Real beauty is the beauty of soul – Yes this quotation applies to even the WordPress websites. You spend a lot of time and money on the outer appearance of your WordPress Website but forget about internal control and better customization.

Imagine a guy who looks awesome but he is suffering from some incurable disease! Do you think he is happy?

The answer is a big “NO”. The same thing applies to the WordPress site which can be both strong and beautiful with the listed 6+ Best White Label WordPress Plugins.

Advantages of the White Label WordPress Plugins:

  • Allowing your clients to use your dashboard.
  • Custom dashboard removes unnecessary features thus making the backend of website clutter -free.
  • Strengths the loyalty of clients as you can give them limited access to the dashboard of the website.

These plugins help you in customizing each and everything in your dashboard, right from the role assignment to changing the logo. They will make your website more professional by displaying the brand name and logo each time when you post something new.

We are doing everything to help the clients. If the client is happy then only the company will generate more revenue. The below-listed plugin will help the client by minimizing the confusions for them as you can remove default warning sign and other unnecessary elements from your website and can add something that is valuable for the client as well as your business.

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Let’s start with the reading part of the 6+ Best White Label WordPress Plugins. Every plugin has some unique feature, so have a look one by one and grab the most suitable plugin for your website.

1. White Label Branding –  WordPress Plugin

White Label Branding is the solution for every branding problem with easy customization of your dashboard. You can also customize your login screen with easy tweaks in this plugin.

Further, it will provide you complete power to create new user roles and assign capabilities. Additionally, you will get options to add your own favicon, header logo with few clicks.

White Label Branding White Label WordPress Plugin

Pricing plan:

The plugin comes with a quality check by Envato at $25 with 6 months of support. You will also get extended support for next 12 months at $32.88 only.


  • Provides you the feature that creates fake administration account in which you can set the limits you want.
  • Comes with dashboard tool in which you will also get an unlimited number of custom dashboard meta boxes.
  • You can add private dashboard meta box and set the permission limit to let it accessed by specific person or role.
  • The plugin also allows you to remove the widgets which you find of no use to you.

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2. White Label WordPress Plugin – WPAlter

White Label WordPress plugin lets you give a dashing look to your WordPress dashboard. The plugin will help you in setting the theme in the desired color without any hassle. It comes with proper documentation that will help you in every step of tweaks with your dashboard.

You can hide, rename and rearrange admin menu items with ease. Moreover, you can also brand your dashboard by designing your own logo on it.

White Label WordPress Plugin

Pricing plan:

Get this multitasking plugin at a reasonable pricing plan of $23 with support for 6 months and at $30.13 for extended support for 12 months.


  • Custom Icons and Font awesome icons can also be set for admin menu items.
  • You can also set your own logo for login and WordPress admin pages for better look and branding.
  • Comes with powerful options panel which can be used for custom CSS styles for login and WordPress admin pages.
  • Provides you the freedom to delete any dashboard widgets which you find of no use even if it is a 3rd party plugin and themes widget.
  • It is fully compatible with all the major plugin like Visual Composer, WP Super Cache, WP Total cache, Contact form 7, WooCommerce.

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3. White Label Login – Best In White Label WordPress Plugins

White Label Login for WordPress is the best in the list of White Label WordPress Plugins. This plugin comes with lots of customization option which will help you in getting the desired look of your dashboard.

It will help you to enable and disable various options like widgets and welcome note in easy clicks. You can also change menu labels and add custom icons.

White Label Login White Label WordPress Plugin

Pricing plan:

This plugin comes with a regular license at $20 in which you will also get support for 6 months. The other pricing plan is of $26 which provides extended support for 12 months.


  • The plugin comes with visual CSS editor which can be used to design beautiful skins the way you want.
  • Comes with a panic key which will bypass the White Label Login for WordPress.
  • Provides you the best administration and functioning with countdown timer and password protect.
  • You will also get the facility to login form social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.
  • Make your website more customizable by dynamic buttons, login, logout links & shortcodes in your content.

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4. Whitelabel WordPress Admin and Login – WordPress Plugin

Whitelabel WordPress Admin and login are the most detailed of all the WordPress white label plugins. This plugin lets you customize everything from styling to functionality.

The user interface is so friendly that you will never face not face any problem even in the daunting tasks. The feature-rich plugin comes with field settings which can be used to configure your email name.

Whitelabel WordPress Admin and Login White Label WordPress Plugin

Pricing plan:

You can get this plugin at a very reasonable pricing plan of $19 with 6 months of support. The other pricing plan is of $24.63 in which you will get the extended support of 12 months.


  • The plugin provides you the freedom to enable or disable capabilities for different roles.
  • It is compatible with all the major plugin like WooCommerce and also supports the roles in these plugins.
  • With the role manager screen, you can show or hide even the menu items and manage toolbar options and visibility.
  • You can also backup your settings and can import or export it into JSON.
  • Comes with three types of dashboard panel like public editor and admin for easy usage.

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5. White Label CMS – White Label WordPress Plugins

The White Label CMS is the plugin that focuses more on giving the personalized content and useful content management system. It will make things easy by removing all the other panels from the WordPress dashboard and insert your own panel.

Moreover, it will help you in giving the feel of ownership and brand on your WordPress website.

White Label CMS White Label WordPress Plugin

Pricing plan:

Comes with more than 100,000+ installations, this plugin is available completely FREE of cost. Download it easily without any hassle from


  • Provides you the feature to add custom logos to the header and footer as well as the all-important login page the way you like.
  • This plugin will help you make the desired menus visible with the easy menu settings.
  • You can also set the role for different users like editor and administrator.
  • White Label CMS panel does not require any coding knowledge for its usage.
  • It is also compatible with almost all the major browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc.

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6. Shokola Custom – Free in White Label WordPress Plugins

Shokola Custom and white label is the best in FREE white label WordPress plugins. This plugin comes with a lot of features that are easy to use and will let you complete your desired tasks in few minutes only. The plugin does not need any coding knowledge to be operated thus makes it a user-friendly plugin.

Shokola Custom and White Label WordPress Plugin

Pricing plan:

Download this plugin FREE of cost from the official website of WordPress.


  • The plugin will help you in setting your own logo and removes WordPress logo and version in the back-office.
  • You can customize the background position, repetition and cover parameter easily.
  • A very important feature that automatically checks ‘Remember me’ on the login page. This which will save the time of inserting the password.
  • Shokola Custom’s documentation will help you in getting the throughout knowledge regarding the usage of the plugin.

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7. Absolutely Glamorous Custom Admin – WordPress Plugin

Absolutely Glamorous will customize your admin panel & almost everything related to your dashboard. The plugin is designed keeping in mind the needs of every type of customer. Screen options and color schemes are some of the many features of this plugin.

Absolutely Glamorous Custom Admin White Label WordPress Plugin

Pricing plan:

This plugin is available at WordPress official website which can be downloaded FREE of cost.


  • You can add the desired content to the logo, company name with admin panel pages for branding.
  • Comes with colorizer which can be used to change the default colors of background texts and other elements.
  • The Export/import customization settings will help you in restoring the date with ease.
  • This plugin has the feature to change the link on admin bar logo.

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In the above log, we have discussed the 6+ best White Label WordPress Plugins. We tried to cover each and every plugin in detail with their pricing plans and features. So, we hope you got the plugin of your choice.

Still, you have any doubt or suggestions then feel free to comment below. We will appreciate your valuable feedback.