Thumbs Up WordPress Plugins empowers your website by adding the rating capability on your pages, posts and comments. These plugins provide many rating methods like star, thumbs up, percentage etc.

The thumbs up rating system is one that says so much, so quickly!

Whether you are browsing movies, products or customer reviews, votes and ratings always make sense!

No matter! A quick glance at a rating is a great way to judge.

So why not add the rating feature to your post comments, digital downloads, product sales, and media reviews?

Check out these 7+ best Thumbs Up WordPress Plugins and see if you can find the five-star rating solution for your website!

Delve into these WordPress plugin blogs:

1. GD Rating System Pro – By dev4press

It is an ultimate rating plugin for your WordPress website. The plugin will provide four methods for displaying ratings to the reviewers: star, slider, thumb and ‘like this’.

Each rating method comes with specified number of widgets and shortcodes for integrating ratings into your website template. The plugin also adds a lot of functions for adding rating blocks to your website in no time.

The plugin allows to create your own set of emoticons for your reviewers to choose from. It comes with WP Query integration which allows sorting of posts and comments by their ratings.

GD Rating System Pro Thumbs Up WordPress Plugins

Pricing Plan

It has three license:

  • Developer License: $200/yr
  • Business License: $100/yr
  • Personal License: $50/yr

Features of GD Rating System Pro

  • The plugin provides various layouts for each rating method. These layouts are completely customizable.
  • It provides the flexibility to use different rating rules for posts, comments and contexts. For example: you can set up stars rating for posts, thumbs rating for contexts and ‘like this’ rating for comments.
  • You will get the votes log where you can track the logged in details of voters and their individual information.
  • GD Rating System provides the set of useful tools:
  1. Recheck and update: It automatically performs the updation of plugins and database tables.
  2. Export / Import Settings: You can import and export all the plugin data in to a file and vice versa.

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2. RatingWidget

At a basic level, this plugin provides you star rating method. But you can enhance different rating entities by applying addons.

The plugin comes with 70 beautiful 5-star rating themes and thumbs rating designs. They provide your content an eye-catching outlook. You can use these designs for decorating your blogs with pleasing ratings.

It adds a special Rich-Snippets metadata that can display star ratings right into your content’s Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). It helps to increase click-through rates for your website.

RatingWidget Thumbs Up WordPress Plugins

Pricing Plan

RatingWidget has three pricing plans:

  • Starter: $3.99/month
  • Professional: $7.99/month
  • Business: $29.99

Features of RatingWidget

  • The plugin supports WYSIWYG settings. It allows to customize rating type, size, fonts, layouts, alignment as well as language. The best part is that, you can do all these modifications without any tech skills.
  • RatingWidget comes with the powerful combination of BuddyPress and bbPress. BuddyPress allows your visitors to make their profiles and add ratings to the pages. bbpress empowers your website by adding the forum capability.
  • It provides an advanced analytics to monitor ratings activity, trends and visitor’s vote.

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3. Multi Rating

The plugin provides an out of the box WordPress comments form where people can post their comments on your articles as well as rate them. You can also use this plugin for polls, quizzes, online votes and surveys. It integrates a rating system to your WordPress website.

Multi Rating provides star, percentage and score rating methods to your website. The rating is based upon Bayesian Ratings which ensures that your posts are fairly rated.

MultiRating Thumbs Up WordPress Plugins

Pricing Plan

It has three pricing license:

  • 1 site: $49
  • 2-5 site: $82
  • Unlimited sites: $123

Features of Multi Rating – Thumbs Up WordPress Plugins

  • You can view all the ratings from WP-admin. It also allows to setup automatic email notifications whenever new rating is done.
  • The plugin also allows to edit rating details of the entries. However you can restrict certain user roles capabilities for editing.
  • It provides multiple reviews layouts like table and inline view.
  • You can also display the breakdown of rating item results and can show the counts of selected items reviews.

