Do you know that a 25% of websites on the internet are running on Sports? Yes, about a quarter i.e millions of websites!

The reason behind is quite obvious, people take a special interest in sports. Not long ago, people have also started online surfing a lot of their favorite sports like football, cricket & many more. This definitely gives an opportunity to the bloggers to take benefit & create websites on such glorious topic.

Well, whenever we think about creating a website related any topic, the first thing that comes to our mind is to make it an attractive one. And the one which is studded with the best features. Don’t you think so?

Now a sports website can have scoreboards in the sidebar, stats board showing the top – 10 teams in the sidebar, a floating bar giving the details about the match & a lot more. All these features are made available to us with the help of WordPress Sports Plugins.

WordPress Sports Plugins also helps to add features like adding unique colors for each team, creating competition, match, team or events & many more.

In this blog, we are going to ponder on few such brilliant WordPress Sports Plugins. These plugins will definitely help you to embellish your WordPress site & thereby draw traffic.

So, without wasting more time, let’s get into the list of best 5+ WordPress sports plugins below.

1. SportsPress Pro – Best In WordPress Sports Plugins

SportsPress is an ultimate best in WordPress Sports Plugins which provides you with the features to enhance your site. You are the master of your own website! You can easily use your own domain & create a self-hosted website. The theme compatibility of this plugin will enable you to get the most out of it as the features will never fail to work with any of the themes.

Not only this, you get the exact pinned location of the sports venue to the embedded Google Maps on your site. Thereby, making it easy for the visitors to know where exactly the venue is located.

SportsPress Pro WordPress Sports Plugins

Pricing plan:

The pricing of the plugin divided into three different classes:

  • Club license is available at $99, supports one site with a year free updates.
  • League License supports unlimited sites along with a year of free updates is for $199.
  •  Agency License is available for $499.It supports unlimited sites & provides free updates for lifetime.

Note: Along with the license, you are also given the benefit of 30 days money-back guarantee.


  • The plugin gives multilingual support. It provides the benefits of multiple languages which have tested for compatibility with WPML support.
  • You can flexibly select your own color theme, either manually from the color palette or from color shades provided. The color selected for a team will be displayed on every page where the team is mentioned.
  • Drag & Drop is all you need to do in order to design your layout. This makes it easy to carve the layout in the desired way & that too without many efforts.
  • It keeps a record of the previously entered data. This makes it easy for referring stats of previously held season & also classify the data in an organized way.
  • The wonderful feature that everyone would gain from is that the plugin enables the multi-site integration. Multiple sites can be mingled & widgets can be added to the sites. This is much like a database of different sports is created at a single place from where it can be accessed as & when required.

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 2. MSP – MultiSport & eSport WordPress Plugin

MSP is the best in sports WordPress plugins that will help you to manage all your sports events on your WordPress website. You can add your own sports event or other activity related to the activity with complete sports feel.

The documentation with this plugin will help you to right from the installation to other plugin related query. Statistics system based on match score and WPML compatibility are some of the many features of this plugin.

MSP WordPress Sports Plugin

Pricing plan:

MSP is available at $29 in which you will get 6 months of support. You can also go with $38.38 pricing plan which provides extended support for 12 months.


  • You will get visual composer feature which will help you to get give a better shape to your sports WordPress website. It comes with 90 exclusive sports and esports addons.
  • Provides you a CSM which has a powerful expansion system data which allows you to rewrite new event information.
  • Extended WordPress editing UL lets you edit the details regarding team name, match number and many more.
  • The plugin is translation ready and is fully compatible with WPML.

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3. Soccer Engine – WordPress Sports Team Management Plugin

Are you in search of a plugin which makes it easy to manage & display the latest updates on soccer? Well, Soccer Engine proves to be aid & abet. This Sports WordPress Plugin not only enhances your WordPress site but also aids with a lot of perks like a floating bar which provides the details about the matches.

The plugin also enables you to use shortcodes on any page or at any place you wish to. It’s not that toilsome to use these codes, & even non-techy peeps can use them.

Soccer Engine WordPress Plugin

Pricing plan:

You can purchase the regular license of this Sports WordPress Plugin at $20 and extended license at $100. This plugin comes with all the future updates & 6 months support which can be extended for another year by paying a small amount of $6 for regular license & $30 for an extended license.


  • It is very easy to set up this plugin & even easier to use.
  • With the help of this plugin, you can get all the latest updates about the recent, upcoming or Live Match.
  • You can create your own competitions & set your own rules for winning, losing or draw of the match. Thereby, ensure harmony among the players.
  • The plugin enables you to smoothly maintain & import the 6 Global Soccer Tournaments from their server. But you need to have active item support for it.
  • An easy & simple to use interface is provided. This definitely makes it hassle-free to customize as per the requirement of the user.

