jQuery tree view plugin simply enables you to show your data into a tree-like structure on your website. It’s a plugin that allows rendering various structures with nested elements and forming a tree view on the front-end.

We can further simplify the tree as a hierarchical representation of data. Better understood with the structure of computer’s file system.

These plugins provide functionalities like structuring the data in a tree view, add/edit/delete specific nodes to it, use collapse (show/hide) functionality, search abilities, filters and much more.

The jQuery tree view plugins are ideal for quick and easy navigation. It allows the users to easily sail through information bases. There are several jQuery plugins which provide the tree view functionality. So, here we’ve compiled a list of 4 best jQuery tree view plugins, free for the beginners and the premium ones for the professional users.

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1. Horizontal Tree – Prime in jQuery Tree View Plugins

This plugin helps you visualize the data in a horizontal tree structure. The tremendous functionalities of this plugin will let you perform add, edit & delete operations on the tree nodes very easily. This is all possible through the efficient use of AJAX. Moreover, it supports drag and drop interface for re-organizing the tree nodes.

To embed this functionality on your site you need to follow few steps. First, make a single line call to this plugin. Second, set the parameters required. Third, supply the HTML element id for a nested unordered list which in terms is a representative of the data you’d like to display.

Horizontal Tree jQuery Tree View Plugin

Pricing Plan:

The Horizontal Tree jQuery plugin has a regular license plan of $8 and an extended license plan of $40 with 6 months support.


  • You can simply show or hide a branch by clicking on the show/hide icon.
  • Allows you to highlight a branch by simple click onto the highlight icon.
  • The tree nodes can contain any amount of HTML element.
  • Draw lines in between the tree nodes with beautiful animations and effects.

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2. Tree Filter – jQuery Tree View Plugin

The Filter Tree jQuery plugin renders a collapsable (i.e, cave-in and conk out) tree view interface. Also, it supports dynamic searching as well as filters to refine your results. This plugin has options available for the autocomplete and multi-select functionalities. Furthermore, the overall appearance is easily customizable with pure CSS only.

You can simply start using this plugin without any special programming knowledge. The only language needed is the JavaScript and jQuery.

In addition, the Tree Filter plugin has 4 appearance options Collapsible Tree View, Autocomplete filter, Multi-select support, and Customisable using CSS.

Tree Filter jQuery Tree View Plugin

Pricing Plan:

The Tree Filter plugin has two cost estimate plans.

  • Regular Plan – $5
  • Extended Plan – $29


  • It provides search option on the top and filter functionality on mouse right-click.
  • Multiple color options and styling through CSS.
  • You can expand and collapse the tree data through a simple click functionality.
  • Select/deselect a tree data by simple click mechanism. Also, you can enable or disable the multi-select functionality.

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3. Drop Down Tree – jQuery Tree View Plugin

Drop Down Tree is best known to structure a collapsible tree for the transmitted data. This mode of classification is very systematic and easy to understand for everyone.

The plugin displays a combo tree view, where data is categorized in sets and its subsets.

You can expand and collapse a tree node anytime by clicking the respective icons. The expansion can be done with (+) and collapse with (-). That is, the window opens up only on clicking a specific arrow present on the bar.

The plugin allows easy filter option for the tree. You will have multiple branches in a tree ( like a company tree having can have branches such as- IT, Sales, Support etc. ), you can easily retrieve any particular single subset (say Sales).

Drop Down Tree jQuery Tree View Plugin

Pricing Plan:

Get this most used plugin for your website at a very affordable price of $6 with 6 months support. You can extend the support to 12 months in $1.50 only.


  • With CSS you can customize the appearance of the tree. For example, different color options for node icon and text, the width of margin etc.
  • The selected node from the tree can be seen on the input field, which remains there even after opening the tree again.
  • It has autocomplete mode of search is very quick and dynamic. So, if you give the initials or its combination in the input field, the plugin will show you all the possible outcomes from that tree starting from that initial.
  • You can get the unique Id of the respective item in the input field instead of its text.

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4. Easy Tree – Free in jQuery Tree View Plugins

The easy-tree enables an easy tree constructor for an unordered list of data. Since the plugin has a base of jQuery and Bootstrap 3, it gives a high functionality to your website on every device. This lightweight plugin is very easy to set up for any kind of website.

Further, with JSON file format and HTML support, the readability of text is perfect for all kind of menus on a page.

Easy Tree jQuery Tree View Plugin

Pricing Plan:

Take away. You can add this plugin to the website without spending a penny. It’s free!


  • This plugin allows you to create a well-formatted tree for the data in the parent-child hierarchy.
  • It gives a feel of data flow representation, where you can pick the specific parent with its children easily.
  • Also, it displays the tree having a header which has 3 icons assigned to add, edit and delete any node of the tree.
  • Easy Tree supports embedding multiple menus on a single page. Plus it also support extreamly large menus.

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You must be certain about their vital roles in your website, after going through all these jQuery Tree View Plugins. And these well-known plugins have always provided the best of its functionalities to enhance your site in every possible way.

Be the first one to grab anyone from the list that syncs with your website. As I am sure you’ll find one.

For more suggestions and queries, drop your comment below.

Thanks for reading!