“Use Countdown WordPress Plugins to make a thrill among your website visitors”

Every time when you see websites having a countdown timer, It will automatically increase your excitement towards it. Isn’t it?

So, If you have a website and want to add countdown timer for a new product launch, limited time offers and discounts etc. Then you must use Countdown WordPress Plugins.

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These plugins will help you to insert customizable attractive looking countdown clocks with a bunch of rich features in it.

Here in this article, I’ve accumulated some of the best WordPress Countdown timer plugins which will surely gonna brings excitement amongst visitors with their amazing functionalities.

Why hanging around?

Just roll on the list and find the best Countdown WordPress Plugins –

1. redCountdown – Circular Countdown WordPress Plugin

Red Countdown WordPress plugin is fully responsive which lets users create attractive circular countdown timers.

The circular countdowns are based on HTML5 canvas and look amazingly spotless. Along with line, the plugin includes 12 presets which can be modified easily.


Pricing of redCountdoun –

You can buy this WordPress plugin from the Envato market at just $13.

Significant Features

  • This plugin supports almost each and every web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.
  • It also provides powerful shortcode which you can embed it on your website and place the timer in a position that you want.
  • This plugin gives you an entire interface for customizing the plugin.
  • You can also add your own CSS to change the appearance of the countdown WordPress plugin.

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2. Countdown Timer – WPOnlineSupport

This Countdown timer plugin for WordPress makes adding the countdown timer easier and simpler on your website and makes it more beautiful.

You can this timer tool as the countdown for events, product launch, the expiry date for discounts, offers, and coupons.

Countdown Timers is a simple but ultimate plugin for WordPress which offers clean and mobile friendly interface.


Pricing of Countdown Timer:

  • Single site – $16.
  • For 5 sites – $20.
  • Unlimited sites – $40.
  • Developer license – $80.

Significant Features

  • The plugin comes up with 10+ clock styles along with expiry time functionality.
  • In the kit, you’ll have CSS editor and timer clock options to give you 100% control over it.
  • It is fully responsive, customizable and mobile friendly plugin so that you can use it effectively.
  • This plugin supports multiple languages also.

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3. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks enables you to add countdown timers to your posts/pages easily without the need to play with code or anything. 

With the countdown block in the Ultimate blocks plugin, you have full control of your countdown timer. You can change it to look as you want, including the color.

Ultimate Blocks Countdown Timer


You can add the Ultimate Blocks plugin for free from the WordPress plugin directory. You will get access to 15+ other blocks to add to your post/page.


  • The plugin offers 2 different templates to add to your site.
  • You can change the color of the circles or the font used.
  • Moreover, you can do all this without touching a line of code.

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4. The Countdown Pro – Cheapest In Countdown WordPress Plugins

With this Countdown Timer Pro, the countdown timer functionality can be added anywhere on your website whether in content or sidebar area.

It gives you a full control of your counter. You can create specific style or script to the selector of the counter.

Along with that, this plugin comes with shortcode generator and a multi-attributes sidebar widget, packed with a bunch of options.


Pricing of The Countdown Pro

It cost you only $8. (Amazing Deal!)

Significant Features

  • This plugin offers different templates styles, through which you can customize background color and counter font size etc.
  • It gives you the option of an intro and outer text which helps you to add additional text or HTML.
  • You can also build recurring event or cycling post via its free addon.
  • Countdown Pro is a live counter which synchronizes with server time.
  • You can also add a URL upon expiry.

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5. WordPress Responsive Countdown – WordPress Countdown Plugin

This WordPress plugin provides you the jQuery Responsive Countdown with Visual Builder powered by WordPress sites.  The WordPress Responsive Countdown plugin animates SVG drawings by using canvas objects.

Moreover, it displays flip animation for displaying the remaining time or collapsed time.It displays a flip animation to show the remaining time to or the elapsed time from a target date.

wordpress responsive countdown-countdown-wordpress-plugins

Pricing of Responsive Countdown

This plugin kit cost you $10 for 6 months support. If you want to extend its support period upto 12 months, you’ll have to pay extra $2.25.

Significant Features

  • Through its interactive admin panel you can change the look and feel of your countdown timer.
  • It uses vector data to the panels and digits of the countdown timer.
  • You can set your timezone and label fonts, size and captions.
  • It provides the feature of count-up and count-down.
  • This plugin gives infinite color options for digits and panels.

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6. Wp Dev Art – WordPress Countdown Plugin

WordPress Countdown plugin by Wp Dev Art is one of the most popular Countdown timer plugins on WordPress.

