Increase your recurring sales through some best payment monitoring services!

Success, Prosperity and Fortune are some of the nouns that your company might be focusing on. To others, it might be just some words but for you, it’s a life-long dream.

You need to map out your entire business objectives and its growth.
And, this is only possible through the use of best payment tracking services and software.

A perfect payment tracking tool is capable enough to track all the payment related metrics like MRR, ARR, Churn and overall growth rate in a matter of seconds.

In short, payment tracking services will simplify your analytical needs and will prove to be the only means to sky-rocket your business. But are you worried about finding a decent payment tracking software?

Don’t worry, this blog packs the list of best payment tracking services along with their corresponding features and specialties.

Have A Look At Some Best Payment Monitoring Services

Services Pricing  Dunning Emails Recurring Payments Unlimited Revenue
Pabbly Subscriptions  $5/m
Zoho Subscriptions $29/m
SaaS Metrics Contact Sales
SaaSOptics Contact Sales
Woopra $999/m

Along with payment monitoring, some services also allow you to collect unlimited revenue that will eventually help you in transforming your business to an upper level.

That’s something new!

You will find more amazing features when you start diving into this article. So just have an open mind & read about multiple types of payment monitoring services which can do a lot more stuff!

Below are blogs which will be a helping hand, if you want to know more related to Payment Analytics:-

1. Pabbly Subscriptions

Pabbly Subscriptions offers top class payment analytics services using which you can analyze different types of payments. It generates reports which provide you full details about customers, subscriptions and profit factors of your business.

Apart from that you are allowed to create multiple plans, products, manage unlimited customer and their details.

We started using Pabbly Subscriptions to manage subscription & recurring bills of our business generated through PayPal & Stripe.

But later we came to know that it has got Payment Analytics feature as well.

Now we handle both subscription bills and perform payment analytics simultaneously with the same software.

Just by paying a most affordable cost of $5/month.

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Best Payment Monitoring Service by Pabbly Subscriptions

Pricing –

  • Starters – It charges $5/m for 50 customers along with all the essential features.
  • Rookie – This plan costs $29/m for managing 1000 customers with unlimited products & plans set up.
  • Pro – The Pro plan bills $59 for unlimited customers & subscriptions.
  • Advance – The Advance plan is for those who want to have a customizable checkout page. It only charges $99/m.

Features –

  • Responsive Dashboard –
    Pabbly has designed a highly responsive dashboard which looks great on various device screens. You can easily fetch important details like total sales, refunds, canceled subscriptions and recently added customers from the dash.
  • Monitor Different Types Of Reports –
    With Pabbly you can handle reports about net revenue, recurring revenue, new & active subscriptions as well as customer essentials. All these reports are produced using processed data which can be filtered accordingly.
  • Manage & Filter Invoices With Ease –
    This section provides each & every detail related to payments in real-time. All the updates regarding customer, payments status, and other information are updated here.

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2. Kapture

This service is one of a kind CRM software which secures your data on the cloud so that you can access it anytime and from any place.

Apart from this and analyzing your payment data, it is known to be molded according to any business models and processes. Rest assured, it will guarantee you 75% increase in productivity.

Kapture - Best Payment Tracking Services

Pricing –

  • It costs $1499/month for all the unlimited access.

Features –

  • Manage Accounting With Ease –
    Kapture can be handy with its simple to use yet highly efficient accounting platform. All the flow of your revenue can be monitored through it.
  • Illustrative Payment Reports –
    Create a comprehensive short or descriptive report through Kapture’s dashboard. It can also help you predict your customer’s behavior and revenue.
  • Get Automatic Updates –
    Keep yourself up to date with the events taking place in your business like an automatic alert on every payment received and missing the due date.

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3. Baremetrics

If you are looking for an ideal payment metrics service then you’ve got to choose Baremetrics. The service is built solely to give you better insights about your business.

Decision-making process of your business will now take the minimal amount of time with this one-click, zero-setup payment analytics tool.

Baremetrics - Best Payment Tracking Services

Pricing –

Prior to choosing the apt plan, you can try Baremetrics for 2 weeks free.

  • Startup – $50/month, up to $10K MRR.
  • Professional – $100/month, up to $50K MRR.
  • Business – $250/month, up to $200K MRR.
  • Enterprise – $500/month, up to $500K MRR.

It also provides a risk-free, 60-day guarantee of full refund.

Features –

  • Huge Array Of Metrics –
    MRR, ARR, ARPU, Net revenue, etc are just a few of some mentionable metrics. You can explore other advanced metrics too without any extra configuration.
  • Know Your Customers –
    Through Baremetrics you can learn more about your customers like activities, location and most importantly, Customer Lifetime Value.
  • Always Stay Updated –
    Discuss the insights of business with your colleagues on daily/weekly/monthly basis through custom email reports.

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4. Woopra

This payment tracking service is highly intelligent so that it can be customized and configured according to your business needs.

All the famous tools like WordPress, Dropbox are integrable with it. Consequently, many SaaS businesses have incorporated Woopra in their business practices.

Woopra - Best Payment Tracking Services

Pricing –

  • Core – FREE up to 500,000 actions.
  • Pro – $999/m for up to 5 million actions on monthly basis.
  • Enterprise – For more than 5 million actions, contact to sales.

Features –

  • Efficient Customer Monitoring –
    To maintain a healthy flow of money in your direction, you need to maintain a healthy and positive relationship with your customers. Woopra helps you in doing so.
  • Metrics Tracking –
    All the important metrics like MRR, ARR, revenue, etc. collectively are the lifeline of every business. This payment analytics software tracks every metrics in just a few clicks.
  • Reporting Done Right –
    It’s great to have all the actions and results on paper in an illustrative manner and to top it all, you can also see the user retention and churn too.