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4. Vote Up Down WordPress Plugin

The plugin can create vote polls for your website pages, posts and comments. It comes with 15 ready-made layouts for making a vote poll. The visitors can vote as well as revote  on a specific vote poll without time constraint.

You can also add time gap between each user vote. The plugin allows to set privacy of voting for public and logged in users. You can also set multiple vote polls per post and page.

Vote Up Down Thumbs Up WordPress Plugins

Pricing Plan

You can buy this plugin at $17.

Features of Vote Up Down WordPress Plugin – Thumbs Up WordPress Plugins

  • The plugin comes with .po and .mo files for smooth translation in any language.
  • You can add votes easily because it comes with shortcode generator.

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5. Rating Form

Rating Form is a profound user-friendly plugin with lots of features. Either you can choose amongst the prebuilt rating forms or you can create a custom rating form.

Multiple rating symbols are available with the plugin like stars, hearts, smileys, thumbs up/down etc. It will give a complete exposure to your creativity and innovation by letting you upload a rating symbol for the same functionality. There are settings to change the shape, size, color, alignment, tooltips and many more.

Rating Form Thumbs Up WordPress Plugins

Pricing Plan

The Rating Form thumbs up WordPress plugin has a regular license of $25 with 6 months support.

Features of Rating Form– Thumbs Up WordPress Plugins

  • Individual options available for every rating form.
  • Choice of minimum 1 to maximum 10 shapes.
  • To built impression and trust shows rating results into search engines such as Google (Rich Snippet).
  • You can change the direction to RTL (Right To Left).

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6. mByte Rating

mByte Rating is a mere WordPress plugin for thumbs ratings. Add a thumb rating to your posts, pages or any of your personal preferences with ease. You can set the location as well as the appearance.

Set the appearance of the output through additional styles in the CSS folder. It has clear CSS code which will help you add your code efficiently.

mByte Rating Thumbs Up WordPress Plugins

Pricing Plan

The mByte Rating thumbs up WordPress plugin has a cost estimate of $14.

Features of mByte Rating – Thumbs Up WordPress Plugins

  • 12 styling options to override the default style.
  • It shows all the votes in the site admin panel
  • This plugin has two widgets for top rated posts & top-rated authors.
  • It supports shortcodes, widgets and native including.

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7. Thumbs Rating

Thumbs Rating is a simple and light thumbs up WordPress plugin. It is a developer-friendly product and can easily be customized through some basic changes.

It will provide a basic thumbs up/down rating to your content. You can easily customize the output through the admin panel. To add images, fonts and color to it you can override the CSS classes in the well-coded CSS file provided with the plugin.

Thumbs Rating - Thumbs Up WordPress Plugins

Pricing Plan

Thumbs Rating simple & light thumbs up WordPress plugin is completely free of cost.

Features of Thumbs Rating – Thumbs Up WordPress Plugins

  • No need to create new databases it will store the votes for every content in the current post table only.
  • The plugin functionality will protect the user from voting twice.
  • Shortcodes available for showing the buttons and most voted item.
  • Easily translatable into many languages.

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8. WTI Like Post

WTI Like Post is a WordPress plugin that will provide thumbs up (like)/thumbs down (unlike) functionalities to your website’s posts and pages. This theme has many configuration settings available on the admin panel along with a list of most liked posts & pages.

If a like status changes to unlike for any of your post/page then the plugin automatically updates the status from like to dislike and vice-versa. With the use of this plugin, you can set the count for likes and unlikes.

Additionally, you can reset the plugin settings to default anytime.

WTI Like Post Thumbs Up WordPress Plugins

Pricing Plan

It is a free thumbs up WordPress plugin by webtechideas with 5 stars rating and 10000+ downloads.

Features of WTI Like Post – Thumbs Up WordPress Plugins

  • Two different widgets & shortcodes available to display the most liked posts/pages and recently liked posts.
  • AJax based thumbs up/down functionality for higher speed constraint.
  • This plugin will let you set the visibility of thumbs up/down on any section of your site.
  • Options available to save plugin settings & tables even after the plugin uninstallation for a smooth upgrade.

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