Use WordPress slideshow plugins & create 2D/3D slideshows for your website in seconds!

You must have thought once in your life that what things you can do with your WordPress site to make it look attractive. Either you have tried using multiple styling options or just using high-quality images on your site. But what about slideshows? Have you ever used them on your website?

Well, they can give you a new look to your images & videos by adding them into sliders.

Yes! You heard it right!

A research has shown that more than ‘90%‘ of websites are using slideshows to give their site a new look & the visitor count is increasing due to its creativity. With lots of transition styles, the images, texts, videos & other multiple elements can be added to them.

That’s why here we’re with some of the primest WordPress slideshow plugins that you may integrate with your site. You can add multiple types of transitions & animations to your site with the help of them.

Also, there are some plugins which are compatible with WooCommerce plugin. So you can add your products to the slideshow itself which you want to sell to your customers. Isn’t it interesting?

Apart from all of these functionalities, some of the plugins mentioned in this article also support 2D as well as 3D features that can be used in images of the slideshow.

Now say! Who’s the boss?

Haha! That sounds funny but all we want from you is to choose the best slideshow WordPress plugin according to your needs & groom your site in an alternative way. Or just tell as ‘Who would not wish to become the member of that 90% group?’.

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Let’s surf down to this article now!

1. CCSlider WP: WordPress Slideshow Plugin

CCSlider WP is a very unique slideshow plugin as it supports 2 dimensional as well as 3-dimensional transitions features. Basically, it comes with 14 3D transitions & 16 2D transitions which are fully responsive to any type of devices with touch gestures.

Apart from it, you can also apply the auto slide functionality to your slider. This will reduce the efforts of the visitor on your site.

CCSlider WordPress Slideshow Plugin


  • This WordPress plugin has a single price plan of $21 which includes both item fee & the buyer price.


  • In case of modern browsers, you can add multiple images at once with the help of its AJAX upload.
  • It has a Slideshow Manager through which creating & managing slideshows is way too easy.
  • When you change anything in your slideshows, you can check their preview before saving.

Note: Only those browsers which support HTML5 Canvas will be able to reflect the 3D slideshows. But in case of 2D transitions, there is no special requirement.

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2. Sangar Slider: Primest in WordPress Slideshow Plugins

Sangar Slider is one of the best slideshow WordPress plugin through which you can design sliders for your site containing crisp animations & many more elements. Apart from all of this, it comes with attractive templates & skins which will definitely help in creating an effective slideshow.

Also, it has a simple user interface such that even a non-technical guy who doesn’t have much knowledge can also use it easily.

Sangar Slider WordPress Slideshow Plugin


This plugin has 4 types of pricing which depends according to the number of sites.

  • Single site: $15.
  • 5 sites: $25.
  • 25 sites: $35.
  • Unlimited sites: $50.


  • This plugin supports many contents such as videos, images, text, HTML & many other types of elements which you can add to your site.
  • It also supports swipe & touch gestures for simple navigation on any kind of devices.
  • This plugin also supports drag & drop functionality through which you can create a beautiful animation in a couple of minutes.

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3. Soliloquy: WordPress Slider Plugin

Soliloquy is another WordPress plugin which comes with slider functionality. In those sliders, you can create responsive slideshows containing texts, images & many more elements in a very less time. And you can also import your Instagram images to your slider to make it look unique among several other types of slideshows.

Soliloquy WordPress Slideshow Plugin


  • It has a personal plan which charges $19 for basic features.
  • This plugin has a multi-plan which costs $49 in which you’ll get 3 sites.
  • Also, it has a developer plan which comes with various types of add-ons in just $99.
  • At last, $249 is the charge of its master plan with which, you’ll get the unlimited number of sites & updates for lifetime.


  • To make your slideshow look more creative, you can add any type of CSS code through the CSS add-on of this plugin.
  • If you want to create a slideshow of your products then you can do it by using the WooCommerce add-on which can be easily integrated with this slideshow plugin.
  • For easy sharing facility, this plugin also comes with Pinterest functionality. Through it, people who see your slideshow can pin/save any of their favorite images or videos.

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4. bgStretcher: Slideshow WordPress Plugin

Through bgStretcher, you can stretch multiple images across the page to show them in a configurable slideshow form. You don’t have to worry about the size of the images as this plugin automatically resizes them according to entire window area. That’s why it is a distinctive plugin for this kind of work.

Apart from it, you can disable the functionality of slideshows at any time you want to. That’s how you can easily handle the slideshow section of your site.

bgStretcher WordPress Slideshow Plugin


  • It has a regular plan which charges only $17 with basic features access.
  • To use advanced features, you’ve to pay only $85.


  • This plugin is compatible with all of the modern browsers. So you’ll be able to test all of its features on the slideshows without any problems.
  • Also, you can set the animations of your slideshows as fast, very fast, slow & many more. For individual sliders, you can do this.
  • Apart from it, you will also be able to change the slide directions in multiple types such as bottom to top, top to bottom, left to right & right to left.

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5. Meteor Slides: Best in Free WordPress Slideshow Plugins

Meteor Slides is the best free WordPress plugin for this work. With the help of it, you can easily create simplest slideshows & then save them with a shortcode, template tag or widget. Apart from it, this plugin comes with multiple transition styles such as fadeZoom, blindX, cover, blindY, scrollDown etc.

Meteor Slides WordPress Slideshow Plugin


  • This WordPress slideshow plugin is free of cost.


  • You can manually set how many slides you want to display in a single slideshow.
  • Also, you’ll be able to set the transition speed of images individually without any hindrance.
  • Apart from all of it, this plugin supports more than 20 languages which makes it easy to be used by people around the globe.

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So above are 4+ WordPress slideshow plugins through which you can create attractive slideshows for your website. Some of these plugins are free while others are the paid ones.

Also, there are some plugins mentioned in this article which also allows adding the sales product on the slideshows. It is done with the help of WooCommerce integration.

Apart from all of these functionalities, most of them support the drag & drop feature. That’s what makes these slideshow plugins popular among the non-techie users too.

All we want from you is to think about these plugins once & choose the best one according to your needs!

For any suggestions/queries, just comment below & we will get back to you soon!