404 redirect WordPress plugins are basically used for redirection facility for 404 page not found errors. They provide a user-friendly environment (through redirections) & reduce the bounce rate of your site.

First of all, let’s have a little discussion on 404 page not found errors. These errors are no actual errors, just the dead or broken links which result in 404 errors. This will cause serious damage to the overall sites performance as well as ranking.

The 404 redirect WordPress plugins will provide an automated redirection mechanism and proper solution to the SEO performance problem. They provide redirection environment so that Google webmaster tool scanning for broken/dead links get nothing like 404 page not found error.

As of now, we all know that redirections play a vital role in enhancing the Search Engine Optimization of a site. We must remove the 404 errors and for that, these are 6+ best 404 redirect WordPress plugins. Have a close look towards every listing & choose the best-suited plugin for your WordPress site.

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1. WordPress SEO plugin – 404 Redirect WordPress Plugin

WordPress SEO plugin is a premium all in one plugin. It will help you redirect your 404 error pages and boost your SEO as well. This plugin has many tremendous functionalities like redirection manager & Ad-free for full SEO optimization.

In addition, it will take care of the technical stuff in the background. You don’t have to worry about the robots.txt & .htaccess files or clean up the permalink URLs and sitemaps.

WordPress SEO Plugin 404 Redirect WordPress Plugin

Pricing plan:

The WordPress SEO plugin premium plan will cost you $89 for a single site.


  • You can efficiently redirect old URLs to the new. This will protect your visitors from stucking on a 404 page not found & losing them.
  • Get internal linking suggestions.
  • You can make an Ad-free website with no ads.
  • You can also get a clear overview of your focus keywords & the SEO scores via CSV export.

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2. SEO Redirection Pro – Premium in 404 Redirect WordPress Plugins

SEO Redirection Pro WordPress plugin is designed to control all site redirections. The page redirections directly affect your SEO performance. With this plugin, you can monitor your 404 error pages in fewer mouse clicks.

Moreover, auxiliary features of this plugin will let you redirect the pages which are moved to another one. You can order 301,302 or 307 redirects along with some rules associated to prevent indexing of same content.

SEO Redirection Pro 404 Redirect WordPress Plugin

Pricing plan:

The SEO Redirection Pro WordPress plugin has two licensed plans-

  • Regular license- $29
  • Extended license- $90


  • Redirection of folders in accordance with different rules on their content & sub-folders.
  • It supports regular expression for building custom redirect rules. It also supports wildcard redirections.
  • You can deal with any post/page with status- published, draft or deleted.
  • It keeps a record of all the 404 error pages & fixes them using 301 redirections.
  • It provides the history of all redirections made and a list of all recent 404 errors discovered.

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3. WordPress Ultimate 404 Plugin – 404 Redirect WordPress Plugin

WordPress Ultimate 404 Plugin is really an ultimate addon as its name suggests. It gives you full control over your WordPress 404 error page. This plugin records each and every instance of you 404 page for helping you to identify the most visited page. Plus you could add a redirect URL wherever needed. It also records the visitor’s search keyword for further utilization of it for the SEO idea purposes.

Furthermore, this plugin allows you to easily customize the content & even choose a theme amongst the pre-designed themes.

WordPress Ultimate 404 Plugin 404 Redirect WordPress Plugin

Pricing plan:

This ultimate plugin has a regular license plan of $19 & an extended plan of $95 with advanced functionalities.


  • It proffers full control on the 404 error page. And records 404 URL.
  • Provides custom URL redirect.
  • 4 pre-designed creative 404 themes available with unlimited updates.
  • It is highly customizable and also supports the default 404 theme template.

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4. 404 to 301 – Prime in Free 404 Redirect WordPress Plugins

The 404 errors badly affect the SEO of a site. These are the common page not found errors which are always undesirable. Use 404 to 301 WordPress plugin to handle all your 404-page errors. This plugin uses the 301 (or 302,307 ) status & redirects all the 404-page errors to any page you set.

Also, it saves your site from scanning for 404 errors from Google webmaster tool. The tool will not detect any 404 error in your webmaster tool reports.

The Foxe - 404-to-301-404 Redirect WordPress Plugin
404-to-301-404 Redirect WordPress Plugin

Pricing plan:

This super lightweight WordPress plugin is completely free-to-use along with lifetime updates.


  • Options available to redirect 404 on an existing page or any global custom link.
  • It is a translation ready plugin i.e, it supports multiple languages.
  • Optional email notifications options are available for all 404-page errors.

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5. All 404 Redirect to Homepage – Free 404 Redirect WordPress Plugins

If logging in into Google webmaster tool gives you many 404-page not found errors then, it can we a very serious problem for your site’s SEO. Actually, these 404 pages aren’t the real problem, the real problem is with your overall site evaluation & ranking via Google. When Google encounters such type of errors in a site the overall site performance as well as rank degrades.

A solution to 404 error is that you can use this plugin and auto-redirect all these pages to the homepage. The plugin will make use of the SEO 301 redirection and solves your problem in no time.

All 404 Redirect To Home 404 Redirect WordPress Plugin

Pricing plan:

It is a Free product with 100,000+ active installations and 4.5 stars rating.


  • You can select amongst the homepage or any customized page for redirection.
  • A smart solution to 404 error problem through 301 redirections.
  • One-click enable/disable functionality available in the admin area to activate/deactivate this plugin.
  • It is an open software for various WordPress sites.

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6. Redirectioner – Basic in 404 Redirect WordPress Plugins

Redirectioner WordPress plugins grant you to use admin panel redirects for the dead links present on your WordPress site. The plugin will record all the major visited URLs and create appropriate/desired 301 & 302 redirects. It provides the ability to create redirections based on what visitors are most likely trying to visit.

It renders a list of all 404 error URLs inside the admin panel. You can either easily redirect the 404 error URL to an existing page or can simply ignore the 404 error. This plugin will provide your visitor with a list of suggested pages on the 404 error page when an automatic redirect is not possible.

Redirectioner 404 Redirect WordPress Plugin

Pricing plan:

Redirectioner is a Free to-use plugin and you can download it from wordpress.org.


  • It has the ability to suggest tags & category page.
  • You can create auto-redirects for mis-spelled tags & category pages.
  • Automatically removes a particular redirect when the URL matches to a new page/post permalink.
  • It automatically removes manual & automatic redirects to a page when they are of no use.

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7. WP 404 Auto Redirect to Similar Post – WordPress Plugin

This fast performance plugin auto redirects the 404 error requests to the similar post/pages on the basis of their title and post types. It there is nothing similar or related to an error request then it will redirect the request to its homepage.

Additionally, this plugin is 100% compatible with the famous redirection plugins. If you missed any 404 error redirection then it redirects to the similar post in an automated manner.

WP 404 Auto Redirect To Similar Post 404 Redirect WordPress Plugin

Pricing plan:

It is another free plugin. Directly download it from wordpress.org.


  • It auto-detects any 404 page not found error requests.
  • Automatic search abilities for the similar posts on the basis of their title, post Type, category and taxonomy.
  • If nothing similar is found, choose your Fallback Behavior: Redirection or Default 404.
  • You can choose amongst the redirection HTTP header status i.e, 301 or 302.
  • It shows a debug console to the site admin instead of redirecting him like visitors and also facilitates a preview of the similar post/pages on the admin panel.

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Finally, these were the best listing of the above domain. And if you are heaving a more worthy product we’d love your effort in sharing the same.

Feel free for any further suggestions and queries. We’d love to hear your reviews on this blog.

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