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5. Zoho Subscriptions

This software is known for its multiple functionalities out of which payment tracking and analyzing is a primary one.

From tracking recurring revenues on a monthly and yearly basis to managing customer subscriptions, Zoho does everything for you.

Zoho Subscription - Best Payment Tracking Services

Pricing –

You can schedule a one-on-one demo before choosing a plan.

  • Standard – $29 for 500 customers and 3 users.
  • Professional – $69 for unlimited customers and users.

Features –

  • Newbie Friendly –
    It doesn’t matter if you are starting your business and have very little knowledge about the software. Within no time you start monitoring your business’ metrics.
  • Huge Integration Options –
    Along with multiple features, Zoho also allows you to integrate multiple applications in your account.
  • Failed Payment Notification –
    Now you don’t have to run after customers whose payments got canceled. Zoho notifies your customers of payment failures.

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6. Strikedeck

This service is slightly new in the arena but it surely packs all the features and functions of a perfect payment tracking tool.

Strikedeck guarantees to solve all your payment analytical problems and help you grow your business exponentially.

Strikedeck - Best Payment Tracking Services

Pricing –

  • Strikedeck provides a free demo of their platform. You need to personally contact the Strikedeck’s sales team for pricing details.

Features –

  • Availability Of Multiple Data Sources –
    Strikedeck provides its customers with the option of various data sources such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, etc.
  • Free Email Templates –
    In order to get your customer’s attention, this payment tracking suite provides you 21 different and highly converting email templates.
  • Personalized Data Reports –
    After tracking and calculating the required metrics, you get to generate personalized reports in multiple formats.

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7. SaaS Metrics

This is one such payment tracking and analytical tool which is prominent in showcasing the growth of your business.

The software is enough in helping you retain and grow your business by giving you all the valuable insights such as MRR, ARR, churn, etc.

SaasMetrics - Best Payment Tracking Services

Pricing –

FREE 30 days trial available (no credit card required).

  • Personal – $9 for 1 user & up to 50 customers.
  • Startup – $39 for unlimited users & up to 500 customers.
  • Professional – $109 for unlimited users & up to 2000 customers.
  • Corporate – $209 for unlimited users & up to 5000 customers.
  • Get in touch with Saasmetrics for a bigger plan.

Features –

  • Know Your Valuable Customers –
    Saasmetrics helps you to know your customers by giving you the option to see the complete customer’s profile.
  • Track All MRR fields –
    Customer subscription, retention, upgrades, downgrades are some of the notable subsequent fields of MRR which you can visualize with just a click.
  • No Limits On Integrations –
    Just like other payment metric services, Saasmetrics too allows its customers to integrate any data sources with a single API.

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8. SaaSOptics –

Without this payment tracking software, you can’t run your Saas business effectively.

SaaSOptics integrates all of your financial and payment records under a common roof so that you get real-time accurate insights about your business.

SaasOptics - Best Payment Tracking Services

Pricing –

  • SaaSOptics provides a variable pricing plan on a quarterly and annual basis. Contact sales for any inquery.

Features –

  • One Step Analytics –
    Measure all the relevant metrics through an extremely powerful dashboard. All the processes take place automatically because of standardized calculation setup.
  • Track Monthly/Yearly Revenue Momentum –
    MRR and ARR being the most important payment metric now can be easily measured with the help of SaaSOptics’ algorithm.
  • Know Your Customer’s Worth –
    Just like other metrics, you get to know your customer lifetime value. Unlike other software, SaaSOptics will fetch out the exact lifetime values for your customers.

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9. Revealytics –

This is a classic example of another multi-functional payment tracking service which will monitor your payment data without any hassle.

Inspite of being highly efficient and loaded with features, this software is extremely user-friendly.

Revealytics - Best Payment Tracking Services

Pricing –

  • Revealytics too gives its customers a chance to test the software beforehand (14 DAY FREE TRIAL).
  • The pricing is variable and depends on your monthly gross revenue (pricing calculator available on official website).

Features –

  • Multiple KPIs Tracking –
    The extremely operational dashboard lists and displays all the important payment metrics.
  • Batch Analysis –
    Revealytics helps you to monitor a group of customers and develop a descriptive cohort report for educated decisions.
  • No More Complex Integrations –
    This software is smart enough to eradicate the problem of complex data sources integrations. Within no time you can set up your Stripe payment data.

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10. Looker

Looker is another decent payment tracking service available in the market. Don’t be mistaken with its unconventional looks and working. It is still highly efficient when compared to other services.

This software is regarded as a universal tool to highlight insights for diverse businesses.

Looker - Best Payment Tracking Services

Pricing –

  • Scheduling a demo is the only available option on the official website. For pricing details, you have to contact the Looker’s sale team.

Features –

  • Make Data Beautiful –
    Looker will definitely make a mark on you and your colleagues by displaying your data through different visualizations.
  • Data Security –
    Since this payment tracking software directly connects to your own database, you don’t have to worry about data safety as there is no data to be extracted.
  • Dig Deep For Valuable Insights –
    Looker allows you to use advanced features such as customer retention module and cohort analysis so that you can make informed decisions and improve your conversion rates.

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Conclusion –

When it comes to deciding the best payment tracking services for your business, this is it..!!

The above-mentioned payment tracking services are highly efficient in analyzing your transactions, customers, leads and revenue generated.

So just finalize the best tool according to your needs & gather unlimited payments via any of the services mentioned above.

But if you need to consider your other, I would recommend you to go through these blogs –

For any queries or suggestions, drop a comment below & I’ll get back to you soon!