With a breeze of WordPress checklist plugins, you can revamp your boring bulleted list into an interactive checklist.

If you run a website or a blog, you are aware of the fact that adding a checklist on your post can increase chances of user engagement.

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So here, we’ve lumped together some of the top free and paid WordPress Checklist plugins that make the insertion of the checklist a child’s play.

The below hand-picked plugins gives you the full-fledged interface to modify the checklist. Besides this, they’ll provide the beautiful templates. So that you can display your checklists on your posts or pages in an attractive manner.

1. Checklist WordPress Plugin – Check List Builder

This WordPress checklist plugin is so much convenient to use. With this plugin, you can easily insert, delete, or edit the check list directly from your post/pages or from the given management interface.

It allows you to add numbers of checklists, in which you are allowed to copy an item, add the new item or remove. Moreover, you can drag the items in the list and arrange in a suitable sequence.

In the kit, you’ll get the proper setup guide into the documentation. Further, they’ll also provide support to resolve the user’s queries.

Checklist WordPress Plugin WordPress Checklist Plugins

How much you’ll have to pay?

Engage your site visitors via this checklist plugin at just $13.


  • There are three predefined stylish templates are available to make your checklist even more good-looking.
  • The plugin is built with light weighted code. So, that it does not affect your website’s loading time.
  • It will provide you the facility to modify the existing checklist or add the new the checklist.
  • This plugin works well with all the WordPress themes and widgets.

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2. Frontend Checklist

Frontend Checklist is a free WordPress plugin that lets you to create HTML or PDF checklists on your website. By default, the status of the checklists can be saved via cookie or in a database. So, your visitors can come back and continue where they left.

It uses FPDF for creating PDF checklists. It is nothing but the PHP class which is used to generate PDF files with pure PHP.

Frontend Checklist WordPress Checklist Plugins

Did I have to pay for this?

No, you can download it free from WordPress.org.


  • It comes with a full installation and setup guide. So, you don’t have to put efforts for complicated setup.
  • Create multiple checklists and group them into different categories.
  • You are allowed to insert multiple entries in a single checklist.
  • You can set off the cookie from the backend. If you don’t want to save the data.

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3. Checklist WordPress Plugin

It is a perfect WordPress plugin if you want to transform your simple list into an interactive checklist. It is a mobile-friendly plugin. You can operate your checklists via mobile devices also.

Transform as many lists of your own and give them a makeover by adding links to them and facility to “save” or “print” the entire lists.

You can use this plugin to create a checklist for DIY tutorials, recipes, to-do list, Bookmarks and so on.

Checklist WordPress Checklist Plugins

No Charges

Yes, it is free of cost available on the official WordPress website.


  • “Save” and “Print” options are also available you can place these buttons on your checklists. Allow people to save and resume their task.
  • You can insert links to the entries of your checklists.
  • It is fully customizable, change its look and feel according to your choice such as you can change the button text, color, background color, insert border and extra buttons etc.
  • Completely responsive that means it works well in all the screen sizes and devices.

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4. Checklist in Post

It is yet another free WordPress checklist plugin enables you to set up your personal checklist on your website. It allows you to edit, add or delete the checklist as per your need.

Through its simple and easy shortcode, you can embed the checklist anywhere on your website in a matter of few minutes.

Checklist in Post WordPress Checklist Plugins

No Cost

This checklist WordPress plugin is available for free on WordPress.org.


  • It will provide you the shortcodes to embed it on your website.
  • Select simple bulleted list from the classic visual editor and with a click you can add your new checklist.
  • Ability to customize the checklist such as edit, delete, change its appearance and so on.

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5. Parent Category AutoCheck + Category Tree Checklist

It is again a free WordPress checklist plugin that lets you add checklist on your website. It displays your checklist in the tree hierarchy.

When you select the child entry, it will automatically check its parent category. It is a great plugin if you want to add subcategories in your checklists.

Parent Category AutoCheck WordPress Checklist Plugins

Do I have to pay for this?

It is a free plugin, you don’t have to pay any single penny for it.


  • When you check on its child category, it automatically scrolls to its parent category.
  • This plugin is compatible with all the popular WordPress themes.
  • It can be easily installed and it does not require any coding knowledge.
  • It gives you the admin panel where you can manage all your lists easily.

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Wrapping Up!

If you are a list maker, then these handy tools are the best preferences for you!

So, that was from our side on the free and paid WordPress checklist plugins.

You can explore the plugins by clicking the button below. The plugin which suits you perfect, grab it for your site.

Hopefully, you’ve liked this article!

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