plugin


Allow this plugin to enhance your website by paying only $8 which comes with 6 months support. Extension of this support to 12 months is available at $2.25


  • The price calculator form will display total amount and details of the order at either sidebar or bottom of the page
  • Product costing is done on the basis of added features, options, dimensions and amount of product ordered.
  • The plugin provides options to change currency according to the need.
  • It also illustrates with various examples of the email mode of notifying the users about the details and total costing of the products.
  • You can multiply numerical values of two fields for calculating the price. Also, you can add a quantity field in the form whenever required.

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4. VOIP Pricing Calculator

VOIP Pricing Calculator is exclusively designed to calculate VOIP business rates. For example, calculation of VOIP calling rates, SMS rates, and mobile top up rates.
The rates for which is based on USD

For example, simply select the country name and currency, and a list will be generated showing calls tariff for mobile, landline etc. with applied VAT.

VOIP Pricing Table Calculator jQuery Plugin


You can add up this plugin on your website at a very affordable rate of $39 which comes with 6 months support. And extend the support to 12 months at $13.88.


  • The plugin comes with W3C validated code for your website.
  • It is absolutely compatible with the modern browsers like Firefox, Opera, IE9, IE10, IE11, Chrome etc.
  • A user is allowed to update and edit this plugin with the plugin’s clean code (as it is easy to understand and changeable)
  • Based on bootstrap version 3.3.7, this plugin can make your website utter responsive to give perfect layout for all the devices.

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5. Calculator

With this plugin, you can add a pop-up standard or scientific calculator in the input field. In simple words, you can do all the calculations in the popup calculator and display the result in the attached input field.

The plugin provides various functions to pop up, hide, disable the calculator for particular fields.

With its 15 localized options, you can change the text and tooltip language in the desired language.

Calculator Calculator jQuery Plugin


Absolutely free!


  • This plugin allows you to round off the result by setting a precision value. The rounded value result is displayed on the input field only, while the calculator will hold total computation for further use.
  • It also enables keyboard functioning of the calculator. Simply press the ALT key to know the corresponding keystrokes for all the buttons. You can also add the keys for computation.
  • The plugin lets you have multiple styling options with eye-catching background and big buttons for an attractive calculator.
  • Besides default decimal base, the calculator also works on binary, octal, and hexadecimal bases.

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6.  jQuery blackCalculator

jQuery blackCalculator is an open source plugin that contains best of the features of calculator for a variety of websites.

With CSS customization you can have a unique layout for the calculator, that would suit any kind of website.

Further, you can also enable and disable the keyboard operation to handle the calculator.

jQuery blackCalculator Calculator jQuery Plugin


It is a free-to-use plugin for any website.


  • The plugin enables two types of mostly used calculators. Standard and scientific, with absolute accurate results.
  • It provides 100% functionality for almost all famous web browsers.

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I hope you would find the best choice of these Calculator jQuery Plugins, which are both free and paid. Grab the perfect plugin in order to make your website worth use for the visitors.

Feel free to post your suggestions and queries anytime.