One day I was just going through all the sales & transaction data of my site, and guess what I found..?

The important payments which I have made were under processing and I didn’t even have any idea about all this.

I was so tensed as this would have resulted in a huge loss for my business.

Are you also stuck with the same problem of not getting any proper information about your payment processing or metrics?

Well, here are some amazing payment gateway tracking software by which you can not only keep an eye on every payment process but also get the notifications or updates about all your transactions & sales.

A Quick Comparison Between Payment Gateway Tracking Software

Services Invoice Billing Dunning Emails Multilingual Checkout Page Unlimited Revenue
Pabbly Subscriptions
Give a look at some analytics software and decide which one suits your business in a better way:-

1. Pabbly Subscriptions – A Software To Track Payment Gateway 

Pabbly Subscriptions provides best in class payment analytics features using which you can track payments details generated from different gateways.

It has got advanced reporting and track tools which are capable of delivering information related to revenue, customers, and various subscription details. You can also monitor in-depth information easily through the dashboard and more

We had Putler for all our e-commerce analytics needs & we were charged $249 on monthly basis.

But I was shocked to know that Pabbly Subscriptions was price $5 for a monthly subscription with which we got similar service for analytics.

Plus it’s also loaded which features that helped us manage Subscription bills for our business.

Monthly Subscription Of Pabbly Subscriptions @ $5



Pabbly Subscriptions provides you with a range of pricing plans to choose from-

  • Buy the Starter plan of this software at $5 per month where you can manage 50 customers & get advanced features like multiple payment gateways, invoice billing, multilingual checkout page and a lot more.
  • For the next plan i.e. Rookie, the cost is $29 per month where you can manage 1000 customers. And the specifications are- dunning emails, invoice billing, and a lot more along with basic features.
  • To avail the Pro plan where you can manage unlimited customers, the price is $59 per month. Plus, you get all the features such as you can collect one-time & recurring payments, 25+ currency support, etc.
  • If you want to opt for an Advanced plan, you have to spend the amount of $99 per month & manage unlimited customers. With this pack, you get extra features like custom domain, affiliate system, client portal, and the ones provided in previous plans.


  • With Pabbly Subscriptions analyzing sales and other factors of business becomes very simple as each & every detail like refunds, subscription canceled, customer info and recent additions are available on it.
  • The advanced API provided by Pabbly Subscriptions helps you integrate it with different third-party applications & SaaS solutions.
  • Get access to details about new subscriptions, net revenue, MRR, & other customer essentials and refine them using different types of filters in the Reporting section.

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2. Looker – To Track Your Payments 

Looker analytics solution has harnessed the power of SQL to create a uniquely powerful data analytics software so that the companies could get real values from their data.

This energetic tool defines the payment data metrics such as customer retention, revenues, churn rate, etc in very simple way.

Looker Payment Gateway Tracking Software


To know about the pricing details, you need to get in touch with the sales team.


  • Now easily create, maintain, schedule a single report and personalized those reports to be sent to different people and team.
  • It gives a new funnel visualization feature to better understand the drop-off rate of your data with its different funnel stages whether the data related to a free trial to close, shopping carts to check out, etc.
  • No need to manually upload or download CSV, now you can automatically act on your data which this mind-blowing analytics solution.

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Pabbly Subscription Billing

3. Kapture – Payment Tracking Solution

Start tracking and analyzing all your monetary transactions through a single platform – Kapture payment analytic software. Via this, you can also manage all the stats such as MRR, churn, customer retention and can make a marvelous strategy to enhance the rank of your business in this tough competition.

Kapture is an affordable payment analytics solution, the pricing plans start from:- Rs 699 per month, Rs 1299 per month or Rs 2299 per month as per your requirement. And for further pricing related information, contact Kapture’s support team.

Kapture Payment Gateway Tracking Software


You can try out the trial version that is free of cost.

And if you want to acquire this software then the plan is of $21.82 /month for a single user.


  • Get real-time information about clients successful, failed or refund transactions by automating all your payment processing tasks. You can also review the current account statement which will help you to design an optimal business or product strategy.
  • With this analytics software, you can easily recognize the top class clients of your business and serve them with a flexible crediting system. Also, you can evaluate the financial commitments of the customers to clear your credit rates for future purchase.
  • Kapture also helps you to drill down on individual customer basis to easily understand their payment pattern.

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4. BlueSnap – Tool For Tracking Payment

Expand your business globally with the best payment gateway tracking solution BlueSnap. Along with analytics, it also provides subscription management, flexible integration option, intelligent payment routine for your organization.

With this payment metrics software, you can find all the stats at a single platform which will make your transaction details handling task very easy.

BlueSnap Payment Gateway Tracking Software


If you want to know about the pricing details, simply contact the service providers.


  • Build an intelligent report by tracking all the sales components such as – currency, product, region, payment type. You can also slice and dice the sales data to analyze which part is gaining more profit for your business.
  • With a proper payment conversion report, you can easily glean insights about currencies, price point, etc which are going lower than the normal conversion. Thereby, you can make a plan to optimize payments from this underperforming area.
  • Identify where you’re going higher than a normal decline rate due to frauds, chargebacks, refunds and take a step to clean those bad transactions.

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5. Avora – Payment Tracking Software

Avora is an amazing real-time insight software to manage all your payment process, analytics and gives you each and every update [successful, refund, failed, etc] about the payment done by customers.

This tracking software also gives a collaboration facility so that you can invite all your suppliers, investors, colleagues and clients and a single platform to achieve more benefits at a time.

Avora Payment Gateway Tracking Software


To know about the various pricing plans, contact the service provider. Or sign up for a free demo.


  • Over 300 connectors are given by Avora so that there is no limit to monitor and analyze your data. For this, no data modeling is required. All you need is to plug it with your data and start analyzing it.
  • Most important and useful feature of this monitoring software is Anomaly Detection. It constantly examines your business for 24X7 and identifies the change occur in pattern and behaviour payment data.
  • With this software, you can keep your business in the palm of your hand with its mobile application. Plus, you can easily access real-time insights and smart alerts.

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6. ApexAnalytics – Software To Track Payment 

ApexAnalytics tool revolutionized software name FirstStrike. It helps you to protect your business from overpayments, uncover frauds, predict results, streamline supplier management and more.

This tool extracts, consolidated and analyze information virtually of any payment gateway. It doesn’t require much time or cost for the integration with other software.

apexanalytix Payment Gateway Tracking Software


To know the details regarding price, you need to contact the sales team.


  • Just in a second, turn the isolated data into an actionable report that helps you to take transformative decision for the business. It also enables to find the reason of error occur and help in fixing them once and for all.
  • Assists you to find that whether you’re doing business with risky suppliers. Also, identifies frauds and extortion in any payment process. Hence, you can protect and manage your firm in an accurate manner with all those reports.
  • Apex analytics software is an identical system which you can easily integrate with any kind of business. Fetch out the details of payments like metrics, churn, cohort, customer retention in just a few clicks.

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Pabbly Subscription Billing


Hope this blog is useful in finding the best payment gateway tracking software.

So, don’t waste any more time and quickly integrate your business with any of the above-mentioned services.

Get a proper & accurate information on the payments.

This payment analytics software provides detailed stats of payment metrics, revenues, customer lifetime value, average sale price and a lot of information that can help in the growth of your business.

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