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4. Sports Bench –  Sports WordPress Plugin

Sports Bench, the WordPress Plugin which provides you with the heaps of feature to enhance & draw the crowd to your site. Be it a cool float bar depicting the details about the matches or the sidebar displaying the widgets, it all comes in handy with this plugin.

Sportsbench WP WordPress Sports Plugin

Pricing plan:

You can buy the regular license of the plugin at $25 & the extended license can be bought at $65. Plus you get the feature updates & support for next 6 months. You can easily extend the license for the next 12 months by paying $7.88 & 16.88 respectively.


  • You can easily display the stats on each of your pages. The scoreboard will show the details about the top 10 teams & its score. You can also view more details by simply clicking on load more option.
  • Showcase the quick recaps in an appealing sidebar. The recaps added can be in the form of videos or simply a text.
  • The more the better! Add the widgets for standings, leaderboard, scoreboard to enhance your site. Thereby, gaining the traffic to your site.
  • Overwrite the default styling by the support of easy customization. You can easily design the layout with some easy custom CSS codes.
  • Shortcodes can be added at any part of the page. Hence, you can utilize the space on the page & make it more attractive.

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5. JoomSport – Free in WordPress Sports Plugins

JoomSport, as the name suggests, is the simple yet powerful free in WordPress sports plugins. It is equipped with all the features that give it a tag of best sports plugin. You will get a ease to solve all the problems in every step of your event.

The plugins for single and team competition mode allows you to run both single players and teams sports league which makes it user-friendly.

JoomSport WordPress Sport Plugin

Pricing plan:

Download this plugin completely FREE of cost from the official website of WordPress without any hassle.


  • Provides you extra fields for adding all the needed information related to the event.
  • Your website users will get to the event location without any hassle as the plugin will provide you venue page which has an inbuilt map and description feature.
  • You can also add information and full description if the player with his photo for a better website looks.
  • The plugin is designed on the Bootstrap framework which makes it responsive. It also comes with and professionally designed pages for a completely authentic look.

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6. Fan Victor – Free in WordPress Sports Plugins

Fantasy sports have never been more popular, with millions of players all over the world and the number of participants growing all the time. In the USA alone there were an estimated 41 million people playing in 2013, a number which has risen steadily over the past few years.

If you’re thinking of starting a fantasy sports business, Fan Victor is a sports platform packed with amazing benefits and available for a highly competitive price, with the option to cancel at any time.

WordPress Sports Plugin

Pricing plan:

With Fan Victor you can create a package to suit your unique requirements with prices starting from a one-time payment of $297 for their Base Plug-in which includes cryptocurrency support, the ability to create custom organizations, contest cloner features, manage players and contests, and much more.

You can also choose from their Premium Recurring Monthly Package which includes premium features and VIP support services including an account manager and security bundle, or Premium & Stats Package which includes all this along with 1 real-time sports feed.


  • The ability to use either real cash or cryptocurrency for fantasy games.
  • Flexible features with the option of customizing.
  • A WordPress certified plug-in which is easy to upgrade.
  • Free lifetime upgrades and a friendly team to support you at any time.
  • Many different supported game types, including Player Draft, Player Unit, Pick’em and many more. If you have an idea for a game Fan Victor’s team is always happy to build it for you.

This software enables you to start a fantasy sports business for all kinds of professional sports and activities, including American football, auto racing, basketball, golf, hockey, mixed martial arts, and many more. It can also help you to make money using an in-built credit system or via an entry fee.

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7. WP Club Manager – Free in WordPress Sports Plugins

If you are looking to design your own club website then WP Club is there to help you. This user-friendly plugin enables you to insert shortcodes to any page, thus you don’t need to know any coding language

Moreover, management of multiple teams at a time is possible, thanks to WP Club manager plugin.

 WP Club Manager WordPress Sports Plugin

Pricing plan:

You might be thinking that it may cost a lot, but let me tell that this plugin is available FREE of cost. So, grab this opportunity and download it directly from


  • Provides you impressive league tables for to show the ranking according to performance in a particular season. They also update automatically from time to time.
  • You will also get integrated map to let your sports enthusiasts reach the sports location with ease,
  • The plugin allows you to manage multiple teams at a time with various customization features.
  • The powerful dashboard is easy to use and gives the best experience to perform every change.

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Thomas Wade Landry an American football player and coach rightly said that ‘the secret to winning is constant, consistent management.”

With this quote, we hope that you have found a suitable plugin for consistent sports website management which will ultimately let you win in every situation.

We appreciate your feedback. Do comment below for any suggestions and queries. We will get back to you in no time.


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