Use poll WordPress plugins & create unlimited surveys, polls & quizzes too

Nowadays, you can gather the views & ideas of the common folk via surveys, polls & sometimes quizzes. On a particular matter, you can ask questions from millions of people at a time. These questions can be on any topic & to gather the info about what people think about it, you can use WordPress poll plugins.

If you already have a WordPress site then you can add these survey plugins to them & start posting survey forms without any count.

That’s why we’ve mentioned some of the best poll WordPress plugins which you can integrate with your site. Some of them are paid while others are free.

You can set a starting & ending date for the survey up to when it should be visible to others. Apart from it, if you have an e-newspaper website then you can try to get the views of the country people through polls.

Sometimes, there is an alternate way of getting the reviews of people through public quizzes which is exciting. So you will also find some plugins below which has the feature of creating quiz events.

All you’ve to do is to try them & finalize the best one!

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1. WP Dev Art: Best in Poll WordPress Plugins

WordPress poll plugin by WP Dev Art helps in creating surveys or polls on a website. It comes with built-in 7 themes to make the survey forms look more attractive along with multiple colors. Apart from it, there are no boundations on creating the unlimited number of survey forms.

So, you don’t have to worry about building surveys on multiple niches.

WP Dev Art Poll WordPress Plugin


  • This WordPress plugin has a free plan in which, you’ll get some features such as unlimited polls, default theme, free support etc.
  • Besides that, it has a personal plan of $10.99. It also has some features like single site license, 7 themes, premium support & many more.
  • Its business plan charges $22 for creating unlimited surveys. Along with the features of personal plans, it offers licenses for 5 sites too.
  • At last, this plugin has a developer plan which charges $33 to access all the themes as well as use it on unlimited sites.


  • You can set many things related to polls such as main width, height, answer position, fonts etc. That’s how you’ll be able to do a lot of customizations on surveys while creating them.
  • Apart from it, you can also decide that on which specific page you want to display the survey form on your site.
  • It has a fully-customizable design which will help you to create unlimited types of survey forms.
  • After creating the polls, one can check the live preview in order to remove any errors from them before changing their status to live.

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2. Responsive Poll: WordPress Plugin

The Responsive Poll plugin allows a person to create attractive polls on the WordPress site. For displaying the voting results, this plugin provides 7 types of animated charts with multiple options for colors.

This plugin is built with Twitter Bootstrap 3 which doesn’t only makes it responsive but also display the poll’s results as accurate as possible.

Responsive Poll WordPress Plugin


  • It has a regular plan of $15 which includes both the buyer price & item fee as well.
  • This WordPress poll plugin has another plan of $75 which comes with lots of customization facilities.


  • You can access multiple animated charts such as pie, bar, line, radar & many more.
  • Apart from it, you can choose whether you want to show the survey results before or after a user vote.
  • You can also allow one vote for only a single user. So, a user can’t vote multiple times for a single poll.
  • Also, one can display multiple numbers of polls on a single page.

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3. TotalPoll Pro: Responsive WordPress Poll Plugin

TotalPoll Pro is a WordPress plugin which lets anyone create & then integrate survey polls easily with a WordPress site. Its user-friendly interface is expertly designed to make poll creation hassle-free.

Also, one can open any type of poll on his mobile or tablet without any loss of responsiveness.

TotalPoll Pro Poll WordPress Plugin


  • Its standard plan charges $25 which will give overall control on poll creation & integration with a site as well.
  • This plugin has another plan of $250 which will provide you more features & facilities.


  • Apart from collecting poll results, you will also be able to collect additional information from others as well.
  • You can keep track of all of your polls from its admin panel.
  • By using images, videos, audios & many more elements, anyone can create a distinctive survey poll.
  • This WordPress plugin is compatible with other plugins such as WPML, ACF, Polylang etc.

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4. Poller Master: Ultimate Poll WordPress Plugin

Poller Master is a fully responsive polling system which allows to create attractive surveys & also displays the statistics of it. In a single question, you can display multiple answers according to your needs.

Also, you can set the duration in which the poll is accessible by others.

Poller Master Poll WordPress Plugin


  • Its basic plan charges only $18 with lots of features & tweaks.
  • $90 is the charge of its extended plan.


  • One can use the polling forms on any page he/she wants to display.
  • Apart from it, you can add various elements supporting the question of the poll such as videos, maps, music files etc.
  • With 500+ Google fonts, you can create a way too unique survey form in a couple of minutes.
  • Also, this plugin allows its admins whether they want to show the results of the polls to others or not.

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5. Modal Survey: Survey, Poll & Quiz WordPress Plugin

Modal Survey is a WordPress plugin which provides through which, you can get to know about the visitor’s choices & ideas via a survey poll. Through it, you’ll be able to create limitless survey forms in a very less time.

Apart from polls & surveys, a person can also collect the ideas of the common people by creating quizzes too. Indirectly, he will get to know the majority & minority of answers which might help him in the work.

Modal Survey Poll WordPress Plugin


  • This WordPress poll plugin comes with a regular license of $35.
  • Besides that, it has an extended license of $200 with more features.


  • With images & progress bars, you can create an engaging quiz with social sharing icons.
  • From the admin page, one can know about the votes & questions which were answered by each & every participant.
  • In a progress bar, you will be able to display the results of any quiz or a survey.
  • Apart from it, you can add the timer on the quizzes which makes them more challenging for visitors who have already participated in that quiz.

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6. Polldaddy Polls & Ratings: Free WordPress Plugin

Polldaddy Polls & ratings allow you to build & manage polls from the dashboard of your WordPress site only. It comes with 20 amazing poll styles. By using them, one create an attractive & an engaging polling form as well.

By using its rating feature, you can display top rated posts & pages easily.

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings Poll WordPress Plugin


  • This WordPress plugin is free of cost.


  • By using this plugin, anyone can create a fully customizable polling & rating system.
  • You can choose an end date for your poll such that you’ll be able to gather the information from people for a specific number of days.
  • Its users can also embed the polls on any website they want to.
  • Apart from creating them, you can gather unlimited votes for a specific query or question.

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7. YOP Poll: WordPress Plugin

YOP Poll is a WordPress poll plugin through which you can add a survey poll to your blog or post page & then manage it from the dashboard section. Also, you’ll be able to run multiple numbers of polls & surveys at the same time.

YOP Poll WordPress Plugin


  • This WordPress poll plugin doesn’t charge any amount.


  • It allows displaying the results of the surveys in three formats: vertical, tabulated or horizontal.
  • You can restart the poll at that moment when you think it will be more beneficial for your work.
  • One can edit, create, delete & clone the polls/surveys at any time if necessary.
  • It is up to you if you want to allow any specific users to take part in your polls.

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Wrapping Up!

So above are 6+ poll WordPress plugins which you must try at once. They consist of both free as well as paid plugins. Apart from it, the paid ones are way too affordable for any kind of person.

Coming to the topic now! Through these WordPress poll plugins, anyone with a WordPress site can easily create & manage multiple surveys at a time with multiple themes & styling options as well.

All you’ve to do is to choose the best poll plugin according to your needs!

Please comment below if you have any kind of queries & suggestions!