This plugin offers lots of features to please you such as animation effects, sidebar countdown timer, fully customizable and responsive designs.

You can easily install this functional countdown WordPress plugin in just a few minutes and create different types of countdown along with stylish effects.


Pricing of Wp Dev Art’s Countdown plugin –

  • Personal: $13 includes single site license.
  • Business: $27 for 5 sites.
  • Developer: $45 for unlimited websites.

This WordPress plugin also offers a free plan but it does include advanced features.

Significant Features

  • The plugin offers 39 animation effects which make your countdown timers more attractive and user engaging.
  • It provides the ability to add default text in a day, hour, minute, and seconds field.
  • This plugin gives you the facility to customize your countdown timer such as its border, width, and fonts etc.
  • It gives you full customer support and tested on popular WordPress themes.
  • This plugin gives you the full facility to add countdown timer in your posts, pages as well as on widget area.

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7. Coming Soon – CountDown Responsive WordPress Plugin

Coming Soon is an ultimate plugin for WordPress which comes with 2 modern layouts and this Countdowns plugin is the most popular in its niche.

This plugin allows you to continue your backend work on your website and lets your visitors see the Coming Soon page along with the countdown. And when you are done with your work, you can bring it live back with a click!

You can manually set the “coming soon” page on the page which is under maintenance and rest of the pages of your website are available for users.


Pricing of Coming Soon WordPress plugin –

Grab this plugin at just $17.

Significant Features

  • 6 full-screen backgrounds. (full color, parallax image, simple image, slideshow, special slideshow, video).
  • You can also customize its transparency from 0 to 100%.
  • A feature of pop -up for displaying more information.
  • Flexible Menu pages, you can on/off menu pages according to your need.
  • Supports 9 email marketing platforms too. (MailChimp, Constant Contact, and icontact etc).

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8. WISDM Scheduler Plugin – WordPress Countdown Plugin

Do you run a WooCommerce store? Or if you’re planning to open one – then organizing sales, product launches, events, scheduling offers on limited edition products, etc. will become a part and parcel of your sales and customer delight strategy.

And, to ensure you make the most from these strategies, the WISDM Scheduler plugin along with its features for scheduling stocks also comes with a functionality of Countdown Timers. You can attach this countdown timer to a product and while the clock ticks, it exponentially increases the sense of urgency and induces FOMO among the buyers.

This very psychological factor – Urgency and FOMO will drive your customers to hit the purchase button before the time runs out. Acing the product launches, scheduling sales, or even offering discounts on limited edition through a Countdown Timer can help in skyrocketing the sales on your WooCommerce store.

Wisdm scheduler

Pricing of WISDM Scheduler WordPress plugin

Grab this plugin at just $80 for a single-site annual license.

Significant Features

  • Add Frontend Countdown Timer on products to activate FOMO
  • Schedule Product & Product Categories by date and time as per your choice
  • Set countdown time on unavailable products to arouse curiosity
  • Notify buyers via automated emails once the product is back in stock
  • Hide the unavailable products on your website to reduce frustration among buyers

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9. The Countdown – Best Among Countdown WordPress Plugins

The countdown WordPress plugin has the functionalities that can easily be added to your site at drop of a hat!

It also provides a count-up and count-down feature which gives you full control over your counter.

This plugin comes with a bunch of options and a multi-instances sidebar widget.


Pricing of The Countdown –

It is free of cost CountDown WordPress Plugin, grab it from the WordPress repository.

Significant Features

  • Customizable background colors and fonts.
  • Facility to add additional text or HTML.
  • It provides you custom scripts and style, if you want to add your own CSS and javascript.
  • This plugin gives you a facility to add URL upon expiry or for replacing the current page.

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10. Final Countdown – Countdown Plugin For WordPress

Adding a good looking and attractive countdown timer on your WordPress website with this plugin is as easy as pie. It shows days, hours, minutes, seconds and even milliseconds too.

This plugin can be easily shared and synchronized across multiple websites. Furthermore, you can also embed its widget on your website.

final-countdown-Countdown WordPress Plugins

Pricing of Final Countdown

Get this countdown plugin for free from the official WordPress website.

Significant Features

  • It supports all the mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows etc.
  • You can see your live countdown timer from any device.
  • Facility to count-up at any point in time.
  • It gives you a widget form to enter your event name and countdown settings.

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Let’s Bring The Curtains Down

Finally, the above-listed Countdown WordPress plugins come with productive features that engage your website visitors.

You can’t judge a book by its cover. So, click on all the countdown WordPress plugins and find the best fit for your website.

Please share your primary countdown WordPress plugins in the comment section.